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Trapped in secrecy, imprisoned in your sanctuary.....what's left of it...

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Disclaimer: Inspired by, and written about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. No commercial uses anticipated with it.


Blood was dripping from the organic teeth of the creature. It peacefully slept, covering up its true nature. No Kokiri would dare to come close. Any step taken outside would be noticed and deadly punished. Sharp senses could pick up every sign of prey available in the direct neighbourhood. It would pick up the sound of dead leaves cracking under their small feet. The monster could even distinguish the children's exhausted breathing in between the cold winds raging through the forest. Therefore, the day was spent inside, the night was spent in fear. When the creature, along with many others, would awaken, and betray its peers in the forest by appealing to carnivore habits.

Several children had been living on the brink of insanity. They shared the knowledge that they would never age, and the thoughts of having to spend an eternity, their Kokiri immortality, huddled up in the huts in never ending poignant sorrow.

But most of all, they dreaded the horrible, bloody end of their existence when the Deku Baba's would have swarmed the entire forest and would have become unavoidable. Or starving into oblivion, not being able to reach the already scarce food supplies. It was the same terrifying Idea. Leaving the forest was entirely not an option to begin with, for a Kokiri that would mean almost instant death. They were kept captive in their own livelihood. Where they once blissfully grew up, played with eachother and enjoyed the goods of life, was now a prison. One with bars that would allow no light to pass, one with walls closing in on eachother every moment of time. It was a prison the prisoners were to slowly trifle away, if it had not yet brought them to the point of finishing off themselves, just for the soul to flee.

The situation was embittered by the fact that five Kokiri where not present anymore. One was remembered to had left the forest a couple of weeks before the already seven lasting years of misery commenced. He left the guardian spirit of the forest, the Deku Tree, deceased. He didn't even care to tell the general population of Kokiri about it, which made Mido, the leader of the tribe, spread the word about that boy being the cause of everything. It was his fault the Deku Tree died along with his protection on the forest. His fault the monsters came. He promised to come back, but never did. A liar he was, deceiving the Kokiri children for his own good.

Mido was believed, the Kokiri slowly showed more respect towards him now the other boy was gone. They too started to blame Link for what they had to endure. Though their hate never reached Mido's level. His vengeance was already planned. His hatred had maximized to what his mind could handle. He would blame Link for every hardship he encountered. Mido's continouos speeches about his revenge on Link were only heard by the lone fairy unfortunate enough to have its hideout just beneath the treestump the preaches were held on.

He could not care for anybody else listening, as long as his own vindictive part listened.

But above these verbal outbursts about his own wrath he was the one to cheer up the Kokiri during hard times. Moreover, he was one of the reasons they never gave up, tried their best to survive. The sometimes as being fearless perceived leader could, like no one else, comfort any of his fellows and temporarily ostracize sudden dreadful agonies. Whilst the pangs of death would slowly sneak into their mind Mido was the one to never be passed. He would not allow it enter any mind, and prevent any other children's common sense to leave the inside of his barriers.

What led him in this undaunted way of surviving, what kept him going amidst all the tragedy was, undoubtedly, the girl he had always loved. Saria would never be allowed to be touched by anything able to hurt her. He would rather throw himself straight into doom only for the girl to be safe. Her presence manifested intrepid demeanor from deeply within him. It helped him reach a level of fortitude no other child could match. His zeal for the person of Saria was not left unnoticed. Her vulnerability had always been his excuse when asked about the unambigious fact that he was infatuated with her. But vulnerability was one thing they all shared in unison, therefore his words would always fall into nothingness..
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