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Chapter I

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Mido, Kokiri leader, had too had left the village a couple of days ago. departing during the night, nobody had noticed. Saria disapeared with him. Their evanescence tailed chaos into the ones left behind. Two more Kokiri fled from the village. One's tattered clothing was sighted near the base of one of the Baba's not a long time after that. The second had left its body lifelessly floating in the small river. Apparently the poor child found no other way to escape than trying to swim through it. The sour water though, would not allow it to reach the other side alive, burning the skin. The thought of the horrible death their fellows must have experienced did make other Kokiri reconsider their escape plans. Their succinct lives where still more worth to them than the quenching of a monster's hunger.

The know-it-all brothers oldest sibling, Fati, was voted in command of the even shrinking Kokiri tribe. He solemnly advised everyone to stay inside their houses and pray to Farore for saviour. Now that even the always so positively thinking Fati, and his intelligent brothers, saw the impending doom come closer and closer, the remaining Kokiri just simply obeyed them as if they were true leaders, creating sayings and prayers for the gods to return.

Their Gods though, did not give an effort to help, the plants kept spreading, the children started to become thinner, bones where to be seen on their small chests. Several siblings started to chew on the tree bark in a desperate search for something nutritious. There were only two houses left, all of the other residences where overwhelmed by the vines or torn to pieces by the monsters coming from the woods. Mido's House was one of those last standing shelters. The second was a higher settled tree house providing more cover from the overgrown Baba's on the ground. It was Link's house.

It was occupied by about four Kokiri barely fitting in the two beds, the conventional one present and another came from another house, partly. A house already surrendered by the children. It was torn to pieces. There were some small trees and a few bushes near the back providing a limited foodsupply. At some point the other hideout had become unreachable, usually there was a vine which could transport a daring Kokiri to the upper level of Mido's premises, but also the use of this last resort was terminated. A giant Deku Baba in front of Link's house had disposed of the balcony as soon as its length allowed it to reach. It would soon be tall enough to lay waste upon the house itself too, or better said the poor victims inside.

The carnivore plant started with scratching and pounding against the external side of the house, slowly creating holes in the wood, it didn't bother using the door. It was carefully covered up by the Kokiri to make it look like wall, and possibly lengthen their lives with the taken extra time. And giving their saviour more time to come.

The inhabitants of the other house could only watch impotently, the Baba had already been pounding the walls for about two days. I was a frightening look seeing the plant only stop for a few hours, to resume even before the first morning light emitted from the horizon, for as far as one could still see it. They knew they all had to sleep, they also knew that they might find the Baba in their friends shelter by the next morning. The loyal friends didn't want to go sleep simultanuously, and wake up to nothing.

Inside the assaulted tree house the atmosphere was a dead one. There were no windows and all holes had been camouflaged to mislead the attacker. the four inhabitants were the three Know-it-all brothers and the blond-haired Fado, the mentally youngest member of the Kokiri. The boys could keep their tranquility, but she couldnt. She became suicidal, often desperately searching for a weapon to release her from her miserable and hopeless situation. The three brothers tried to calm her down and wanted her to pray till the last end, and the they had still been successful in that.

After three days of almost continuously pounding the wall the Baba had succeeded in making a hole in the wall and started to hammer even harder after noticing its meal waiting for him inside. The children said nothing. They waited. Silence, between the rithm of the monster, was nourished. Strenght to live, was sought.

Fati quietly opened the dead leaf curtain at the back of the house. "We can flee" He said with a grim look, interceding the deadly silence.

His brother scoffed. "Whats the point?"

"There is none" came a third male voice.

A deadly glare flung up to the boy. Fado had noticed their talking.

"You are right...You are all right" she deadpanned. "Finally got it through!"

"Shut up" Fati countered, disapproving her sarcasm.

Tears joined the sadness of her face, and she watched him with anguish. "You dont even care, do you? How about I throw myself in front of the Baba, Huh? How would you like that!"

"I would like you to sit down and say no more" Remi, the middle brother, responded, calmly since it would be of no good to freak out now, he had learned.

"You don't care" she said.

"I do care for you if you just sit down, and please stop crying, nobody will advance to that!"

"THEN WHY ARE YOU RIGHT, TELL ME!" she clamored for an answer.

A lout thud made her fall down on her knees. She continued screaming upon sighting the monster which had just hammered down another piece of wood.

"Shut up"

The girl complied, and faced the floor. Her conclusion was confirmed, they didnt care.

"What are we going to do?" Remi, the middle brother, asked. He ran his callused fingers through his dirty, blonde locks, whipping them aside.

"She's right" came a male voice.

He was startled. "You too getting insane?"

Silas, the third brother, entered. "Whats's better, getting shred to pieces by the monsters down there. out there, or end it here.." he said with unwanted sarcasm, while pointing at both holes in the tree.

"We might have a chance to reach it to the other house.." Remi commented, but he found Silas shaking his head in disagreement.

Another bang from the dangerously strong plant made him stumble back to his seat, a crippled piece of stem providing little to no comfort.

"But..but..." Remi wanted to retort, but his older brother interrupted him.

"It is of no use" Fati started. "It is simply of no use to try and avoid it"

The monster outside, pounding their hideout to allow himself in, had almost succeeded in this task. Fado was watching it merely four yards away. her body wanted to run away but it was stopped by her mind, supported by her tiredness. She'd more likely pass out before making another move, but she just froze not giving her body any reason to.

"What....are we do?" Remi weakly asked, demanding an answer from Fati.

"Just don' Their leader said. "I will think of something"

"And I will not await your something" came Fado's voice, cracking upon.

The hole in the wall was almost big enough for the plant to stick its killing flower in. The head pushed inside, but got stuck. A slimy tongue stretched towards the girl, dropping it down on the floor after being unsuccessful. It returned out of the house, silence floated again between them.

The Kokiri trapped in the other refuge were less than aware from what was going on. they heard the pounding on the other trees wall, but got used to it and didn't notice any other suspicious sounds, they weren't even trying to hear anything, but just struggling to keep awake. Waiting for that child voice to scream, to announce their friends' end.

There were no windows in this house as well. The holes in the wall carefully cloaked to not attract anything from outside. The doorway was covered up with a tattered cloth. There were still crevices allowing light of the full moon to shine in. It was a small light still allowing the Kokiri to see each other, but got them nowhere near recognition. Scattered within the small area, only their own strength of mind kept them from dozing off.

The light, blue light, was becoming stronger over the second, first it was not noticed by the Kokiri because their part of it was already so dim. But one girl seemed to notice something. something helping her to keep her eyes from closing.

One more blow and it would all be over. The monster would be in and Fado would be the first to be taken. In front of the boys' eyes. There was no courtesy left inside them to take her place. Fati pushed his eyes shut to stop the awful happening from appearing in his sight. A strong light tried to penetrate his eyelids, and succeeded in this as Fati became curious yet terrified why it was taking so long.

Meanwhile, also Mido's house started to lit up greatly, the Kokiri now all noticing that their immediate surroundings started to change, they could vaguely recall that it was still night and the torment wouldn't have ended. curiosity took over and made a girl crouch towards the light source. Still struggling to keep her eyes opened, it was becoming easier as she came closer to the light source. She stood up and tried to hold one of the vines hanging in the door opening. But it caused her to fall again. straight through the weak covering. Into the dangerous outside..into the light.

The plant noticed the opening to be wider, and moved away as if it were a dragon about to strike as a sudden overwhelming amount of light penetrated the room. The monster growled and, quick as a wink, rammed its head vigorously into the tree, A shadow casted upon the inside of the treehouse and an autumn wind followed the monstrosity into the tree, creeping over the boys' frozen skin. Pieces of rotten wood cascaded all around and in the hollow tree. Fado responded at a glance and her instinct took over, an insane instinct running the girl into her impending doom, desiring only the torture to be over right now. Screaming as loud as her exasperated voice allowed her to she leaped towards the monster's head. Her legs refused and she stumbled, ending up flat on the floor. The Deku Baba orientated inside. Its monstrous topside slowly opened with loud rustling sounds, and its tongue stretched out.

An obnoxious odour of death followed the tongue lunging at the prey. In the position Fado was now there was no possible way to escape death. Sudden cold waves of fear rushed ahead to stop the suicidal mind. They succeeded for what they could still do. The girl went with an expression no other child had ever held on its face. She went unconscious, her body not allowing the young mind to experience the flagitious slaughter.

The tongue wrapped around her, and the light returned....
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