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Best Friends. Ex- Friends to the end, better off as lovers not the other way around.

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BBQ at Patrick's and Pete finally releases some of his frustations.

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After this night I was so embarrassed, we went for like a month just kissing because I always made sure I was sober enough to get a hold of myself...the thought of what could have happened that day in the club still troubled me.
Pete called me saying there's going to be a barbecue at Patrick's house and that I'm invited. It's a pool party! Great! It was summer!!!
"Pete I'm not really feeling good. I'll just stay here and lazy around, baby!" I said into the phone yawning.
"No way! You are lying! You know you want to come. Be ready I'll be there in 15 minutes." With that the line went dead, Shit!
15 minutes later I hear a knock on the door, my family had gone out to some family birthday in a city about 3 hours from here.
"So are you ready?" He asks as he comes in.
"Let me tell you buddy, don't ever tell me what to do like that, okay. And it doesn't help that you just hung up on me! Respect is something very important in a relationship." I started sniffling and his face fell.
"Baby girl come here, aww! I'm so sorry. It was just out of reflex I know we've been through the saying bye before hanging up talk, but sometimes I'll forget"
He put his arms around me; I reached up and kissed his cheek.
"I don't wanna be dressed in a bikini in front of your friends" I admitted.
"Wanna use some swim shorts? I can..." I shook my head. "They are going to think I'm some slob that didn't have time to shave or something" I mumbled.
He laughed.
"You know what? I'll go home and get another one of my shorts. Let's pretend we want to be a matching couple today, okay?" he come and hugged me kissing my forehead. "That sounds silly but it may work." I nodded.
"I'll come with you; just let me change to my bikini." I went back to my room leaving him sitting in the stool in the kitchen.

As I was tying the bottom laces of my bikini I heard the door opening, so obviously I didn't turn around, seeing I had no top on.
"Ohh So I got here just in time..." I felt his arms coming around my waist and froze. "Pete!! Let me finish getting ready or at least tying the top half. He kissed the side of my neck whispering.
"Suddenly I don't feel like going anywhere you know..." I brushed him off to get the top half that lay on the bed.
"Suddenly I feel like getting the hell out of here" I tied around my neck and when I reached for the other two laces Pete had reached first and helped me.
"Alex, I don't really wanna rush into anything but you gotta understand that I'm a guy...I miss intimacy! I understand this is something new for you...I realize that, but I'm still a red blooded male and you are hot...we hang out, we's bound to happen, you can't just push me away like this, it's not the first time either, lately whenever we are making out when things heat up you just bolt and I stand there all hot and bothered." He had finished lacing my bikini and sat down on the bed, I just stared at him, suddenly feeling like I was being accused of being a teaser. I adjusted my bottom half then sat besides him, giving a sideway hug "I'm sorry Pete...I'm just scared, we've never really talked about this, I knew this was coming but I still don't know what to say to make you understand me" I put my head on his shoulders.
"You were never this cold in the begging but after that day in the club you've been very what we had a little fun in the back of a club...most people do a lot worse then just getting their pants wet. See you are blushing I knew it was an issue for you..." he kissed my nose.
"It's not like that...I just thought it was really scary that we almost had uhm sex there in the club, in front of those people...I don't ever want to drink again if that means I can end up doing something like that." I put my face under his chin.
"You are a sexy and crazy drunk, nothing wrong with that. I've seen worse. Now give me a last kiss so we can go to the party. But you are not free of this conversation yet!" with that I kissed him like I used too before things got awkward. He pulled out and smiled. "That's what I'm talking about!!" we got up, I went to look for something to cover myself with.
I found some pink girly trunks, as I turned around Pete was looking at me hand on his chin.

"Stop staring, let's go!!" I pushed him as he laughed, as we made or way up the stairs.

Patrick's house was full of familiar faces. The day was hot, the pool was crowded. Eh.
"Hey I'm glad you guys made it..." the host Patrick approached us.
"Yeah...we had nothing else better to do." Pete said letting go of my hand to pull his shirt off. I put it back in my beach bag as he handed it to me.
"Oh so that's how it is? Ha-ha. Well guys, I gotta make sure everything is alright! There's food and drinks, just go for it!" he went back in the house as Pate and I made our way to the pool side, he sat down by Joe, who had a female companion that looked at me with a frown. "Hey Joe! So who is the lady?" Pete patted his side and I took a sit. "This is Melany, we met last week and we have been hanging out and stuff." She was now looking at my boyfriend with a little too much interest. And I wasn't the jealous type.
"uhm I think we are going to hit the pool, right babe?" Pete squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek before we got up. He took of his shorts and I just stood there...unsure of what to do. I looked as the other girl unashamedly checked Pete out. Right on my face, but I think Joe didn't notice because he dove in along with Pete, leaving me to fend for myself and my insecurities.

I felt brave enough to take out my shorts, my bikini was not flashy, it was a bit shorter to be considered a boy short but it wasn't a thong. I took out my shirt and put my things inside my bag. I was definitely not ashamed of my body...I had started to jog in the morning and now I felt more confident.
"Baby, come on" I made my way to the stairs and went in...Pete came swimming my way underwater. He then pulled me down. I pinched his arm hard as I surfaced, not really amused.
"Couldn't let me take my own sweet time, right??" I said breathless.
"It wouldn't have been fun."

It was almost 6 o'clock, the night was falling. Some people had already left; it had been a fun party. I had drank two Smirnoff ices to loosen up a bit and right now I was sitting in my boyfriends lap making out in a beach chair.
We had been going at it for sometime now and things were starting to progress into groping.
"I don't get why he is with her, anyways...she is not even pretty." That voice had hunted through the evening and it was not the first time I had heard Melany commenting on me. The first comment was that it looked like Pete was babysitting me because he had been kind enough to make my plate at lunch time.
Then she told Joe I didn't look like I was in love with Pete at all, she said it was weird, and I quote /'she is not all over him, what kind of new couple are they?'/
But her last comment takes the cake and I had had enough. "Pete let's go home?" I said letting go. He seemed to be having a hard time coming back to reality. I had learned a few tricks, what can I say?
"You mean my home? Or the Thompson's?" he asked sitting up a bit.
"I wanna be with you...I don't care where." His eyes bulged and he swallowed hard.
"I'll try calling home to see if my parents are in there. God I'm excited..." He kissed my cheek reached for my purse and pulled out his cell phone. I got up to look for a glass of water; I was wearing my trunks and the bikini top.
"Joe told me Pete and you are still 0 x 0, do you think you are going to hold him for much longer?" I felt like shooting myself...after shooting Joe, of course.
"And what do you have to do with this? It's not your concern. I suggest you to mind your own business. I've been hearing you talking about me through the day and it's still not enough?" I turned to her glaring.
Pete came in and she didn't have time to reply.
"Baby, we can go and dad are gone to the movies" he peaked my lips, I nodded. He had my purse in his arms, before leaving we tried to find Patrick but some said he was 'busy' so we just waved good night to the others and left.
In the car I let Pete know what exactly what was going down before he entered the kitchen.
"I'm going to kill Joe, I can only see that all over the internet and shit." He banged his hands on the steering wheel. I had nothing else to say.

We got to his house, it was so dark and there was a note in the hallway table.
'Kids we went out, in a date. Seeing you guys so happy made us a little jealous. Take care, and whatever you do be safe!' the Wentz.
"Aww it's so cute they went out in a date..." I was cut off buy a sizzling kiss, Pete pressed me against the wall pulling out he whispered.
"Tonight I'll show you a reason to not be scared of what we can do together" and then he kissed me again.
"Why don't we take a shower first?" I said as he moved to my neck and collar bone. He nodded pulled out and took of his shirt... he took my hands and I followed.
"So this is the place where you take pictures of little Petey?" I mused as we entered his bathroom.
"Ha funny! We can take one together if you want." He was unbuttoning his trunks and I stammered. "Naked?" I squealed.
"Yeah, I only take showers naked." He smirked. I was trying to avoid looking.
I couldn't resist, tho. ZOMG!!

I took off my shirt and trunks leaving on my bikini.
"Oh well, I guess I can deal with the fact that you are shy and I'm not." He sighed. We entered the shower and I was feeling awkward.
He turned the faucet and I shivered as his arms brushed my shoulder.
"I'm gonna hold you, have anything against that?" he whispered and I just moved my head side to side slowly. He came up to me putting both his arms around my waist. I shivered feeling his naked body so close to mine. He kissed my collar bone once again and I sighed. It was too late now.
We were under the water spray when his lips finally had found their way to mine. Exploring as if it was the first time, but just this time I was far more experienced. The kisses lead to a whole new world of exploring.
This night was just so awesome; it was past 10 o'clock now. I lay on his bed looking up to the ceiling, he had his arms around me and I had no idea what he was doing. But I felt changed; he had been so patient with me, and so kind. When I'd say no he'd be very understanding then ask the same question 5 minutes later using a different approach and I'd give in. I was pretty sure that soon this would end up leading to actual sex. But I was glad he had found a distraction to that.
So he said he'd show me a few things and he did. More then a few things actually, I had even willingly gone down on him. It was fun till the moment I gag on his dick like a fool, but even if my hands were shaking, my teeth had scraped on him; he said I had been great. Yeah, I guess he really needed release. He had touched me like I was the most beautiful woman on earth and as I felt myself soar I knew I loved him. The thought didn't shock me. It had been a while since I had realized that, but what if I told him? Would he freak out?
"What's on your mind?" he asked rubbing his eyes.
"i'm thinking about the things I feel for you, and that I'm not sure if I should share with you just yet." His eyes widened.
"Yes, I wanna hear this." He sat up on the head board and brought me with him, adjusting the sheets that had slipped off my breasts. I was blushing.
"It's just I always think about saying it...but I'm so scared of how it may sound being said out loud...I'm afraid I'll scare you..." he cut me off " Just say you think after all the things we've been through I'm not going to say it back?" he kissed my forehead. "I love you?" I said in a whisper, and so unsure.
"Say it louder, I wanna be sure I heard it right..." he nuzzled my nose with his.
"I'm in love with you" I smiled. "It feels so good to know the woman I'm in love with, loves me back, you know?" my eyes misted and I reached up to kiss him. In a short amount of time we had managed to loose the sheets.
The combination of naked bodies and confessions of love were not exactly wise. His hips were perfectly aligned to mine, it was just a matter of angle and he'd be inside me. (¬¬')
The sounds of car doors being shut was our calling to real life as we slowed down the kissing and the grinding to just loudly breathing.
"We are a sweat mess. Your mom just arrived...I have to shower again Pete...What do we do?" I sat on the bed looking at him that had a far away look on his face.
"Do you think my parents will even come here to check on us?" he tried to pull me back but we heard noise on the stairs.
"Peter? Alexa? You in there?" SHIT ³³³³²²²²¹¹¹¹
"Yeah mom...and we are naked so don't even bother..." OMG ³³
I frantically searched for his closet, pulling it open I got the shorts drawer, I got one clandestine navy short and pulled it on then looked for a shirt as Pete come behind me stilling my movements. "You forget I'm 27 years old and my parents have seen more then they cared to see, baby." He chuckled, I didn't.
"That doesn't mean I want them to know what we are doing's like they'll know I...did what I did...or think we did what we didn't." I rambled on. He let me put the shirt on and went to sit on the bed then pulled a clean short on. "Okay then...I guess I get your point." He motioned for me to come over.
"You have nothing to worry about baby...they won't judge you, or me. The other day my mom came to me and asked where was I taking you for privacy and she was surprised when I told her, we were not on that stage yet, she was worried I was like...using the back sit of my car. See she even cares about you more than she cares for me..." I giggled; the humor was short lived as there was a knock on the door.

A/N: It's kinda weird posting this...Reminding that this is 1000% fiction.
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