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Pete is back to work and Alexa is moving in with the Wentz. some public confessions of love and new tattoos.

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So Pete's relative time off, had come to an end, and now he had a schedule to follow for the next month or so. That meant that he'd be home a month before I have to go back home.
This week had been interesting, and Pete had sent me some pretty sexy pictures of himself the text said 'We miss you_a lot!!' I guess you reader can imagine what he meant by 'we', think about the sidekick incident with a little spicy! It had me thinking about it for the whole day...and he had been gone for a week now.
Sally and I had talked and she had come with the idea that she'd find a house keeper, since would be working from home in the next months. So she said she'd just need me to look over the kids and get them from school since the bus would take them.

"Pete I'm feeling like I won't be able to just you just stay in the house and not do a damn thing!!!" I complained, it was like Sally didn't need me anymore. I pouted.
" had a conversation with my parents then with Sally one day before I left while you got ready, about you moving in with me before going back home, you know...I didn't know how to ask you...I guess she was faster than me and already found a strategy." I was shocked.
"OmG ! What your parents had to say about it?" I was curious.
"My mom was so freaking was like I had said we were getting married or something. My dad said it was a big step, you know dad is much more logical than mom." He chuckled nervously.
"Don't worry baby, I'm pretty sure that I want to take this step..." he said after a moment of silence when I didn't know if I was supposed to reply.
"'s just moving out of the Thompson's then moving everything back home." I said sadly, I had about 3 new luggage, in different sizes so I could put my stuff. I had bought them anticipating my return but now I didn't even want to look at them.
"I guess you can pack most of your things now so when you have to go you'll be ready to go..." he trailed off, it was late and I was tired as hell just as he was, he had spent the beginning of the conversation discussing his day and now the conversation was starting to depress me.
"We knew one time or another we would have to discuss this, baby" he sighed
" But I don't think we should be doing it over the phone, when you are miles away and i'm here already feeling homesick and lost." I cried silently on the phone.
"I wish I was there make it better but think about it, in a week I'm going to be home, and I'll help you to move your stuff to my house, what do you think?" he said trying to cheer me up.
"So you want us to move in together? Will you expect me to wash your clothes, make your bed, and stuff?" I teased. "Uhm maybe...only for punishment if you don't cooperate with me in bed." he tried to sound sexy, but i couldn't help but laugh. "Oh yeah, a sex slave is all you want, right?"
"Oh yes, after a month without my baby, I'm sure you can imagine how it'll be when i get home."

The phone calls were a everyday routine, it was now two weeks, Mrs Wentz had insisted that I could move in before Pete was home so she would have some company and all. I had decided that it wouldn't be a bad thing getting set up in the house. It was a very sad day when i moved my stuff out of the Thompson's the kids had cried and had made me cry as well, It was like a reality check of how short my time was in here.
"Honey, is everything okay?" mrs Wentz asked from the doorway. I sat on Pete's bed crying my eyes out. I felt like i had left my family, it was so weird seeing little Freddy hugging me not wanting to let me go and Kaline and Maddie holding each other as they cried after helping put my things in the car truck.
Freddy had only let me go with the promise that I'd be there the other day to play with him like always.
"I don't know if i made the right decision" I gulped as I tried not to choke on my tears. She walked in sitting by side, putting an arm around my shoulders she tried to comfort me.
"You know, sometimes we have to make decisions that don't seem to be right if we really want something. It's not like you just up and left them, you've been rehearsing this move for three days now, honey" she smiled as i looked up to her. I nodded.
"But more tears! Tell me about the belly dance classes you want to start? And when do we start jogging anyways, i'm excited!!" I sat up and forgot about the blues i was feeling.
That night I lay in bed replying to some e-mails from my family when my messenger window popped up, I was already talking to at least 6 friends, so it took me a little more time to answer that one.
I opened the window and the screen name said, "Batman in love" I scrunched up my nose thinking who that could be " It said:
batman in love says: Hi hottie, is this loser in the picture your boyfriend?
Alex in the city says: Who the fuck are you and how did you get this addy.
batman in love says: Whoa calm down there tiger, actually this is the loser in the picture,baby. I'm sorry if i scared you. XoXo
Alex in the city says: OMG! Pete? LMAO you brat! I hate you so much right now. I hate those random people that pop up out of no where...I'm sorry baby. I should have guessed it was you by your nick name.
batman in love says: Actually i'm kinda disappointed you couldn't figure out this was me! But It's okay, I'll get my payback when i'm back home. anywayz how was the movin?
Alex in the city says: Tiring as hell and completely emotionally draining! Freddy wouldn't just let me go. I jus' cried so much when i realized what had happened. cries I'm a bad person Pete!
Batman in love says: They have to understand...and soon you'd have to go kinda gotta go! Can't wait to c u. kiss u. hug u. mk luv to u. Miss ya.bye baby.
Batman in love has logged off.
I sighed. I missed him so much. This was the longest we've been apart and it hurt to think that soon everything was doomed to be over forever.
And again i cried myself to sleep.

Another week down and things were finally setting in. Mrs Wentz and I would go shopping, would cook and even clean the house together. Every morning we would go jog before I had to head over the Thompson's these days every time my time was close to end Freddy would get clingy, cry and beg me to take him with me...then i'd have to stay and wait for Sally to arrive, then I'd have to wait for dinner time so I could tell him a bedtime story and kiss him goodnight, then i left in time for my belly dance classes I had started a week ago.I got to the Wentz close to 8 o'clock.
"hey you! I see things are still the same, right?" Mr. Wentz asked me as i entered the house.
he was sitting in the kitchen stool as Mrs. Wentz moved around the kitchen preparing dinner.
"Yeah, It seems like he fears i won't come kills me everyday to see him crying. Tonight when I put him to sleep he was fighting to keep his eyes open, he had a tight grip in my hand..."I sighed sitting besides Mr. Wentz.
"He is scared to lose you...think about it. I know my little guy is, why wouldn't a 6 year old be?" Mrs. Wentz said as she covered the macarroni with tomato sauce.
"Aw, don't even remind me of that. I'm like dreading the day Pete will be back you know..."I trailed off. Mr. Wentz put a comforting hand on my back.
"Things will work out, I know my son will figure something out..." he smiled as I got up to help Mrs. Wentz to get the table ready.
"I just hope so."

It was Saturday afternoon and i had come back from the belly dance class after going to the Thompson's for a few hours. I still got home a little earlier than usual.
"Honey would you like to come to the mall with me? I'm thinking about doing something different with my hair and getting my nails done as well... wanna come?" she asked getting the car keys. I really could use a little make over too.
"Uhm...yes. Would it be okay if i just freshen up? I'm all sweaty and gross." I laughed as she nodded.

Three hours later we were exiting the salon both with large grins in the face.
She had gotten a hair cut, it looked cute, she had also dyed it a vivid red.
I on the other had, had darkened my hair a little going for a light chocolate color. It looked good, and i was tired of the blond to begin with, I got a layered cut with side bangs. I looked cute, I admit.
"Oh our boys won't know what hit them!" she had said as we made our way to the food court.
I had felt some girls were staring at me. When I was going buy our food two emo looking kids had come close to me and kinda of argued if it was 'Pete's girl' or not, I felt my stomach sink.
I had hurriedly gone back to our table with our orders, hands shaking.
"OMG! These two kids just recognized me as Pete's girlfriend. Jesus! But how?" I was not really waiting for a response.
"Call him." was all Mrs. Wentz said and I was suspicious.
"I'll when i get home..."
We got home and I went upstairs to put away some of the stuff i bought. I was surprised to find a queen sized bed in the place if the twin bed. I was starting to wonder what had happened.
I went downstairs to find Mrs Wentz drinking some water in the kicthen.
"So did you call Pete?" she asked smirking.
I raised an eyebrow. "No I didn't...there's a queen sized bed in the bedroom....what's going on?" I asked suspicious.
"Oh Well...You have to ask Peter. I'm not allowed to give away information, anyways darling...I and my dear husband have a dinner tonight with some friends, and I'd invite you but i'm sure you'd get bored being around old couples." she said kissing my forehead and making her way to her room.
I went to my room after drinking some water, it was Saturday night and I had nothing to do so I lay in my brand new bed covered in brand new sheets, I decided to check my emails then call Pete.
I had messages from my sister and about 5 from Pete.
'OMG! You lucky motherfucker!!!!! Why didn't U tell me????' my sister could be so sweet, but i had no idea what she was talking about, she was well aware of my relationship with Pete, I had sent pictures and he had even talked to her on the phone once or twice before. Actually my family was well aware of my relationship...we just tried to keep it private and shit like that, so I decided to open the link that came with the message.
It was a picture of a male torso, something strike me and I was sure it was a very familiar male torso, the tattoo was a drawing of Alice in Wonderland character the Mad Hatter with a new hair cut, he actually seemed to have emo side bangs and his hat had the bartskull on the side, as I tried to notice every detail on the tattoo i already had tears in my eyes. I couldn't help but laugh as I noticed his pin stripped tight pants and the clock that had a clandestine bat type, with the heart. I was speechless.
In my head i was repeating 'OMG' over and over. What does this mean?
I went back to his page on buzznet, I couldn't believe he had posted that 'oh nooo'
He had written something.
"This is one of the most meaningful tats on my body, it's new, It's still swollen.
Some people asked what was happening to me...well love happened and I'm in deep. I'm not afraid that it will last a week or it will last a month. We've been together for 153 days and I'll appreciate every other second I'm with you",

Okay so i was crying my eyes out, this was so simple but so cute, I still had no thoughts on the tattoo tho. He was crazy! Worse than that was the fact that I felt like i should do something to reciprocate, my thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing, it was Pete, I knew because I had made a ring tone of our song.
"You are insane!!!!!" I yelled in the phone, first thing and heard him chuckling. "OMG I'm here freaking out, you just did that to your you are my Mad Hatter, OMG! It's amazing baby!" I gushed like a teeny.
"I'm glad you liked it, it was a pain to come up with. I want you to see it from up close now...the colors are awesome." he was saying. "I really meant what i wrote too, you know...and i assume you haven't noticed the picture i posted of us and Hemmy on the post before..." I was already searching, Jesus, at least it was just some weird angle pic taken as we watched a movie the other day. My stomach had run cold when he said he had posted pics of us...I had thought me changing clothes or us kissing, he loved to take weird ass pics in the most unthinkable times.
"You know...I'm glad I gave myself a make over today, you at the mall 2 kids were even pointing at me, saying I was your girlfriend...."he had lost me on the make over part.
"What did you got done???" he asked and i sighed,
"I just darkened my hair and cut it layered with side bangs. I even look younger, you know..." I giggled.
"Ohhh take a picture I want to see It." he urged. "I don't feel like taking a picture right now..."I whined;
"Oh yes you do... and you are so excited about doing soo...."
"No I'm not..." I said just to tease him as I walked over the other side of the room to get the camera.
I went over the mirror to touch up some make up.
As we talked I ended up going a little over board, I was all made up.
"Damn I look ready to go out." I laughed. "Oh No...I don't want you going out at this time all by yourself" he said sternly.
"Oh man...I just said I look like i'm ready to go out..." I stressed the words.
"Oh okay then...are u ready to take a picture for me then?" he tried.
"Yeah I'm, actually i'm going to get naked so you can appreciate it more."
"Oh definitely." he really thought I'd be taking pictures naked.
I was going to give him a heart attack I thought as I got my bally dancing scarves. I took off my shirt and made a make-shift top with it, I was aware that it was see through but for once i wanted to tease.
"Okay so i'm going to take the pic okay? I'll call you back in 5 okay?" I laughed; I could swear he was bouncing his knees like crazy on the other side.
"Ohh no!!!" he tried but i clicked the phone shut, giggling.
I took about 10 pictures, ones trying to be sexy _what was very difficult_ and others trying to be funny, what I had mastered over the years. I could swear that about less than 15 minutes he called me.
I was already transferring the pics to my laptop, "Can you tell me what kind of pictures you are taking?" he said breathlessly.
"Uhm it depends on your imagination, baby..."
"Omg just send them over, right now!" I laughed at how eager he sounded.
I transferred the pics as I tried to change the subject. I even got around to ask about the bed, he had said he had talked to his mom and dad that it'd be better to buy one since we'd be spending at least the next month here together, Uhm talk about awkward.
"baby...I'm...whoa speechless...You'll have me going on for hours with this...I mean...did you know i can see your boobs...your hair looks amazing tho, you really look younger and so innocent, until i get to the last 4 pictures." I was getting excited and nervous just hearing his comments on the pictures.
"You talking like that make it seems like I'm like spreading my legs open or something...I'm just resting my hand on my stomach.." he cut me off "...wearing my underwear and pulling your shirt up, I'm not saying it's slutty it's just sexy and I miss you too much so this is like torture."
"I'm just ready to go home so we can try the new bed, imagine sleeping with a little more space than before. We can even get a little creative while mak...." I cut him off. "Pete, you already know how I feel about having sex while your parents are home..." it was then his turn to cut me off.
"If we are going to spend about a month together do you think i'll ask my parents to go out whenever we feel like making love?" he snorted.
"It's not like that, really's's weird. Anyways...I'm so tired i think I'm going to sleep. Are you going out tonight?" I asked just for the sake of it.
"Actually, yes... I'm going to some big shot party...I don't even know his name and what he does, but his party is going to be crazy and I was invited along with the guys so why not go and see what happens..." I smiled. "Yeah, go and have fun...but stay away of the groupies..." I teased I wasn't really concerned at this point he never gave me a reason to be suspicious.
To this point.

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