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Chapter Thirteen

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader by Oli


The prank

Harry woke up the Saturday morning in a cozy cloud. He opened his eyes and immediately realized that his nose was buried in Hermione's hair. He lifted his head and looked to the clock. "Oh my, it is 7 o'clock, we need to wake up. "

Harry woke Hermione very softly by tickling her nose with a feather from the pillow. He laughed because of the face Hermione was pulling. "Hmmp ... Harry, don't do that, and she wanted to continue to sleep. "

"Hermione, it is already seven, we need to wake up. Your parents will be here very soon and I am starved. "

Hermione opened her eyes and jumped out of bed. "I am the first for the shower "she screamed and ran to the bathroom. Harry looked at her disappearing back. Her night clothing became more exciting by the night. Not much for cover, by the way. He decided to follow her into the bathroom.

He opened the bathroom door slowly, and peeped in. He felt cold water falling over his head. Hermione stood with an empty bucket of water and a wide grin on her face. "I knew you would come with such a dirty mind, Harry. Didn't you detect me entering your mind?"

Harry looked astonished. "No, I did not detect you, and why should I."

With an evil grin he went into the bathroom and grabbed Hermione at her waist and pushed her in the shower cabin. He turned on the cold water tap and water gushed over her. Hermione was screaming and pulled Harry towards her. Both of them froze under the cold water stream and looked at each other. "It is now or never". Harry pulled at his cloths and tried to remove them as fast as possible. Hermione did the same, but slower. All the time they kept their eyes on each other. Harry regulated the water temperature and both of them took the shower and enjoyed the presence of each other.

"This is much more economical then waiting for each other and wasting so much time. "

Both of them went to breakfast with a very happy smile on their faces. They were shining.

During breakfast professors Vector and Dumbledore approached the couple. "Harry, what do you know about arithmetic? "

"Professor Vector, my level is the same as Hermione's."

Professor Vector looked at him in disbelief. "That is hard to believe, Harry. You never had a lesson with me."

He turned to Hermione with a questionable expression on her face. "Yes, professor, his level is indeed my level, we know the same. "

Still looking doubtful, professor Vector stood straight. "We will see the first lesson. I think it is wise to meet each other at Sunday and we can see what needs to be done. Is that acceptable for you two? Let's see at 10 in the morning in my rooms. "

With this professor Vector turned and went back to her tables. Professor Dumbledore looked to the couple. "I assume that the merge of your knowledge has succeeded? "

Both of them nodded.

"Your parents are arriving today. Do you want me to accompany you all?"

"Thank you professor, but I don't think that will be necessary. "

Harry and Hermione were waiting near the fireplace for Hermione's parents to be floo'd in. Mr. and Mrs. Granger stumbled out of the fireplace; their eyes wide with fear.

Mr. Granger helped his wife to dust off the dirt of the fireplace. "What a terrible experience that floo-thing is. But at least it is faster than the car. We got permission from professor Dumbledore to use the floo-network, very nice of him."

Mr. and Mrs. Granger hugged their daughter and looked at Harry hesitant about what to do. Mrs. Granger's face softened and went to Harry to take him into a hug. "Harry, I see that you are taking very good care of Hermione. She really looks wonderful."

Mr. Granger slapped him on his back in a affable way and grinned at him. "I don't know what you have done with our daughter, but she truly looks splendid."

Harry and Hermione were beaming and dragged Hermione's parents to the castle. The weather is so wonderful, I like to walk. And not only that, you can see the castle from here much better.

And they were right. The walk to the castle was spectacular.

"Harry and Hermione, professor Dumbledore has explained everything to us, and we think we understand, but still it is hard to accept. "

"Yes mum. For us it was the same. It is indeed very hard to accept and to understand. You know that there is a difference between understanding something by head and by heart. Harry calls this learning by stomach. "

They reached the lake and decided to sit down on one of the benches along the shore.

Hermione looked at Harry, who nodded to her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, we need to tell you something. This might come as an extra shock, but we think it is a logical conclusion of the current problem we have. "

Mr. Granger saw the ring on Hermione's finger and interrupted Harry. "You want to marry each other! "

Everyone fell quiet. Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked shocked.

"Yes mum and dad. We want to marry, but not for the reason you probably are thinking. I am still a virgin and so is Harry. "

Now the Granger's were still surprised, but somewhat less shocked.

"But why do you want to marry? You are so young, and both of you are still underage! You still have your future in front of you. Harry, you don't want to marry so soon because there are so many things to explore, including other girls. Hermione, you need to continue to study after Hogwarts, we have discussed that! When you marry, children will come and you can forget your education then. Harry, when you marry so young; you might get enough of Hermione. You can't do this to us to divorce our only daughter."

Harry stood up with a warm smile on his face. :"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, with a wizard marriage it is not possible to divorce. The marriage is for ever or till death. Even if I wanted to, there is no way that I can unregister the marriage. When we marry, our education continues. We both need to finish our education at Hogwarts and we will do it together. After Hogwarts we will study at a university, we are not sure exactly what. Exploring other girls? I think that Hermione is filling up all the space I ever need or require. Our age, I am 17 years old, and according to wizard law this is not underage, but I am adult. Hermione will be 17 in several months and for her it is the same."

Harry paused. "I agree with you, Mr. Granger. All of these reasons are not enough to propose to Hermione for marriage, because 17 is really too young. I definitely would like to travel with my friends like Ron and the twins and have a lot of fun. I also would like to study some things only a man can study, because it is foolish and fun. I also like to play Quidditch, because that is what I like to do the most. Maybe I would like to play professional or semi-professional. I would like to ask you, Mr. Granger to visit a game and maybe you would like it. I also would like to ask you to visit a soccer match, because I never visited one. We would all have a lot of fun. And I can make work out of Hermione, send her flowers and pick her up for dates, and we fight, and we can get back together, we can do what young people are supposed to do and much more. I would love to have such a nice active vacation, where we go through the mountains with only a backpack and not have any worry about anything than maybe dinner."

"But something serious happened which makes it impossible to do that any more. That is the thing that professor Dumbledore has talked about. We are forced to live with each other for the rest of our lives, if you, Hermione or I like it or not, we are bound. Call it a curse that Hermione and I have caught."

"I think when you imagine that you are bound to your wife with a piece of rope and nothing and nobody is able to untie you, that is what happens with us. But with us, it is even worse, because we also feel each others emotions. When Hermione is hurt, the pain is as clear for me as for her. When you would hurt her, I am hurt. When someone would hurt the both of us, we are doubly hurt."

"And that curse also causes additional feelings for each other. We are attracted to each other in a terrible way. We are not able to live without each other. If I knew that you would take Hermione away from the school, I think I would die on the spot. Just the thought makes me feel sick. It is the same for Hermione. We are confined, bound, encapsulated with each other."

"And for all those reasons we need to take responsibility. We are indeed too young, but not so young that we run into trouble. We would like to marry to make our bonding official by law as well."

"We would like to ask for your permission to marry."

Harry sat down next to Hermione.

Mr. Granger looked gravely to Harry. "And what happens if we do not give you permission? "

"Then we do not marry, dad. But we will do so when we are 18 years of age, and then we will marry without notifying you."

Now everyone was quiet for a while.

Mr. Granger stood up and took the arm from his wife. "Can we have some privacy please?"

"Mum and dad, why don't you take a walk along the lake. It is so beautiful there. "

"We shall do that, dear. " Hermione's mother kissed her on the cheek and they went off for their walk.

Harry sat down to the ground, took off Hermione's shoes and started to massage her feet.

After thirty minutes Harry saw the Granger's approaching. "Harry and Hermione, we see why you two have decided to marry. And yes, we would like to give this marriage our blessing and also everything what we can do to help you two to go through this."

Harry and Hermione were beaming, and Hermione was jumping of happiness. Mr. Granger grabbed Harry's arm. "Now about that Quidditch, can you tell me more about that? And don't worry, I shall take my son in law to soccer matches, and we will also go on vacations straight into nature. But there is something else about your future. When you two are going to study, then you need a place to stay and you also need to be able to support yourself and your studies."

"Do not worry, dad, we own several castles and many houses and other properties. That is not a problem. Do you remember Harry's inheritance? Well, the money was not the only thing he got, also the properties. You need to come when there is a Quidditch match, and Harry can you tell in detail what is happening. I am sure you'll like it."

Now Mrs. Granger came to Harry and Hermione. "Do you already have a date? "

"23rd of December" Harry and Hermione said together.

All of them were laughing. "And what kind of marriage do you plan to implement? "

"We would like to marry in the classical way with all the bells and whistles."

All of them went to the castle happily. "I am so happy, Hermione. I think that with all the problems you both have managed perfectly and you have turned a looming disaster into a fairytale. Where are you going to marry? "

"We are going to marry in the Potter's Castle. We will visit the place today and show you around. We've only visited the place once and today and tomorrow we plan to explore as much as we can. "

They approached the castle and were welcomed by professor Dumbledore, who invited them all for a big lunch.

"Harry, can I have a quick word with you? "

"Yes of cause professor. "

"I understand that you both want to go to the castle today and tomorrow? "

"Yes, we want to. Is there a problem, professor? "

"No of course there is not a problem. I like to discuss order business with you. "

"Professor, I assume you know the Potter's castle in reasonable detail. Let us go together to the castle today or tomorrow, I will give permissions to the house elves and you can do what you want with the order. Only let me know which areas you plan to use, so we can avoid them. I also think that you may need an extra house elf or you can use the existing elves, what ever you need. About food and any other needs, you never need to ask us, it is simply there for everyone in the order. "

"Thank you Harry. If you don't mind, I'll go with you to the castle today."

"That would be really nice, professor. I am so happy that I can help you and the order. And by the way, Potter's castle will never be sold, and as long as Potter's castle exists, the order has a place to stay. That means forever. I want to go even so far to put this into a magical contract, so that this promise is legally arranged. What do you think? "

The professor looked at Harry. "Do you know what you are saying, Harry. Such bondage is valid until the end of time, or the end of the existence of one or both entities. It will go much further than you, the Potters any other human and it continues until the order stops existing or the castle is reduced to dust. "

"I am aware of that, professor. I am also aware that the order has already existed for more than 1000 years. I know the book 'Hogwarts, A History' professor."

Professor Dumbledore looked surprised to Harry. "I almost forgot, you have a link to the prettiest library in the country."

With this Hermione's laugh was echoing through the great hall, even when they sat 20 meters from each other. Professor Dumbledore was laughing as well; he stood up, bowed to Harry, turned to Hermione, bowed again. "We will talk with you later. Wake me up when you decide to go to the castle and winked . "

The professor left the hall to his office.

After a short tour through the castle they prepared to leave for Potter's Castle. Harry picked up professor Dumbledore and floo'd to Potter's castle. Harry gave the head house elf permission to let professor Dumbledore access the castle and that the professor was able to assign permissions for the order members as well. After that, the professor disappeared inside the castle.

The rest of the afternoon all of them explored the castle. Harry found the map of the place and they looked stunned. Then Mrs. Granger discovered the stables and the horses. They tried to ride several horses. Mr. and Mrs. Granger were so excited about the castle, that Harry invited them again to come the next day. They would stroll through the castle the whole day.

Before they left to Hogwarts, Harry got an idea. "Why don't we invite everyone tomorrow evening for a dinner at Potter's castle? We will invite all the professors and all the order members? "

Hermione looked to Harry, thinking. "Maybe, Harry, but do you remember how Ron was reacting on us? "

Harry sighed. "Yes, you are right. Let's go then and do this some other time."

That evening in their dorm they sat before the burning fireplace. "You know Harry; I did not expect that this would go so easy between us. We can communicate fairly well, I must say. When you talked with professor Dumbledore, he had no idea that I was feeding you ideas and information. "

"Hermione, I love you"

And with that they went to bed.

The next morning at breakfast, the teacher table was only filled with the professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Sinistra, Flitwick and Snape. Professor Snape was absentminded today and he was playing with his food. He stared at his plate without seeing. His ears were clearly visible today, something that was normally impossible because of his greasy hair. His ears were also tinted red and at the edges they were glowing. Professor Sinistra was the first one to notice. "Severus, what happened with your ears? "

Professor Snape looked perplexed to the professor.

"What ... What do you mean ... sorry?"

Then he started to look annoyed as usual.

The rest of the professors also noticed. Professor McGonagall pointed to his ears. "There is certainly something wrong, Severus. Your eyes are radiating light. I think you might have swallowed one of your own portions. "

She chuckled softly, looking amused at professor Snape.

Snape grabbed his ears with both hands, his face changed into a terrible rage. He started to scream. "POTTER, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY EARS!"

Harry and Hermione jumped from their chairs in fright and surprise and looked fearfully to the professor. "Professor Snape, I ... I have no idea ... I have no idea what you are talking about ... you ears are looking okay, aren't they? "

With this professor Snape almost exploded. He ran out of the great hall, screaming and cursing and promising students hell to come and hell to pay. He slammed the big doors closed.

After the dramatic exit from the hall, they continued to eat and the professors were softly chatting with each other, sometimes they looked to the two only students.

That day before, they had a short talk with professor Vector about the state of knowledge of Harry's arithmetic. He was astonished because of the depth of knowledge. He proclaimed that the level of knowledge was the same as Hermione's. That was indeed very accurate. Professor Vector was very happy, to have an extra student who could join one of the researches he still had running with the few students in the 7th year.

The day started with charms, where professor Flitwick was chatting away about the prank with professor Snape. According him there was no potion that professor Snape had taken, but a charm. So Harry and Hermione spent time trying out charms, which could alter an appearance. That worked very nicely and they changed their faces very quickly to all kind of colours and appearances.

Right at that moment professor McGonagall knocked and entered the class room. She stopped, looked surprised at Harry and Hermione. At that moment Harry had two noses, four eyes and a horn in the middle of his head, while Hermione's nose was huge and her right ear was as large as her body was.

Professor Flitwick sat behind his desk and was amusing him self with the sight of the two amazing students. Professor McGonagall approached the professor sternly, but her mouth betrayed her. The edges were pulling slightly up and she had slightly red cheeks. She stopped, and turned to the two students, who were still laughing at each other. Harry and Hermione had forgotten everything and everyone and were so held up with each other, they had no idea. At that moment Hermione started to grow a third leg, and Harry was rolling over the floor laughing. But what neither of them was aware off, their wands lay forgotten on their desks.

"Well, sit down and enjoy the show. " Professor McGonagall did indeed sit down and looked perplexed to the two students.

In the meanwhile Harry had a third head growing, one head was growing from his behind. Hermione had some trouble with her third leg, because it became too large to be comfortable. Then Harry's heads started to sing, while Hermione's feet started to paint circles in the air with beautiful colors.

Suddenly Hermione became aware of both professors. She stood up immediately, waved her hand over Harry, who changed back immediately. Harry did the same with Hermione and both of them stood straight in front of the amazed professors.

"Do you have any idea why professor Snape is in a fit, because his ears are continuing to grow and glow, and nobody has any idea how this happened and how to restore it? "

"No professor", both answered.

Professor McGonagall looked at them sternly. When you suddenly find out how to restore his ears, maybe you might tell me at the end of the week, shall we? "

"Yes professor", both answered.

"OK. You have to go to the next lesson. "

"Thank you professor", both answered again and disappeared.

"That was fun, but now we have astronomy with professor Sinistra. Do you think that we have potions today, Hermione? "

"I don't know Harry. Let's hope we have, because I want to see that fit and his ears. I wonder about his nose! "

"We have our shield test today with professor Lupin. " That is scheduled in his lesson, so that is perfect. "

They were finished with astronomy and of course had a lot of home work. Thanks to the link Harry had with Hermione he knew all the details and facts and professor Sinistra was very satisfied when they left.

They went to the great hall and had dinner. Professor Lupin approached them and sat down next to Harry. "Shall we go outside in ten minutes? We'd like to test your shield. "

Ten minutes later Harry and Hermione went outside. Professors Lupin, Dumbledore, McGonagall and Flitwick were waiting for them.

"Please children, place your shield and keep it there as long as you can. " Professor Lupin backed away and joined the other professors. Harry and Hermione activated their shield, which shimmered greenly around them. They did not use their wands.

All professors drew their wands and screamed all together. "Wingardium Leviosa"

Red beams appeared from their wands to the shield and bounced off.

"That suppose to let us fly into the air" Harry mumbled.

"Caecus", the professors shouted again. This time the beams were purple and also this time the shield bounced the curses off, but this time the professors were not so lucky, and professors Lupin and McGonagall were hit with the bouncing spell. Both of them went blind. Professor Dumbledore restored their eye sight with a flick of his wand. "I have seen enough. We have too few people to test their shield to its maximum. Let's organize more people for the next time, shall we. "

With this they all went inside. The rest of the day was uneventful, except that they did not see professor Snape and the potion's lesson was canceled.

The next morning at breakfast there was still no professor Snape and the potions lesson was canceled as well for that day.

At Friday they had the first Practical Magic Theory lesson with professor Dumbledore. When they showed up in his office, professor Dumbledore asked them how it was possible that the ears and nose of a person was only growing and nothing could be done to stop the process or to shrink them to the old size. They spent the full lesson to theorize about this problem and at the end of the lesson Hermione gave him an incantation, which was different than the original one. Because of that reason it was impossible to restore the professor's situation. Professor Dumbledore was truly impressed by Hermione. Hermione blushed, and told him that she pulled the knowledge from Harry's head and used this on professor Snape. He was so harsh on them without any reason, so she wanted to give him something back and she wanted to see if they really could make and change spells, which they were supposed to learn at that lesson.

The professor happily ended the lesson and announced that their schedule would be changed for the coming week. Also he announced that their apparition tests would be held on Monday morning after breakfast. With that, their weekend would begin.

Hermione's parents wanted to visit the castle alone, so Harry and Hermione could spend time on their homework.


A/N: Beta reader by Oli
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