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Chapter II

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The screaming stopped. Fati and his siblings were all quietly crying. Trauma's were created without even seeing and without hearing anything as all sound was effectively suppressed.

Their eyes wanted to resume their job and take the boys out of their suppressed state. But the three had absolutely no intent of doing anything. If it were for the monster to take on them too, and she there was absolutely no reason become aware of the current physical world. Screams wanted to escape their dry, cracked lips. But there was no breath to produce any sound. They were to die, the inevitability had besieged their minds and the walls of subconsciousness where the only thing left. The fear for the monster had formed a battering-ram pushing them into the walls of the treehouse.

The silence kept its hold on the situation. The boys' struggle to keep their mind somewhere elusive wasn't lasting very long. As long as there is still time, there would still be hope. Fati silently repeated it to himself. A loud roar penetrated his ears. He cringed and folded his body together even further. Cold tears were pushed out of his eye. He could already feel his limbs being pulled away from him. He could see the deep gruesome throat of the Deku Baba laced by the deadly teeth. This could only get worse.

It remained silent, a cold breeze screeched into the room. The haunting sound was interpreted to announce the return of the monster.

But it did not...

Unable to ignore the illumination of his eyelids. Silas opened them, one at a time so to avoid anything perilous, anything able to hurt them. Remnants of the destroyed wall were scattered along the floor. The plant, the purple entity. It was gone when blood trails were following a path to outside the opening. Examining his suroundings, his view became hazardous. Blood was all over the place. The drops located on the floor and on the walls glistened in the strong light which illuminated the room greatly. It appealed to the boy as being friendly. It calmed him down, releasing some of the tight pressure he felt throughout his body.

Still frightened that the thing would return and take on him. he shuffled his body towards the side of the house further away from the destroyed wall. The strong light was fading slightly, catching the boys attention but soon lost it when a voice could be heard from outside.

"Hey, are you out there?" came an anxious voice. A child voice.

It came from down there, the source of the monster. The place from where it had incessantly tormented them. It was a weak, friendly voice.

"Please...answer me.." the voice faded.

"Fado?" said Silas in a low voice. It echoed throughout the room.

Fati sluggishly opened his eyes. he coughed, and spit out blood with it. He had been holding his breath, a final attempt in trying to escape.

"Come on! If you are there, answer me!"

Was this real, was it really a child voice down there. A child seemingly not to be obstructed, hence killed by the monster. He figured his mind was fooling him. The last remains of his hope for survival must have had created an Illusion of safety. He knew there was no salvation. Seven years of remorse had not produced any hint of saviour to the children. It was too late, it was unreal for him to believe a reality of actually being fortunately saved.

Silas glanced his brothers. Fati seemed conscious, he had looked back, hadnt he? Remi, on the other hand, was lying down on the floor. He could be seen breathing, his body had to be alive. But Silas feared for the loss of his sanity, the fear of being perished by the monster would be able to permanently damage the sensitive boy before it even happened.

They heard the child again, it listed their names with despair. "Remi! Silas!..Fati..."
Remi could be seen moving. Fati faced the direction of the voice. Had they heard it too? Could real?
Silas made a few steps forward. His brother raised his hand to make him stop. It was a frightening situation for everyone. There were no certainties about safety. Silas was courageous though. He slowly crept through the chaos of the chamber. Pieces of wood cracked upon his foot touching them.

When Silas arrived at his destination his boots were strained with blood. He carefully dodged the sharp edges of the demolished wall to have a look outside.

The atrocious monstrosity, once ferociously attacking them, was beneath, motionless. It was dead, it had to be! Inside it was a small blade, close near it was a small boy.

"Silas!" the boy exclaimed. "Are your brothers out there?"

"Yes" responded Fati's weak voice, coming from the back. It was recognized, the boy beneath released a sigh.

"Mido?" Silas muttered. He felt himself dozing off and grabbed the nearest thing in the vicinity. The sharp tree bark which pinched through his skin. The pain made him fall on his back.

"Silas! Don't give up on me now. Everything will be all right!" the boy anxiously said. "Look at the village!"

Silas looked at his hand with anguish, and struggled to return to Mido. There was light, floating around his face. The little light also owned a face. Silas blinked a few times, and then recognized the light as to be a fairy. His fairy, his friend. She had returned! It created a smile on his face. He screamed when trying his hurt hand to stand up. The fairy worried over him. It wanted to mitigate his pain immediately. But Silas brushed it off, happy as he was to be reunited with his companion. His other hand succeeded to find a steady piece of wood to hold onto and he pulled himself back up, returning into Mido's view. The village, it was still alike, but different now. All evil seemed to just suddenly burn away by the light. The vines were still there, but lifelessly down on the ground. He peered down to the dead creature beneath him. The remains of the once so great monster burned soundlessly in a mythical blue fire. It hit Fado, but did not harm. All traces reminding of it evanesced so quickly that one could deny the monster's existence. His boots were drying as his brother Remi joined to view the scenery. A second incandescent fairy flew up to the chamber. A raging storm of blue light rapidly thrived through the village removing anything that did not belong inside. A fresh wind pushed the scent of blood out of the destroyed tree, out of the forest, taking all the darkness and fright that accompanies that smell. The village was bared by the blue bane of evil.

"Fado!!?" Fati came to a sudden realization. She wasn't there with them in the tree! The monster had certainly pulled her with it, was it too late?

He quickly pulled himself up on his feet, it was hard but there was nothing stopping him. The still present fright that the monster would return, fuelled by the lack of rationalization about the happening, thwarted him from joining Silas near the hole, but his concern over Fado was much stronger.

The boy cautiously hung over the edge and peered down. She was there. A pool of blood accompanied her, but she awkwardly seemed unharmed.

"Dont worry" Mido assured him. "She will be ok"

"How can you say! help her then!"

"Because of the warmth," he answered, assured of his right. "look!"

The concern in the tree did not instantly diminish at Mido's statement. But Fado seemed to have recovered from the fall and whatever the monster had done to her astoundingly fast. She could calmly be seen breathing. It was all that counted. Better, she was moving, her eyes blinked upon the absence of the monster. An other Kokiri girl crouched down near the girl. Confusion overwhelmed her, but the boys all knew it was good.

Remi and Fati glanced their immediate environment. Finding everyone he sought to find. Well, almost everyone.

"Saria?" Fati uttered, looking over the little crowd of Kokiri that had appeared beneath the tree.

"Mido is here..but Saria is not.." the confused boy whispered, a sore throat obstructing his voice.

Mido grumbled. "Don't ask...I don't...really know"

He avoided the question. To his fortune Fati failed to ask again, but was not seen accepting the answer.

The other Kokiri in the now freed village had carefully spread up and went looking for food, or go back to their houses, though some where in utter ruins. Energy flowed through their veins as if they were fuelled by the sudden outburst of light. At this moment nobody cared about how or why, except for some grateful thanks sent to higher beings.

In a moment's flash, the strong light once coming from every inch of the sky faded, and centered somewhere in the north. Stars became visible in the sky on the south, fairies started to come fly out again. They had been keeping themselves in a very long subconscious sleep for the past few years, when the evil stale winds coming from the lost woods would make their light dim, or even fade out.

While coming out of the tree was first assumed a hard trial, since there was no real ladder present anymore. The brothers did not worry. They had survived too long to be defeated by a tree. Also Remi had found the strenght to stand and find a way out of the higher settled chamber.

The light had not left. It remained along with its healing effect. As soon as the three brothers exited the inside of the tree the strenghtening light touching them fullfilled their mutilated bodies. Once down the world did not only look different, but also felt different.

Fati, upon coming down, exchanged an awkward look with Mido. He seemed...different. The warmth thriving through him was clear, he sensed it too. But his look emanated more than the result of his recovering. It was a worry for the future, what mattered was that the kokiri were united. Link and Saria were still missing but each and every one of them seemed to figure that nobody in the village would be able to tell about their whereabouts, except Mido. All the other Kokiri who had fallen, were returned among the living. It unearthed hope that Saria and too Link, who's being was once hated, were still somewhere in this world. There was no room for hatred anymore. No room for anything able to disturb the purifying effect of the rays illuminating both the outside of the forest, and the inside of every living creature present.

The Kokiri children were silenced by the peaceful tranquility of the village. The serene sounds of the forest were being the loudest. Sounds which could not be heard for seven years through the chaotic pandemonium drowning the sources of the serenity and torturing the woods along with every unfortunate being present.

These sounds, though very much missed over the years, were not what attracted the children the most at this point. It was only a confirmation the rest of the woods had returned to normal too. The strong source of light was where their eyes were currently pointed at. The visualisation of a beautiful twilight, centered along a gleam of light shooting up in the sky. It was an amazing sight, like the sun had descended to liberate the land of Hyrule personally. The entire tribe had gathered near the pristine water of the pond to watch. Fati, Silas, Remi and Mido silently joined them. Fado and her girl companion would not stay behind for long. They too were struck in amazement. It was, for someone living under a thick blanket of darkness for so many years. Something you could look at for hours. It's purity was unmatched. It went beyond perfection.

The direction it originated from was, with no doubt, the Deku Tree's meadow. The resurrection of the guardian spirit could just have been what liberated the forest.

There were no certitudes, only questions. Questions Mido saw no reason for to not be answered right now. He found himself desiring towards the source of the light. He had it here, but his desire for answers was raising. The absence of Saria, though it seemed not to confuse him, hurted him more than any other child.

It took him a second to find the path to the meadow. It was one of the first parts to be overwhelmed and made impassable so it was rather unfamiliar terrain. He glanced Fati, and motioned him to come along, but did not receive any response. The other Kokiri watched Mido go, but did not bother to follow. Instead they enjoyed their freedom and waited for him to return. There was more than enough goodness, and lack of the opposite, to satisfy them. Fati knew there was something, something he was hiding, but why should he care? Not, he figured.

The path itself was a wide, cornered corridor through the thick forest. Mido hopped over the pool using the dry parts and rocks, carefully stepping on them to prevent slipping. He continued being careful along the path. It was a habit, he had survived in the lost woods for three days, sleeping with one eye open and double checking every step he took. The corridor itself was unknown territory, he had never been summoned by the great Deku Tree so he never had a legal reason to use the path.

When the light got stronger and more centered the boy's tension started to fade away. A few more corners and he would be there. It surprised him, There was a small hill to be crossed now he had reached the end of the path, as it was widening to form what he perceived to be the meadow. A great blanket of foliage was tunneling light from somewhere in the sky towards something unknown on the surface. The entire foliage was lighted. As if every single leaf was made of gold, and all combined leaves shining brightly were acting as a nightly sun for the forest around it. Mido was amazed by this already, but fiercely continued onward. He marched up the declension to get a look on the surface of the meadow.
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