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I'm alright in bed But I'm Better with a Pen.

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Alexa finds out why people are so obsessed with s_e_x!

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"Peter? We brought donnut's for you guys, if you feel like coming out here to get it..." Mrs Wentz said the moved away from the door.
"Uhm I love donnut's Peter...what about you go downstairs and getting me one?" I said bathing my eyelashes at him. "Cute but if we go down there we have to go together" he kissed my chin and got up, to get some clothes on.
I groaned. He had such a nice body. His lean hips got to me like nothing ever before; and yes, his pants size was smaller than mine.
"I'm jealous of how tiny you are..." I said lying back on his bed, propping my head on my right hand.
"What the fuck do you mean by that? I thought now that I introduced you to Petey you'd have some compliments for him..." he didn't look at me but I knew he was smirking because he knew he had made me blush.
"You are such a smart ass, I'm talking about being all tiny, tiny hands, lean hips, I bet you dress a number under me. At least you've got some big tights and Petey!" I chuckled.
"Yeah, I love being called tiny you know...specially when my girlfriend tells me my hands are tiny...that's frustrating you know...but I'll let this one slide because of the comment on Petey!" he tried to sound serious as he come back to the bed pointing his finger at me. He sat down and I snuggled to him.
"Can we go eat donnut's? I'm kinda starving..." I looked up at him as he patted my head. He nodded and we made our ways towards the kitchen.
The Wentz sat on the table and I blushed as they noticed we were there and smiled at us. Mr Wentz was far more discrete than his wife that kept on giving me knowing glances. Pete sat and pulled me on his lap.
"So how was the party at Patrick's?" She tried to make conversation.
"Ah it was great. We had fun, right babe?" he bit on his chocolate ring.
"Yes, I had lots of fun, too bad I had some argument with a girl that kept on nagging me the whole day..." I said then I felt like biting my tongue.
"Oh what happened exactly?" Mrs Wentz wanted to know.
"Well she kept like trying to question our relationship and all. Can you believe she was like checking him out every time he passed by??" I laughed.
"I think it was first time testing this kind of jealousy..." I mused and Pete made fun of me and hugging me.
"So you got jealous? Is that why you kept trying to make me put my shirt on?" he laughed so loud at that and he hugged me tight. His parents looking at us amused.
For the next 20 minutes we sat there talking about random stuff when Pete decided it was best if he took me back home, his mom wanted me to sleepover but it'd a little awkward to ask the Thompson's for that, so I put back my bikini back on my bag and kept Peter's clothes on to go back home.

On the way to the Thompson's we'd sing along to whatever was playing on the radio or make fun of some stupid songs that came on.
"We still don't have a song yet, right?" I said once there was a radio break.
"How cheesy...and not to mention how random it is, baby! I mean...imagine our song like 'my heart will go on' or some crap like way..." he laughed as I pouted.
"All couples have their theme song! I want one too so I can think of you wherever I hear it..." I tried to warm him to the idea. He looked skeptical.
"Whatever...I still don't want any cheesy song to be linked to us." He smirked. Yeah, he gave in.

Two weeks later we were lying down listening to some music on my mp3 player as he commented my taste of music.
"Now this is pure crap" he said as Perfect by Simple Plan come up.
"Aww...I feel like I'm too old to relate to this song, but I do in a way." I tried to explain why it was in there. He just looked at me like I was insane, what made me remember my sister that used to look at me that way when I'd sing it to piss her off. Next was 'Learning to breathe' by SWITCHFOOT as the song begin to play, I snuggled to Pete putting my head on his chest.
"Hello, good morning, how you do?
What makes your rising sun so new?
I could use a fresh beginning too
All of my regrets are nothing new
So this is the way that I say I need You
This is the way that I'm

Learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that You and You alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies"

I looked up at him, he was smiling and I knew we had found our song.

"Hello, good morning, how you been?
Yesterday left my head kicked in
I never, never thought that
I would fall like that
Never knew that I could hurt this bad

So this is the way I say I need You
This is the way that I say I love You
This is the way that I say I'm Yours
This is the way, this is the way"

"So I think we have a winner." He had turned to me reaching for my lips, we kissed slowly, there was no rushing in this, I felt like the time had come, my guard was down, the emotion was just right for.../high school musical??/ I thought startled.
"OMG! It's my cell phone!" I pulled out of his embrace and went to look for my purse on the nightstand. I could hear Pete's aggravated sigh.
'Yes, oh hey Sally. Yeah no you are not interrupting anything...nothing wrong with me... came running upstairs to get to the phone actually.' Pete smirked as he turned around facing the other side of the room.
'So what's up? Oh so sorry to hear about that, we will be gone for the whole weekend? Oh yeah, no problem. I'm sure he will understand, Sally it's okay. I'll be there in 20 minutes.'
I said goodbye and hung up. Oh crap.
I could already tell Pete was pissed off. I tried nudging him to make him look at me but he didn't.
"Peter...I'm sorry, you have to understand I'm here for about 3months my time will be done here...but I have to work, I don't know if you noticed but I'm very dedicated to them...just like I'm with you when I can..."I was sitting on my knees, trying to make him look up at me. When he did, I knew this could turn into our first argument in 4 months.
"So now that I get time to be with you, you have to work...that's pretty fucked up thing, ya know. It's not like you shouldn't be dedicated to your work but Goddamn it! 'Look Sally you gave me two days off and I'm sorry but I've planned things with my boyfriend and that's it."he said trying to sound like me. "That's what you should have done... That would have made it better, much better, in fact. You know what? I really don't know if this is just an escape because once again we were so close to finally making love and Bam! Something definitely pisses me off that you can't stand up for us and in this case...for yourself." He had stormed off closing the bathroom door. I felt tears cascading down my cheeks and tried not to lose it.
I started to get my things back in my pack, I had packed for two days, it was supposed to be the most perfect weekend for us...I had so many plans and he was so wrong about me being afraid of being with him, I cried harder as I patted the little nightgown I had bought for this occasion, it was black with some reddish lacey details in the bust and in the bottom, it came just about mid tight, I had looked so different when I had tried it on, I thought it'd be perfect.
I dropped the gown on his bed as I pulled on my jeans on and went out the door.
I passed Mrs Wentz at the kitchen and explained, she was just as disappointed as I was, but she knew my tears had other reason.
"It's nothing, really. I'm going to take a cab because they need to leave in about an hour. It was some unexpected thing. Mr Thompson's great uncle died so they need to have someone watching the kids there so they can attend the funeral or something." she nodded and patted my face.
"I'll take you sweetie" she turned down the stove and grabbed her keys as I heard fast footsteps coming down the stairs, I felt my stomach sink.
"Baby, Alexandra!!!!" Peter came shouting my name as he made his ways downstairs from his room, I started to hope for the worse, I admit I envisioned him coming up to me holding the gown and shredding it to pieces in my face. That never happened, he just came to me hugged me and apologized in my ear softly.
"I'm so sorry for being mean to you...I'm so frustrated that I can't even begin to say what really set me off." He looked at his mom seeing she had her keys in hand.
"It's okay mom...I can drive her." He said grabbing the keys from her, or at least trying.
"Peter Wentz, you were doing so good and now this...please don't go doing anything stupid, baby!" she came up to him and caressed his cheek handing him the keys finally.
We made our way to the Thompson's and after parking he didn't really seem to know what to do I guess, he just kissed me sweetly and let me go without any other word besides 'call me' but as I made my way to the door he called my name, making me turn around to see whatever he wanted.
"I love you, don't ever forget that, and I'll keep that little gown for when you come back to me..." he smiled lightly as I made my way to his window, giving one of theses 'going away' kisses just to make sure he'd miss me even more now.
This trip would be hell.

The trip had been fun even if I missed Peter like hell. The kids and I spent most of the weekend playing games, eating and sleeping.
On Sunday morning we had woken up about 10 o'clock and Mr. and Mrs Thompson had already left for the funeral. The kids weren't really sure how to act because they never got to meet the uncle that had died so they were indifferent about the situation.
Pete had called around noon to tell me how much he missed me and that he was bored out of his mind already. I really didn't want to hurt him but how could I say no to Sally? She had even talked to me about how sorry she was about having to cancel my days off. I had shrugged it off and she had promised that she would think of something.
It was around 4 pm, Maddie and Freddy were sleeping, Kallena and I were playing some cards game "Alex, can I ask you a question?" I nodded not thinking much of it, anyways.
"You say you really love Pete...but in three months your visa is going to expire, how is that going to work?" I felt a pang in my stomach as the question sank in. I really didn't want to think of that. Obviously I had thought about it, but hearing it aloud from someone else was just too real.
"I've been avoiding this thoughts form some reason, you know...I feel like if I let this get to me, it'll be like a goodbye everyday. I want to live this love like it'll never end, you know. I'll be truthful with you, but I really think that once I go back home it'll be the end of our relationship but a part of me wants to really believe that the love will overcome and maybe he can wait until I find another family, so I can come back to be with him. But it sound's too fancy...
And not to think of all the woman he can have and he will wait for me? That sounded bad. I know that when he is with me, he is giving all of him, but I don't know what happens when I'm not around...OMG Kallena you opened a can of warms with this question" I was crying lightly trying to hold on and not just fall apart in front of her, she came up to me and hugged me she had tears streaming down her face too.
"I think it's so cute, it's really like you are living a fairy tale you know...I'm sorry I brought this up but I know I'll miss you so much, and I wondered if you had thought about how this would work out with all the distance, must be really hard just staying in love." I nodded and kissed her cheek
"Thanks for caring honey, I just wish I'll be strong and mature enough to face whatever happens. And I'll miss you too pumpkin; actually I'll miss all of you." We hugged again and then recomposing ourselves we went back to our game.

We were back to Chicago on Monday around noon, I was just so tired.
Gary made sure to let me know they'd be paying double, but that was not on my main concern but I'd accept the offer gladly.
I was so tired, I thought as I went upstairs so take the sleeping Freddy to his comfy bed. He had been awake for the entire trip looking out the window of the car so now about 10 minutes from the house he crashed.
"Thank you so much for the help, honey. And once again I'm so sorry for ruining your weekend plans!" Sally said from the doorway as I exited Freddy's room.
"It's not a problem Sally, really." I hugged her.
"So since I'm going to be around the house today and everything...would you like to go see your boyfriend?" she smiled.
"I have to see if he has something planned..."she nudged me.
" could surprise him, call his mom see if she is home or something..."she grinned, putting her hand on my shoulder.
"I don't know...I'd be awkward just showing up...and I'm so tired I think I'll just crash around here." I said making a face.
"Honey, it's about just noon! You are young, go there and make the best of the time you still have around here, sweetie!!" she was right about that.
"You are right, ya know? I miss my boyfriend terribly and oh my God...Sally I'm gonna call his mom..." I smiled so big my face even hurt.
"It's about time honey!" I heard as I went down the stairs for my phone.

I was making my way to the Wentz house; I didn't want to take Sally's car because I loved having Pete to drop me off.
I had called Mrs Wentz, she had told me Pete had went to the gym or something and that he'd be back, but I was more then welcome to come over.
So I did just that. I arrived she greeted me with such a warm hug.
"Darling! Somebody here missed you so much, wanna guess who it was?" we laughed as she motioned me to sit at the booth around the kitchen table.
"I was very disappointed of the way our weekend turned out but there was nothing I could do...I was summoned and I had to go."
"I understand sweety, I think Pete does too, and no matter how old he is sometimes I swear he acts like a 15year old all over again." I chuckled.
She got up, she was making lunch, so I decided to help at first she refused to let me, but I said I wanted Pete to try my cooking.
I made some kitchen with tomato sauce, his mom went on telling me things he didn't eat and things he just loved.
She was a great mom, told me things about Pete growing up, his childhood, his rebel days _this phase she was sure would live on forever_ ex girlfriends and boyfriends? O.O But I would never ask him about that. Seriously!
It was already around two o'clock and Pete hasn't show up yet. We were now starving and I was starting to feel sleepy.
"Let's go have lunch, Alex. Pete must have lost track of time." We headed for the table to eat while it was still hot.

The television clock read 3:20pm, I was so sleepy I couldn't keep my head up straight, and I think Mrs Wentz noticed shooing me off to Peter's room for a little nap.
I woke up feeling so good, I felt warm all over and like a weight was holding me down in the bed, the I realized there was someone lying on my back, the smell was enough to make me not freak out. I turned around as the person groaned.
"Uh what time is it?" I asked looking at him. He looked like he hadn't shaved in says. He looked rough and hot.
"I missed you too you know!" he pretended to be hurt then smirked "It's about 6 or something...I got here around 4 o'clock you looked so comfortable sleeping I couldn't just wake you up." His eyes were still sleepy.
"So you just decided to snuggle and sleep too?" I put my face to his warm chest and groaned. "You smell delicious, baby" I said nibbling on the spot around his breast bone. He chuckled. "Yeah I took a quick shower when I arrived, you know. Oh stop that!" he tried not to look a little bit perturbed by my insistent kissing on his chest, playfully, just to get a reaction out of him I licked his right nipple, to my surprise he moaned. We looked at each other.
I don't know what had come over me but I kept looking at him licking the left nipple. I felt his hand on the back of my neck as he pulled me towards his lips.
"God I've missed this..." he whispered just before our lips met in a hungry kiss. It was a desperate encounter, our first time dwelling over who was the aggressor and for once I wanted to take charge in this.
I straddled his hips and put my hands around his head for support.
" this is so hot..." he was trying to pull my hips down but I didn't feel like cooperating. He groaned as I bit his bottom lip and quickly grounded my hips with his before pulling up. His eyes went to the back of his skull and he now looked at me with so much lust, what would have scared me about a month ago, now excited beyond belief.
"Don't do this to me baby..." his voice strained his hands on my hips.
"I feels right..." I kissed his neck, feeling comfortable enough with the thought of getting to finally consummate our love.
"Ugh, why tonight just had to have the best timing ever!" he pulled out sitting on the bed, startling me.
"What happened?" I asked now feeling embarrassed by my advances.
"It's just momma invited my uncle and aunt to have dinner here tonight because it's their parent's marriage's anniversary and it was like a 70 years back, I'm not sure. So they felt like getting together since their parent's are not here anymore." I was blushing as Pete adjusted himself, he sheepishly beckoned me and I sat besides him. "Tomorrow I'm gonna set everything up so we can be together, okay?" he kissed me again; I shuddered as I felt how excited he actually was as my hand made its way to his lap tentatively. His hand came to rest on top of mine.
"I don't think we have time I'm pissed, now that you are even willing we can't! It's just so perfect how unlucky we are." He gave me a tight smile, as I retrieved my hand back to my lap.
We heard doors slamming and we knew who had arrived. We looked at each other, Pete laid back and I decided to get up and get my stuff to go home.
"Where are you going?" he asked leaning into his arm in the bed.
"I'm getting ready to go home?" I turned back to put my jeans on, since I was wearing some shorts. "Oh no way you will make me suffer through this by myself!!" he got up taking my bag from my hands throwing it back to the chair in the side of the room.
" must be around 7 o'clock. I don't see how this wouldn't be awkward meeting your family and wow...celebrating something this personal with them..." he was going to cut me off, but Mr Wentz knocked on the door.
"Kids, Uncle Lewis is here, Pete..." I had opened the door to find his mom all dressed up. "So we decided to just go out instead of ordering would you guys like to come with us? I don't think so, right? I mean...I can see your flushed faces from here...just whatever you do be responsible, kids!" she kissed my forehead and went towards the door turning back to mouth something at Pete, he had laughed and blushed. I didn't get what it was.
We stood in silence for about 5 minutes, it seemed like we were just waiting for the sound of the doors being shut. I took a sit besides Pete, he looked at me and smiled. "Oh God! This is amazing! Ha ha ! Can you believe that? We have the house all to ourselves. What do you think we...cook some romantic dinner and see where it leads us." He took my hand and kissed the back of it then each tip of my fingers.
"Okay...but you mean I'll cook us dinner right? With you 'supervising' I suppose." I giggled as he looked hurt.
"I can cook you know..." he tried as we made our way downstairs.
"You know what we should just order in and relax in the couch...what do you think? We can drink could go upstairs and maybe dress that little night gown you bought. What do you say?" he suggested as he hugged me after realizing his mom had left the kitchen extra clean.

We did just that, we sipped some red wine that Pete had found after he had called some restaurant to order in. Actually he had said that it was too girly for him but I had argued about him wearing girls pants. That had silenced him right away. The wine had me a little too loose.
I had sat on his lap, we just sat there I toyed with his hair not knowing what to do...while we waited for the food to arrive but the anticipation was just too much. "We will get there baby" he smiled kissing my lips lightly then his hands pulled me tighter on his lap, I groaned feeling a hard bulge under his shorts.
"That's all for you, you know...I think I've wanted you the moment you came by our table when I had asked. That's the exact moment I feel this weird ass butterflies on my stomach and thought the food was already fucking with romantic is that?" he almost whispered the words, so close to my ear as our body seemed to want to get even closer with each passing second.
"So romantic..." I wasn't even about to come with some wit reply to that.
The bell rung and I run up the stairs as Pete went to get the door.
I looked frantically for the night gown in his drawers and finally found it, surprisingly in his underwear drawer, where I also found a box of condoms, I laughed as it read 'assorted in texture and flavors'.
I went to the bathroom for a quick shower. The wine was evaporating and I had massive butterflies on my stomach.
'It's now or never!'I had thought after showering and fixing the night gown, it even looked better than on the first time I had tried it on. I found some good smelling deodorant and put some on. My hands were a little unsteady.
"Baby the food it's going to go cold!!!" he yelled from the other side of the door. I looked at myself in the mirror as I fixed my hair in a braid. The last touch was packing some of those condoms in a little pocket on the side of the gown. I think it was for the exact purpose.
"I'm coming baby, just go ahead." I had said this time feeling confident and I finally got a hold of the door handle.
I made my way downstairs; I couldn't help but notice that something smelled good. The dinning table was set for two, the lights were dim and music started to play when I entered the doorway. Pete looked at me and stared at me then he seemed to look me over appreciatively. I blushed as he came closer.
"I think this will be so much worth now that we waited for the right time, huh?" he nuzzled my neck, biting it lightly.
"I won't even kiss you right now...I'm afraid I won't be able to contain myself." He took my hand leading me to the table, he pulled the chair back for me and I overlooked the set up, it looked very good and i was happy that my boyfriend was so romantic or at least was being for my sake.
"This is amazing" I said looking at him, smiling.
"You are amazing!! Actually this is my first attempt at being romantic like this...probably the last time I did something like this was for a girlfriend that I had about 10 yeas ago that wanted to celebrate our 1º anniversary on Halloween, so you can imagine that the set up was completely different..." he rambled off. "Ha I can imagine, but this is beautiful. I just hope I can live up to your expectations baby..." I trailed off his hand come to rest on top of mine.
"Stop that...I...can't just imagine that happening...I'm the guy, I should be the one worrying about this..."
I giggled and he poured a little more wine for me. "Just a little bit to make you less nervous...I don't want you drunk". The kitchen clock read 8:15 and I knew we only had about 3 hours left of my curfew.
"Don't worry about the time..." he said before having a forkful of food, that was delicious but I just couldn't concentrate on that but I pretended to be eating like it was the most delicious dish ever.
"I'm done..." he said gulping down his last bit of wine.
I looked up from my lap; I had actually stopped eating for sometime now.
"This is so awkward...even for someone experienced like me...this takes the cake." He got up and moved towards me he outstretched his hand for me to take, when I did he kissed the back of it looking straight to my eyes.
"You look so stunning, I feel like this poor man, a commune taking a princess on a date." He then held me.
"You don't need to be anything but my boyfriend tonight." I kissed his forehead.
"Oh great! Then I won't ask you to slow dance, then I would be someone else." He mused. "It's okay; I don't feel like getting my toes crushed tonight." I grinned.
"Very funny miss! How about this..." he reached for the light switch and turned it off, the only light one was the one by the stairs, and suddenly my thoughts were stopped in a halt as I felt myself being lifted from the floor in bridal style. I thought I was going to cry, right there.

I don't know exactly how but we made or way to the room, he closed the door with his foot and with just a little lamp side light he sat me in the foot of the bed his hands made they way to my neck holding my head up he leaned down for our first kiss that night.
I pulled back and reached out to crawl backwards towards the head of the bed without breaking eye contact with Pete, he come towards me kneeling; I reached the head and pulled the pillows to the side as I beckoned him to me.
I kissed his check adjusting his bangs out of his eye. I leaned in this time kissing each of his eyelids as he closed his eyes, I then preceded to kiss his nose leaving his lips for last.
When I finally reached them he was breathing heavily, eyes closed.
Pete pulled out biting his lower lip from the little I could see.
"I'm not used to this kind of stuff ya know, when you take the charge, I get so...lost...I only let you do that, no one I've ever been with had been able to do anything I hadn't 'allowed' and you are taking the charge here and I really just feel so damn comfortable with's your show baby..." he kissed me this time with so much passion it was indescribable.
At one point my night gown had reached my hips and we were exploring every inch of skin we could find on the other. I was sure my lips were swollen, I could tell because Pete's lips were and mine were a little more sensitive than his, my thoughts flew of my mind as I felt his hands inside my tights caressing my right tight again, but I knew this time would be it.
"I can't stand it anymore..." he breathed on my ear, moments ago he had almost lost it seeing he was already naked and more then ready.
I spread my legs a little as to help him removing my discrete panties, see in this kind of occasion I didn't have the right underwear, I should have listened to Sally more often.
I felt the silk material of the gown go past my ankles and knew I was now as naked as him.
The butterflies were back momentarily.
"What's this?" Pete mused holding the condoms that had fallen from the pocket. "I found them along with the gown, thought I'd bring them with me so we wouldn't forget..." I blushed taking one of them from him.
He eyed me suspiciously as I ripped the foil wrap looking more confident then ever.
"May I..." I trailed off coming towards him, I always thought that sharing this moment would be awkward but it wasn't.
"Oh hell yes!" he said in a rush. His face was priceless as I rolled the condom on him, he held my arm as his hips had thrust forward he was following my every move. It was actually hot. I finished placing my hands on both sides of his hips I reached up and started the last kiss of the first stage of our relationship.
Then everything seemed to happen like an out of the body experience, many girls complain but I can imagine how awkward it must be to share something this important with someone that you don't even care for.
It had hurt, yes, but that was the last thing on my mind at the moment I could only focus on his gasp in the first moment, his hold on my right hip and the feeling of his body making me whole.
I could tell Pete was having a hard time holding on, he'd stop, breathe, kiss me and start all over again. His breathing was completely erratic and his hand on my hip was cold and shaking. Even if I was too distracted noticing every detail of my boy I was starting to understand why people liked this so much. I noticed the start of a knotting feeling in the pit of my stomach, nothing too overwhelming yet but I could feel it.
Peter on the other had was sweating like I've never seen before, his back was wet as hell and he had eyes closed biting his lip.
My body started to demand more of me and I decided to cooperate moving my right leg up to his hip. His breath hitched and I knew he was hanging by a thread but still wanted to take me along with him, so I decided to help by tightening my hold on his back, pulling my left leg up as well locking both of them on his lower back. He opened his eyes, they were glazed over, he adjusted his arm and the pace increased about three times as I leaned up to steal a kiss, he was a little unsure about kissing me back, but after some time he was also letting out little sounds, actually I'd never thought that hardcore, screamo singer Pete would turn out to moan and hiss like any other male I'd seen in those cheap porn videos. I really had thought he was those vocal guys that want to know how the girl is feeling, not exactly a 'who's your dad type' of guy but close.

The kiss got so much more urgent as did his moans, mixed with my own. Then he let go, letting go of my lips to bury his head on my shoulder. It wasn't this time I'd be joining him, but it was okay, I felt content just for him.
"oh shit shit shit!! I'm sorry!" he mumbled after about a minute in silence trying to regain his breath, his weight all on me, as I tried to breathe as well. My hand made circles on his back trying to calm him down.
"Pate!! Stop happened! It was just too much, maybe it had to do with the time you went without it...the anticipation, don't worry about it...I'm just as content just seeing you get there, it's not a big deal, really!" I kissed the side of his head.
"I failed you..." came his muffled reply. Then he finally lifted his head to peer at me. I smiled at him and he blushed.
"Naw couldn't help it...its okay, but if you would just get a little to the side, cause it's getting a little too heavy here..." I giggled as he pulled out and laid by my side pulling me to him.
The last thing I remember was his kiss on my head saying that he loved me and that he was scared to lose me, but I'm not sure I was supposed to hear that.
Sometime later I woke up with a very 'eager' Pete waking me up with kisses.
"Baby...ready to try again? Because I'm ready" he sang stupidly.
All I'll say it's that this time he was everything I had expect him to be...and then some. We laid there, it was now, 10:02 I read on the side clock.
Pete was somewhere else as he played with our hands together, I was snuggled to his chest my free hand caressing his hair.
"We have so little time left tonight. I wish you could sleep here." he sighed. "So tell me what you thought about this..."
"Oh wow...discussing my first time like this...let me see...I had never felt anything like that before, it was like I couldn't get enough, you were just perfect baby, I just remember wondering where my hardcore boyfriend was hidden, because you were moaning like a bitch in heat that first was oh so hot" his face was priceless. I had to laugh at him as he pinched my arm lightly.
"Yeah? How about the second time, that I made you come, before we came were like almost biting my ear off, then I felt some biting nails in my back...I thought 'she is like trying to go without making a sound...' as I had noticed the other times we had fooled around. You are quiet but a volcano ready to blow on the inside. You should just let it out, screaming my name and shit too...I love this kinky stuff..."he kissed me then playfully biting my lower lip lightly.
"Wanna try making me scream right now?" I moved over him sliding my leg inside his thighs.
"Uhm yeah, do we have time? Oh man fuck that...come here...I'll take you home when I feel like it..." he trailed of as I had started seducing him, much like I had done earlier in the evening, kissing him slowly everywhere but his lips. "okay, I'll be your sex slave now, what do you think? I can live in the basement" I said in his ear. "Then every night you could come downstairs and try to make me scream...what do you think?" he shuddered as I licked his ear giving it a gentle bit in the tip.
"Very tempting..." he said above a whisper, he had his back to the head board his face in my hands and his hands were under the sheets molesting my buttocks. I pressed my breasts to his chest and he groaned, Petey already poking my belly bottom. "Somebody woke up..." I played as I reached down to touch it. "Yeah, and he is eager to play a little more..." his amusement was short lived as I started to put into practice what he had thought me sometime ago. "I've created a monster! God help me..." he sighed as I kissed his collar bone slowly, dragging my lips through his nipples down to that huge tattoo on his abs. I kissed his abs, feeling it quivering at my touch.
In a burst of energy he stopped me and pulled me to him kissing me hungrily.
"I'm very serious about making YOU scream, you know..." he breathed out while we kissed, we both kneeling in the bed, bodies so close together.
Pete had laid us on the other side of the bed his body on top of mine.
He leaned towards the bed side stand to get the condom.
"Oh what do you prefer, chocolate or coconut?" he mused, I lay there smirking at him, "I want the one with a different texture..." I laughed at his surprised face. "No...not tonight...I'll pick the chocolate one because I know how much you love chocolate." He slipped the condom on, I leaned towards him, meeting him halfway up.
We hugged; I gave him a sweet kiss, remembering our first ever at the van.
"Wanna slow down? Are you tired?" he was worried I had kissed him like that since I had acted so eager before.
"nah, just don't wanna forget mind is playing tricks on me...It's telling me I should have fun because our time is almost's freaking me out" I snuggled to him and he held me back.
"He have a lot to discuss about this some other time, okay...I have been thinking about this too, but right now...I'm a man in a very special mission: make my girlfriend scream!!!" he laughed before we laid back down.
And scream I did.

A/N: please be 'gentle' this is my first time writing some smut and actually posting. lol
keep in mind this is NOT my first language and i'm doing my best.
_this Peter Wentz is purely fictional_

Btw: i'm trying to find someone that looks like Alexandra, I'm posting 3 pics on my profile, if someone here feels like helping me out choosing!
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