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What happens in the club stays in the club!

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1 month and a half later May

So much has been happening in the last month, Pete has been back and forth between LA and Chicago, and every time he was in the city he'd come here and take me out. Sometimes he'd bring chocolate or just random stuff. But the best was the day he came baring single lavender rose, what I read meant love at first sight and enhancement. I had opened the door that time and he'd been away for 5 days. He had looked up biting my lips I tried not to choke on the feeling in my throat when he smiled at me. "I missed you, Alexandra." He said almost like a whisper.
That caught me off guard. Here I was my shirt it has chocolate stains, I was barefoot and I probably looked like a homeless person.
" I was definitely not expecting you right now Pete, It's like 4pm, I'm still with the kids, I'm not sure it'd be appropriate for you to come in." I looked at my feet. He looked disappointed. "Yeah I know I...just wanted to see you...and I wanted to give you this." He handed me the rose, it smelled so good.
"I was thinking maybe later would you like to hang out, do you think the Thompson's would let you out tonight?" he asked hopeful.
Funny thing was, no matter how much we had talked on the phone, one of these days I even confessed that I missed his kisses terrible, it felt surreal having him on my doorstep. I guess I was not really over the fact that he is who he is.
"Yeah I'll ask them and I'll call you to let you know" I looked at him and he didn't seem to be hearing a single word.
"Pete..." he leaned in but I dodged. "Pete, no! Not here...and on the front door. What if a neighbor saw and told to Sally how would I explain this?" I think you better come around after 6, okay?" he was pouting. A 27 years old guy pouting is a hilarious sight. Closing the door I leaned my body in it. "oh Alex you are in trouble"

It was after 7 pm when Sally got home, she had to run some errands later than expected. Here I was sitting in the living room, Maddie and Freddy already asleep. I was playing video games with Kallena.
"Hey sweets!!" Sally dropped her purse by the closet and came towards us.
"Mom I have to ask you something and you have to promise you are going to say yes!" I looked at Kallena...she hadn't mentioned any thing to me.
"Uh it depends on what it is..." a real mother answer, I mused.
"Pete came here this afternoon and Alex practically closed the door on him...saying that it was inappropriate and he asked if he could take her out tonight..." my mouth was hanging open, I was shocked at how she was trying to give me a hand, my babies were growing up.
"Aww so Mr. Wentz came by this afternoon? I agree it's not reaaaly appropriate for a guy to be hanging out here but you should have let him in, it's not like the kids weren't around." Sally smiled.
"So where is he taking you tonight??" she sat down by my side.
"I don't really know...he just mentioned that he wanted to hit some clubs with some of his friends that are in town. He gave me roses..." I was cut off by Kallena. "Yeah mom, lavender roses, it means he loved her on first sight!" she gushed.
"I guess we should help you to get ready right?" Sally said clapping her hands and jumping off the couch!
An hour later and Peter would be here at any moment.
"Kallena go to my room and look for that cute charm bracelet I have." I looked up form my reflex in the mirror as Sally comes my way using a conspiracy tone "Alexandra, don't you have any sexy underwear here sweetheart? Oh man...these boy shorts only works when you are home. When you go out on a date, specially when you've been hanging out for more than a month you should wear some inciting undergarments! I still have one closed pack I got from VS last month! I can give you one, then you can buy more for yourself later..." she was still rambling on and on as she went out of my ear shot.
Sally came back with a black tiny _when I say tiny is because I'm sure it's fit Maddie very snuggly_ lacey thong that I blushed at the sight alone.

"I'm wearing a skirt do you think I'd be wise wearing this?" I asked not really comfortable. I felt like he'd know I was wearing such indecent garment underneath.
"OMG yes, you know I'd kill to have a nice big butt like you'll look incredible, believe me! Now go change...he is supposed to be here in hum...4minutes." I went in the bathroom and changed into that 'thing' I was glad I had waxed yesterday, I had started doing that since I got here and accompanied Sally in one of her sessions. I couldn't live without it nowadays. So back at the thong issue I hated when my regular panties would slip in, I can only imagine a lacy thong.
I head the doorbell and I tried to get comfortable in that thing. I pulled my skirt down, it was a little short but it was not baring my ass with each step. I had on a dark green halter top, it was sparkly and incredibly girly. I put some heels on; I'd be taller than Pete tonight. Joy!
I went downstairs Sally was talking to Pete, he looked awesome. Black jacket, a dark red shirt and tight dress pants.
He noticed me and got up, totally not listening to a word Sally was saying.
She clapped and said "OMG it's like I'm going through a daughter's first date, you look amazing honey, come here" she hugged me and I couldn't take my eyes off Pete and he couldn't take his eyes from mine.
Just then Gary arrived and looked at me "Whoa! Somebody is going out with the boyfriend tonight?" he smiled. Tension! I had been seeing Pete for a month almost regularly when he was in the area. But we never discussed where we stood. I mean...he never brought that up...I'd never even hint at it. (lol)
I just took Pete's hands and nodded "hum .We are going out to dance Mr. Thompson if that's okay with you too." He nodded and hugged Sally, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Yes of course! You and your boy seem to have some strict time to go out so go and have some fun. I won't even say what time you have to be up because I know no matter what time you go to sleep you are going to be on time." He smiled and I blushed Pete squeezed my hand and I headed for the door biding good bye.

In the car the tension was too much, when driving he'd suddenly brush my tights and I'd feel how tense he was by gripping in the steering wheel.
We made small talk, mostly things he had done this past 5 days, we were laughing when all of a sudden he looked at me.
"I couldn't stop thinking about you...about the times in the movies...about the time playing in the park, kissing in the rain, playing mud fight the other day. The guys wanted to know what was up with me but I didn't feel like sharing yet...We are having dinner then we will meet the guys in the club I'm not sure yet." He parked the car, it was a nice restaurant, on the outside I could see a balcony illuminated by torches and the moon. We made our way inside, as a maitre approached us Pete asked for his reservation and to my surprise he had gotten the balcony. OMG!
I was so nervous; I could feel that the damn thong was already slipping a record time it should have happened a little while before.
We sat and I looked at Pete...he seemed fidgety.
"What's wrong Pete?" I asked trying to admire the place the view and pay attention on him. He looked at me as he put his hand on top of mine in the table.
"Nothing it's just I lost the touch with this romance stuff, I mean...I guess I'm way better with words, or just the fact that I'm getting old I guess. I don't know if I should say this before dinner or now...I'll wait after dinner" he rambled I smiled trying to bite back my curiosity.
The dinner was amazing, the food was awesome we drank wine, because I love it and because I needed to get a little loose.
Conversation was so easy with us...there was not an awkward moment, the silence was pretty serene, and then it happened, dessert has just arrived and I had my eyes closed tasting the most delicious chocolate and strawberry dish I've ever tasted.
"Alexa when you are finished would you answer me a question?" I nodded still chewing and gave him a tight lipped smile, now opening my eyes.
"Wanna be my uhm...girlfriend?" I swear to God my eyes popped out of my head, how unattractive but that caught me off guard.
He blushed. "I know sometimes I'm confusing, sometimes we will have hard times communicating and shit but I wanna give this a try, if you want to." He reached for my hand and pulled it to his lips from across the table.
" Pete! I'm so ....I'm speechless...I really don't know what to say...I mean...I've never been in a relationship before. I... God...yes! I accept. But you hurt me and I'll tell everyone you've played Barbies with me and Maddie the other day in the park." I said leaning in the table whispering.
He bit his lip. "We need to get out of here fast!" he said looking for the waiter.
I looked at him and made a face.
"What do you..." he cut me off. " I can't stand one more second without kissing you..." his eyes were of pure lust. It was now my turn to bit my lip.
Pete was bouncing his knees and the table was slightly bumping.
The guy came back with our receipt and I think he thought there was some footsie going on under the table.
I got up and Pete looked at me, with my eyes I motioned for the table and the guys face, laughing he got up as well, leaving a tip for the waiter.
We laughed all the way back to the parking space. A guy selling roses approached and Pete bough me 2 buds of coral. I blushed so deep as I remembered what their color meant_ it conveys desire.
Pete took my hand as we proceeded to get in the car. Once inside, he closed the door and turned on the radio. "Want to hang out at my place? It's still early and the guys will go meet us there..." He said as I blushed again.
"Pete, theses roses then going to your house...I don't kn...OMG! You live with your parents right? I'm sorry I'm rambling..." I zipped my mouth shut with my hand and signed for him to move on. Then all of a sudden I was stricken by the thought that I'd be meeting the parents!! OMG!!!
"Pete ...I'm going to meet your parents? They will think I'm dressed as a slut!!" I put my hands in my head.
"NO baby...they have seen you before in pictures actually mom is well aware...she was the one that said I should take you to that restaurant. She is going to be thrilled to finally meet you." He said looking at me briefly.
When we arrived my palms were sweaty and shit. It was like I was going to ask them to take his son on a date.
Once we pilled out the car the front door opened and his mom came to greet us.
"Aww! Alexandra, right? I'm so glad to finally meet you!" I held my hand and she took me in a hug. Aww momma hugs were the best always. I felt tears starting to sting in the back of my eyes she was my mom's height, I was making a fool out of myself.
"Me too, this hug actually made me feel a little homesick. Ha-ha." I pulled back and she reached out to wipe at my make up. "Oh no pretty girl! No crying! Ha-ha. So anything you want to tell me Pete?" she asked hopeful holding my hand with both of hers. I knew what she was talking about.
"Meet my girlfriend mom." He mumbled. He came to me and took my hand.
"Is my dad home?" He asked his mom moving away to another room.
"No, he will be back in a few. Peter where are you going?" she followed us and I looked between Pete and Mrs. Wentz. "You better leave this door open" she said as we went down some stairs. Oh! The basement!
There was a love- sit and a couch in there he sat down taking some of the many pillows and throwing them on the floor.
He motioned for me to join him, I sat down next to him looking around when I felt his fingers on my arm doing circles, I pretended I was like too captivated by the décor.
But he pulled me back by my shoulders, making me lean back on the sofa. My skirt had ridden up, and I kept fixing it, then he took that hand and put on his tight leaving his on top. His other hand on my neck and I knew what was his next action would be. At first I felt little kisses on my neck then on my chin, my eyes already closed for good. The kiss finally reached my lips; it was an explosion of feelings. We were both feeling deprived.
15 minutes later we were laying down he was trying not to be obvious of his condition as he lay transverse to my body. I had my hands on his lower back and the other was caressing his scalp witch I had found was something that he just loved seeing that he was purring like a content cat.
"Pete, I know what coral roses mean..." I said as he moved the kisses to my neck. He chuckled and I giggle because of the sensation of his breath on my neck. My thong was hurting me so bad for being with my legs pinned together, I tried to raise it a bit. "Baby, don't give ideas..." he said breathless.
"My uhm...panties are hurting me." I played the honest card. He stopped the kissing and looked at my face. "Want to put something comfortable on while we wait for the others? We still have 30 minutes." I looked at him...trying to think what he'd think as comfortable? NAKED?
"No it's okay I can take it." He got off me and sat down in the couch pulling my legs to his lap. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. I sighed and changed the subject.
We just stood there laughing, telling jokes and random stuff when Mrs Wentz came down to tell us Patrick had arrived.
We got up and before I could move Pete slapped my butt. It stung!
"Ouch! What are you doing?" I pinched his arm and he yelped.
"I just wanted to grab it but your skirt wouldn't let me." He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me to him. Kissing me and swaying side to side as the kiss grew deeper.
"Peteeeeeeee" we heard Joe yelling from upstairs.
We broke apart and sighed. As we went up stairs I could smell about three different perfumes. There they were Patrick, Andy and Joe. They looked hot.
"Whoa somebody was making out..!" sang Andy. There was lipstick all over our faces. The light was dim in the basement we couldn't really see it.
I felt my face hot. Mr.Wentz came up to me and showed me the way to the bathroom.
I cleaned my face and tried to freshen up and fix my panties. I found there was no way but to let it 'in' haha it was hurting like a motherfucker!
I went back to the living room, we made our way to the club, it was already 10 minutes to 11 o'clock.
When we arrived in the club it was packed, more that the other in that first night, it was insane.
"Alex I need you to hold my hand real tight okay?" I looked at him and nodded. It was so loud there was no use in speaking.
Inside we found Maja. She ran to me holding a cigarette and a drink in her other hand. She hugged me "OMG ya look fabulous dahling!"
She put her drink in the table near and pulled me down a hallway!
" I'm glad you are here, that means I have someone to come to the restroom with me, the boys are not allowed here, unfortunately." she laughed.
"Maja, I'm using this thong that is killing me...what do I do?" I looked at the mirror, I was talking to her as she went through her business.
"Ohh already using a thong? OMG how far have you guys been?" she asked as she exited the stall. I looked at her surprised.
" Well, just making out you groping yet.
He just asked me to be his girlfriend today, how high school is that???" she squealed and hugged me.
"Congrats honey! Now you guys can grope all you want. haha. But anyways what is the matter with the panties?" She was fixing her hair.
" It's a thong and it's hurting me 'cause it's lacey" I whined. Out of nowhere I felt a little breeze in my bum; she had just pulled my skirt up.
"Oh it's a cute VS girl! But I agree that it must be uncomfortable. You said you only use the boy short type of underwear, right? On a side note: Your ass is huge!" she gasped as I pulled my skirt down, feeling exposed.
"OMG! Pete must have been nuts knowing that you are packing that, honey! Beware of grinding! Hahahahah" she was making fun of me as we left the restroom she put her arm around my shoulders.
"Go make him dance with you...usually he doesn't, maybe tonight he will" she said as we reached the table. All the chairs were taken so I stood by Pete.
He motioned for me to sit on his lap, and I did, we started talking for a while. Silly stuff really, with the other people sitting with us. Maja was drunk I could tell as she approached giggling.
"Pete! Dahling I didn't know your girl had such a huge ass!! I's nicely firm and smooth man, I bet you made sure everyone had taking all the chairs so she could 'sit on you' ..." I was so embarrassed she said that in front of everyone.
Peter held my hand as he smirked as she got closer to us. I got up pissed at her, she was taking this too far so I just got up and went to the bar.
I ordered some girly drink. Actually I was counting 3 drinks already.
As I made my way down the booth to come back to the table I noticed Pete was making his way towards me. He had discarded his jacket and pulled his shirt sleeve up.
He come to me and gave me a hug. I knew I was pouting it was just for effect.
"She was just joking you know...she had a little too much to she moved on to discuss Patrick's belly and what he is going to name his twins"
He laughed I tried hard but I couldn't help to let a giggle escape me.
"Wanna dance?" I asked him feeling the alcohol starting to make its effect.
We headed for the dance floor I pulled him by his collar, he seemed a little shy to dance I grabbed his hips and put my back to his chest. He was holding my drink as we danced. Truth was I was dancing ON him.
I was sweaty my hands were around his neck and he now held me down on his lap as we moved together.
I could feel he was overly excited but I think the alcohol overpowered my better judgment, I turned my body around facing him and he swiftly put his right leg between mine and kissed me. Hard. Sloppy. Harshly. Passionately.
I pulled out startled. No one was paying attention to us. He was looking at me biting his lip "Wanna get out of here?" he said in my ear. I took his hand and we found a wall that faced a corner. We went straight for the kill, he lifted my right leg over his hip. And pressed me to the wall, the music was the last thing on my mind. We kissed for a long time. We were not dancing but we grinded anyways, not for long. And I was glad he was wearing dark pants.
"OMG!" I shouted biting his ear softly, his forehead resting on the wall.
"Yeah you can say that again" he let my leg down and we hug tight.
My whole body tingled. My boyfriend had just got me off in a random club wall.
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