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Chapter Eight

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finding a way out?

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sighs happily here's chapter eight! i hope you enjoy!!! remember i own nobody.

Gerard and Brendon walked over.

Gerard asked, "Hey who are you?"

Ville just stated once more, not annoyed still in the same voice, "I'm Ville."

Brendon asked, "You came from where?"

Ville pointed down the hallway.

Mikey asked, "How'd you get here?"

Ville replied shrugging, "I woke up here..."

Gerard asked, "You from Finland?"

Ville gave a small laugh, "Yeah..."

Gerard nodded, "Sounds like it..."

Davey was eyeing the door that Jade had disappeared through.

Pete saw this, "Davey just leave it..."

Davey sighed, "I know but..."

Gerard said forcefully, "Leave it."

Davey fell silent.

Frank asked, "Where did Bob and Ray go?" He looked around.

Mikey asked his eyebrow raised, "You just now noticed?"

Frank said shaking his head, "'s just that...didn't Jade say anything?"

Brendon shook his head, "No...the scared bastard..."

Pete said warningly, "Brendon..."

Brendon sighed, "I know I know!"

Ville looked to Ryan, "You said your name was Ryan right?"

Ryan nodded.

Ville said seeing his neck, "Well Ryan you're bleeding..."

Ryan started to tremble again, "I-I k-know..."

Brendon's eyes shot over to Ryan, "Shit...Pete where did you put that first aid kit?"

Pete shook his head, "I don't remember..."

Ryan shouted angrily still trembling, "Why did I have to get my stupid head stuck in that stupid door?!"

Brendon said soothingly, "Ryan it wasn't your fault...please calm down okay?"

Ryan nodded briefly and tried his best to stop trembling.

Everybody's face had a worried look on it.

Ville said, "Here...this will help..." He started to tear a piece of his black shirt that he had on under his leather jacket.

Ryan asked, "W-what are you d-doing?"

Ville said with a smile, "Helping you." He had gotten a rather large piece of his shirt torn off from the bottom and walked over by Ryan.

Brendon asked, "How is a piece of your shirt going to help him?"

Ville said, "Just wait..." He was at Ryan's side, he said his voice soothe, "Ryan this could hurt just a little..."

Ryan nodded as his neck bled more. He trembled even more.

Ville said his accent still thick, "I need you to be as motionless as possible okay?"

Ryan nodded again and tried his best to calm down.

Ville tied the piece of his shirt around his neck as tight as he could without it choking Ryan.

Ryan cried out a little in pain from the sudden movement.

Finally Ville got the piece of cloth situated to where it would function properly. Ryan sighed with relief but was immediately overwhelmed with pain. Pain crossed over his face as he leaned against the wall trying to steady himself.

Brendon asked in a soothe voice, "Ryro are you okay?"

Ryan smiled at the nickname, "Yeah...for now...thanks Ville..."

Ville smiled, "Your welcome."

Gerard said quietly, "Not to be rude or butt in but we need to get out of here..."

Ville nodded and focused his attention on the situation. "Are there any windows or doors in this place?"

Mikey said, "No...I haven't seen a single one other than the doors that lead into the other rooms."

Jade replied from the shadows, "I told you there is no way in or out."

Davey was the only one who didn't jump.

Brendon said angrily, "Then how the fuck did we get here!?"

Jade stayed silent. It was amazing at how much blood his shirt had absorbed. There was even blood in his hair. His shoes and jeans were even soaked.

Ville asked, "Jade right?"

Jade replied nodding, "Yes Ville..."

Ville looked at him confused, "How do you know my name?"

Jade said, "The same way you know mine." He melted back into the shadows and disappeared as quickly as he had come.

Brendon cried out angrily, "Wait come back you coward!!!"

Frank said, "It's no use now...he's gone."

Davey sighed and shook his head.

Brendon turned to Davey, "Why does he keep doing this!?"

Davey backed away defensively, "Don't ask me I don't know!"

Brendon said his anger spilling out, "Yeah but you're always with him!"

Davey said backing away becoming a little scared, "So that doesn't mean anything!!!"

Brendon said annoyed and becoming angrier, "Yes it does!!! You're ALWAYS with him! Which means that you helped him out!!!!!!!!!"

Davey fell silent not knowing what to say. He was backing away as Brendon advanced on him. Pete was trying his best to try to calm Brendon down, but nothing was working. Davey kept backing away from Brendon. All the others were watching worried at what might happen.

Finally Brendon's last nerve broke and he tackled Davey.


oh the suspense. fight's in the next chapter. i won't be making much more chapters cause you people don't seem to love me enough to review!!!! it will take you not more than a minute out of your lives to review to make me feel like this story has a purpose in your lives!!! lol...anyways...hmm...also ideas are welcome!!! =D
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