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Chapter Ten.

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what happened to gerard? ray bob where are you!?

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0Unrated's chapter ten. sorry for the LONG WAIT but I've had so much WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm not too sure if it will be all that great so sorry....

~Hours later~

Everybody, excluding Gerard, was awake by then. Nobody could tell if it was day or night, because there were no windows. The same dim lighting bore down on them. They were all silent. Mikey finally broke the silence, "Do you think he's okay?" He was, of course, talking about Gerard.

Frank said to calm Mikey down, "I'm sure he's fine. He's probably just tired."

Mikey nodded not able to speak words.

Brendon was talking in hushed tones to Ryan and Pete. Ville was leaning against the wall deep in thoughts. Davey was in his thoughts as well. Mikey and Frank were silent sitting by Gerard waiting for him to wake up. Suddenly Gerard gasped out and sat up making them all jump.

Mikey asked worried, "Gerard are you alright!?"

Gerard was breathing in heavily and sitting against the wall. His head was still spinning. Brendon, Ryan and Pete were looking at him worriedly. Ville and Davey were startled still leaning against the opposite wall. Mikey and Frank were at Gerard's side. Gerard was shaking a little bit, he leaned his head back against the cracked wall.

Mikey asked again still worried, "Gerard are you okay?"

Gerard looked at him and raised a shaking hand to signal that he was fine. He tried to nod but his head was in agonizing pain.

Frank said, "Gerard you don't look so good..."

This was true. Gerard's face was colorless, he looked sickly white and pale. His breathing was irregular and he had dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep.

Mikey asked once more, "Are you sure you're okay?"

Gerard nodded his head no sending agonizing fire down his spine and through his legs. He quickly stopped nodding his head, pain crossed over his face. He felt fire up and down his spine, his entire body was weak and he felt sick and, to make matters worse, his head was still spinning. Everybody was concerned. There was an eerie silence throughout the hallway, dark shadows were cast over everything making everybody look like white ghosts. The lights were still as dim as ever, the cracks in the walls still there. Gerard looked around and everything, to him, became much more dimmer. His speech was a little slurred as he asked, "What's going on?"
Mikey and Frank exchanged worried glances and looked back at Gerard.

Frank asked, "What do you mean?"

Gerard had started to see weird colors and everything turned a violent shade of red, "I see red...and hear rings..." His speech was still slurred.

Mikey said his mood changing from worried to alarmed, "Gerard maybe you should lay back down..."

Gerard waved his hand, "No I have a date with the Easter Bunny..." And with that he blacked out once more.

Pete asked, "Um is he okay?"

Mikey said worried and close to tears, "I don't know."

Frank hugged Mikey to get him to calm down.

Mikey said shakily, "T-thanks...."

Frank nodded and smiled warmly.

Davey asked quietly grabbing all their attention, "What are we going to do now?"
They all had blank looks on their face.
Ville was looking down, he pulled his head up so they could see his face. He said with his accent still thick, "We get the fuck out of here."

He stood up fully and walked down the hall. Brendon, Pete and Ryan exchanged glances before getting up to follow him. Davey followed staying well away from Brendon. Mikey and Frank stayed with Gerard, who was still unconscious.

Ville was looking through all the different doorways in the hallway and came to one that was locked. He kicked the door, it fell backwards and landed with a loud 'BANG'. A cloud of dust rose up and Ville coughed. He waved his hands to get the dust to disappear faster. Pete, Brendon, Ryan and Davey were out in the hallway waiting as Ville wandered into the room. They could see him from the doorway and he started to gag and held his hands to his face. "Oh my god...that fucking smells!"

Ryan, Pete, Brendon and Davey looked at him confused. Ville looked around the room to figure out where the horrid stench was coming from. Ville came to the closet and put his hand to the cool doorknob and twisted it. The door creaked open heavily and then something fell at his feet. Ville cried out and looked away quickly. "Oh god...I think I found their friends..."
Frank asked a happy note in his voice and appearing out of nowhere, "You found Bob and Ray?"

Ville looked up sadness overcoming his eyes, "Well i suppose..."

Frank asked confused, "What do you mean?"

Ville said trying not to gag from the smell of rotting corpses and the mixture of chemicals, "Um...well...their...kind pieces..."
Frank asked shocked, "Wha-what?? D-did I hear y-you right?"

Ville said quietly, "Unfortunately yeah..."

Frank put his head in his hands as tears welled up in his eyes. He started to sob into his hands. Mikey alarmed looked up and down the hallway wondering what was going on. He was torn, he wanted to see what was wrong, but he didn't want to leave his brother's side. Frank's sobs became louder as he slid to the floor. Mikey's curiosity overcame him and he quickly got up and ran to Frank's side. "What happened?"

Frank choked out in between sobs, "R-ray a-and B-bob a-are d-d-dead!" He was shaking in Mikey's arms.

Mikey was shocked and he too began to cry.

okay how do you like? SORRY FOR THE WAIT!!! i am so sorry! i've had so much going on...anyways help me out please. i'm having bad writer's block and that took me forever just to think of. SORRIE!!!!!!!!! =( review please and thanks!!! =)
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