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Chapter nine.

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the fight...

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okay here's Chapter NINE. hope you guys like it. SORRY if it's not AS discriptive as i wanted...but i've been having MAJOR writer's block! a few ideas would SO help me out here!!! =) oh yeah THOUGHTS = ITALICS!! =D

Davey cried out as Brendon tackled him. They both fell to the ground and Brendon proceeded to kill Davey.

Davey was trying to fend off Brendon as he threw an endless amount of punches.

Tears were streaming down Brendon's face as he punched Davey. He had Davey pinned down on the dirty, deep blue carpet that was in that dingy, dim hallway.

Davey felt punches wrack all through his face and down to his stomach. He was trying his best to get away, but every time he moved Brendon would increase the flow of punches.

Soon enough blood began to flow down Davey's face and neck. "Please stop!," he cried out helplessly.

The others stood there not knowing what to do. Jade was nowhere to be seen. Ville and Pete rushed over to pull the two apart.

Ville cried out, "Brendon stop, killing Davey won't help you!" He was trying to pull Brendon off of Davey.

Brendon screamed, "NO!! HE DESERVES IT!!!!!"

Pete yelled, "BRENDON STOP THIS!!!"

Brendon retorted, "NO!!!" He started to punch Davey harder and faster. Davey cringed away from Brendon and tried to curl into a ball.

Ville had enough, he shifted so he could grab Brendon and he pulled him off of Davey. Brendon tried to turn onto Ville to hit him but Ville saw it coming and pulled Brendon's hands behind his back pinning him to the ground.

Brendon cried out and tried to struggle but Ville pushed all his weight onto him to keep him from moving. Brendon fell silent and motionless.

Davey was curled into a ball and flinched when somebody touched him. "Ahh!! Please stop that hurts!!!"

Pete winced as he recoiled his hand, "Sorry Davey..."

Everything was quiet and still.

Davey sat up as best he could. He was swaying slightly. Frank went to his side to help him. Pete went over to Ville and Brendon. Ville let Pete take over as he went to Davey's side by Frank.

Ville asked Davey, "Are you okay?"

Davey replied, "I can't feel my face..."

Ville said, "I don't think you want to see your face..."

Brendon was struggling with Pete. "Let me go!!!" Pete replied with a harsh, "NO." He put all his weight on Brendon so that he wouldn't be able to move. Brendon was forced into the foul smelling, dark blue carpet. "Aw sick this smells like shit!" Pete replied harshly, "Deal." Brendon was a little taken aback.

Gerard and Mikey walked over cautiously to see if they could help out.

Ville asked Davey, "Do you need any help?"

Davey replied in full pain, "What do you think Ville? I can barely see!" Davey's face was bruised everywhere. Agony rolled through his body as he moved. He winced with each movement.

Ville asked, "Where does it hurt?"

Davey replied hurt and angry, "All over from my head to my stomach!"

Frank said, "Davey calm down..."

Ryan ambled over to where they were and sat down next to Davey with the others. "Calm down...stop moving or else you'll hurt more."

Davey did as he was told. He made himself calm down and he stopped moving so much.

Pete was scolding Brendon. Brendon winced at Pete's words and tried to object but Pete made sure not to let him talk throughout his little speech. Brendon gave up and let Pete scold him like a little three year old.

Gerard said to Davey, "You should get some rest..."

Davey replied, "I know...I know..." He was trying to stop the flow of blood from his nose. He had a black eye as well. His lip was bleeding and his jaw was sore. His cheekbones were sore as well. From his chest to his stomach was a trail of bruises. His ribs were on fire as he moved. "God damn he punches hard...", he said quietly.

Frank asked, "Something wrong?"

Davey repeated, "I said he punches hard..."

Frank said, "Oh..."

Brendon asked muffled by the dirty carpet, "Can you let me go!?" He sounded pissed off.

Pete said angrily, "No. You've already hurt Davey."

Brendon cried out still muffled by the dank carpet, "So?! I promise I won't do it again! NOW LET ME GO!!!"

Pete said firmly, "NO." Brendon sighed giving up.

Ryan asked in an almost timid voice, "Are you guys going to stop fighting?"

Brendon stayed quiet. He was still fuming. Pete said, "I would if Brendon here would stop with the fights!"

Brendon was about to retort when Ville cut him off, "Everybody stop fighting. We need a way out, not a way to kill each other." He was looking at Davey, who looked like he had just been through a brawl, which in reality he had been. Ville continued, "You guys need to make up so we can get out of this damned hell hole." Davey looked at Ville for a moment and then nodded.

Pete let go of Brendon. Brendon got up and looked mad but he pushed his anger away and held out his hand for Davey, "Truce?"

Davey sighed with relief and smiled the best he could, "Truce." He took Brendon's hand and got up. Everybody else followed suite and got up as well.

Gerard asked breaking the silence that followed, "So where are we going?" Everybody had, yet again, blank looks on their faces.

Ville said, "Why don't we check down this corridor seeing as I came from that way and you guys came from this way?" He pointed down both corridors when he said it.

Mikey said, "Best idea so far..."

Ville said, "Well then i guess it's off we go..." He walks down the corridor followed by a still stunned Davey and a timid Ryan. Gerard and Mikey followed close behind them, Frank right behind them, Pete and Brendon bringing up the rear.

All the hallway's were dingy, foul smelling, dirty and dim lit. The walls were cracked and bare. The carpet was the same sickly, dark blue in every hallway. Ville kept checking all the rooms and doors but kept coming up with nothing. Soon enough everybody began to get tired and wobbly. The light was starting to hurt their eyes from being so dim.

Finally Ville broke the long silence that had plagued them, "Why don't we stop and sleep?" His voice was weary. There were scattered agreeing nods. Everybody plopped down onto the floor tired out from the day's events. Not more than a mere ten minutes and everybody was curled up by each other sleeping soundly. Gerard however was the only one awake.

"Ugh why can't i get to sleep!?"

He was tossing and turning around trying to get comfortable. Suddenly he heard a noise. It sounded like metal scraping on wood. He became frantic and scared.

"Oh god what the hell was that!?"

He looked around to try to see what it was. He could see nothing. His pounding headache began to come back. He turned over and rubbed his head which was already aching. He felt pain throughout his body and tried to dismiss the pain radiating from his head. Pounding, eerie screeching was ringing in his ears. He began to feel a little dizzy and as he opened his eyes he saw the hallway spinning. Finally it all ended abruptly as he blacked out once more.

i hope you guys don't hate me cause of all the different cliffhangers!!! .... sighs .... writers block sucks!!! review me please!! ideas are so welcome!! =)
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