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Chapter III

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What he met with was an astonishing view. The whole area was littered with flowers, a sea of beautiful flowers resembling every color of the rainbow. They surrounded a massive black tree. The light coming from the foliage blanket showered down upon the flower beds as if it was just noon. They were flourishing like it was. Mido was taken aback by the sudden appearance of so many light, and colors. The light was not only coming from the high areas of the tree, but also from somewhere near the surface. Out there, Mido could vaguely see a small figure near the bottom of the trunk. It was small but could not be missed, a beautiful green aura was surrounding the small silhouette. He did not try to come close yet, instead tried to use a sharp view in an attempt in recognizing it. He was driven by his revived curiosity, this what made him slowly walk forward into the field of flowers, slightly downwards. The lower he went the lighter the area became, parralleling how he felt when moving along.

His march towards the center of the meadow slowed. It was quiet. Really quiet, almost too quiet. This blessed silence made an extreme tranquility fall over the boy. He fell down on his knees into the sea of flowers. If they were real. If this was all real. True, if you would look at it it was a dream world. Flowers everywhere. Living in delicate daylight while the rest of your world was at night. He caressed the colored leaves with his coarse fingers, Each and every one of them seemed to perfectly reflect its color upon the one with the fortune of seeing it. He moved along the flower bed leaving nothing but an inscrutable path of flowers that bend up again right after Mido passed. He took a whiff from the flower's sweet aroma's after receiving its magnificent glow. It was amazing. It wasn't a dream world. After pinching his own arm lightly the received pain feeling gave more confirmation.

While the other Kokiri were still in their village, their minds feeded by just the light. Mido was in his own little heaven. The Kokiri leader knew he was alone. He knew no one had come with him. It was strange there were no other forest creatures around. Was he the only one of the Kokiri and the only one of the entire forest who had ought to get here? Or were he and his fellows just the only ones left?

Mido's eye twitched upon hearing a faint sound breaking the silence. It was a high tone. It was there for a second but devolved just as fast. It did not disappear, though. Burdensome as it was to concentrate on hearing while in the visual heaven, the sound set up louder again. Along, the beyond entrancing meadow started to change visually. There was an eerie moment of complete silence while the lighted top side of the tree started to fade. It faded everywhere except at one point, right above the small figure in front of the, assumed by Mido, still dead Deku Tree.

He failed to question that conclusion. The giant black stem emitted nothing but death when looking at it. It was the only disturbance in the area. Strangely unnoticed by the boy in the first place, he questioned the tree's presence like he questioned the change of the area now. The sound had become a loud high tone, but it was far from being an annoyance. The thing located in front of the stem had become clearer. It was a small thick figure. It owned some leaves and was colored like a healthy tree. Though hard to distinguish it seemed to own a face.

Mido focussed on the light source shining upon the figure beneath it. Though it was as bright as the sun now. As if the foliage was tunneling all its energy to one point instead of illumining the entire tree with it. Gleams of light where piercing the sky around it. The source was intensively releasing energy. A blue luminosity laced the shimmering beams of light, shooting ino the ground beneath. Waves of energy hovered down to form a blue circle on the ground. He felt them tremoring the ground beneath him.

Even before the last wave had trembled into the earth, a figure emitted from the ceiling of the tree, from the middle of the blinding source. It defied gravity along the path down, and ended up in the soft blue bed, right in front of the young tree. The blue flower surrounding the figure rapidly vanished along with the soft sound. Also the wavering ocean of flowers soundlessly faded away as if they had been just an illusion. A soft bed of grass substituted. Mido sought cover in between the long stalks he was fortunately positioned in between.

The one from the sky examinated his surroundings upon standing on the ground. His face swiftly passed Mido's hiding place. It was an awkwardly familiar figure. The man was clad in familiar green clothes. Kokirish clothes, completed by a pointed cap some of his friends also wore on their heads. His back was covered with a huge metal shield carrying an intriguing emblem. He probably reached up to twice the size of him and his fellows. He faced the lighted figure in front of him.

The man from the sky and the other being were talking. Despite his distance Mido could understand some of the words that were spoken. The voice was contradicting with discerned young being it came from, sounding archaic.

Mido continued watching as the two beings interacted. The man was attentively listening to what the other being had to tell him in its low elderly voice. Mido could catch a word or two, about Hylians, the Deku tree and...Saria?

He was sure he had heard the word right, he could not have misunderstood it. The cracking voice mentioned Saria in its slow speech. Mido nearly wanted to stand up and go listen to what the being had to tell. He felt anything involving Saria should involve him too..


"Mido, Mido wake up, wake up!"

The boy moaned, and awoke with a start. A nightmare had been disturbing his sleep. Unfortunately the evil dream did not end upon waking up. It was still night. There was no sunlight to greet him, only a girl using her coarse fingers to pull the boy's torn clothes in an attempt to wake him up.

She succeeded, and let out a sigh of relief. Mido startled and sat up in his bed, one he shared with Saria during the night, forced by the lack of room and beds present in the house.

Not that Mido cared actually, if there was one he would have to share a bed with it would have been her. He frequently spent all day using his decrepit slingshot to try and score a kill at the monsters and beasts roaming in the village, to impress Saria with it. She however, remained as impassive as ever. The bitter coldness that started after Link left, and never left the shallow corners of her mind, no matter what Mido tried to make her forget.

The girl pushed him again for she was not sure if he was really conscious enough to hear her talk. Mido coughed. He found his dark view adorned by the presence of Saria

"Huh?" He rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"I..We have to leave!" She whispered straightforward.

"We can't" He deadpanned.

"We must!"

"And leave everyone?" Mido countered at a slow pace. Saria's urgent tend to leave had to be a product of her fear. He remained calm.

"No, to save everyone."

This confused him, but he played along. "We still can't leave, where in Farore's name can we ever go, you know there isn't any-"

"-I know a place" she whispered. "A place we must go, not only to save ourselves"

Their eyes met, and Mido realized she was dead serious, with or without common sense.

"to save everyone, you say?" He lisped back, realizing that his voice could just as easy have awakened the other children in the small house.

"Yes" She confirmed. "I can no longer accept the decay of the forest, it will slowly consume us, kill us. I realized this night that we if I..if we don't undertake any action we will be doomed.

"That has been obvious for the past few years" he declared. Saria moved away from his face, blocking her tears expressionless.

"I am sorry" he put his head down "But is there anything we can do"

He believed there wasn't any. No hope for a small child alone to save himself, yet alone anyone else, in this desecrated forest. He was sorry for Saria.

"Have you not heard me?" Her voice entered the conversation, but still soft enough only for only Mido to hear. "We really cannot just look and watch the ongoing destruction of the forest anymore, I know the cause, the source of all the evil and I will do everything I can."

"You knew..."

"I did only for a few days. I my dreams, voices calling for my help, calling for something like, the Sage of Forest. I know what it means. It is my prophecy. I cannot try to escape my destiny. We have to go to the Sacred Forest Meadow!"

"Your prophecy?" he said, astounded. "Is it your prophecy to go out and save the forest? And you think you are capable of? The village is swarmed with monsters and even my slingshot has proven useless against each and everyone of them now they are growing so huge! You know the source of those creatures..and you want to go there?......there is no can't-"

"--I have no choice but to try"

The last thing Mido wanted is to lose Saria. She overwhelmed him with her speech about her destiny. He did not doubt her speaking the truth. Her look proved her common sense to still be present. He could not doubt her, she had trusted him so many times. Yet the boy felt like she told it was her destiny to die first, not to release the woods of the evil, but to be sacrificed to that evil.

Saria shuffled away from the bed, and pulled up a curtain of leaves to reveal an opening in the wall. Leading to the dark, dangerous outside. Mido looked at her with great hesitation.

She motioned to come, Mido shook his head. She silently begged, he looked at her with great anxiety. Still from the relatively safe place of their bed. She returned with an expression of great courage, something motivating her from the very deep end of her being. The boy raised himself further and silently jumped from the bed. Saria left out as soon as her eye caught him following. Upon stepping forward he questioned how she managed to convince him. But it was too late already.

Without another thought, Mido chased the girl through the hidden doorway, out of the house, up the vines, through the sharp grass, to the top of the hill. He knew there was an entrance to the Lost Woods the the top of the hills, but never thought of it as a possible escape. What monstrosity's would be creeping inside the Lost Woods if the village was already so haunted. Fierce lightning sliced through the air, and the sound of the infinite stream of rain drops violently hitting the rocks was fearsome. They both cautiously entered the wrecked hollow stem going through the thick wall of trees marking the borders of the village.

The feared difference between the safety from the walls of the house and the dense atmosphere of the Lost Woods became clear very soon after the duo entered the forbidden parts of the forest. Reaching the high entrance had been a challenge itself, But it was merely a preparation to what they had to face in the desecrated forests of Hyrule. Every step could be their last. If there was one word that could describe the forest, then it was darkness. Light rays were lucky to make it through the thick blanket of overgrown foliage covering up everything. The area was decorated with the decomposed skeletons of dead creatures scattered randomly in the muddy ground. The woods appeared deeply demolished. Mido and Saria regularly stepped on the carcasses of dead creatures, covered up by cracking dead leaves. The spirited life in the woods had, even more than the village, dwindled to an inert graveyard filled with the nefarious scent of death.

Mido was going ahead, his slingshot hefted before him. He scanned every inch of the forest before proceeding along the path. The girl of prophecy followed closely, directing Mido where he needed her. Their other conversations were short, incoherent and usually lacked any significant content.

He followed Saria's directions without any questions, slightly disappointed that his attempts to converse with her all led to nothing. He could taste her fear in every syllable she created. Sometimes he noticed her doubt, but eventually she would be very confident about her decision when indicating another direction. As if she sought her guide somewhere offworld.

They had to deal with less threats than expected, only a wounded wolfos and some Deku scrubs the slingshot could lay waste upon. It proved to be a good weapon after all. But Mido praised his cold blooded state of mind, and maybe her sense of direction, moreover the use of the tool. They did not stray too far from the main paths, for there weren't much others to take. sometimes a thick hague had to be passed, but there would always be a recognizable path behind. The forest seemed unbounded, and the remnants of his sense of direction could only confirm that the village was lying further and further behind over time. The sounds that exiled out of the ebony depths between the trees were haunting.
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