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Chapter Eleven.

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complete chaos.

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I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry it's been like 8975026759067587 years since i updated...okay...maybe not that much....but yeah you get the point....okay without further adu the next chapter of THE DARKNESS!!!

After they had finally gotten Mikey and Frank to calm down, Gerard had started to come around. But he was acting delusional.

Gerard said in a nearly laughing voice, "Hello pretty purple ponies!" He waved to nothing.

Mikey and Frank exchanged worried glances.
Frank said, "Um Gee...there's no ponies..."

To which Gerard replied, "You're just dumb...there are too ponies there. Why can't you see them??" He looked up at Frank from the position he was on the floor. Frank stared down at him. He whispered to Mikey, "Um...i think he's gone crazy..." Mikey just nodded his response.

Brendon, Ryan, Pete, Ville and Davey stood there around Gerard. Mikey and Frank were at Gerard's side. They were in the middle of the dingy hallway, a little ways away from where they had found Ray and Bob's decapitated and mutilated bodies.

Gerard asked in a little three year olds voice, "Can i have a cookie mommy? Pwease??" He gave both Mikey and Frank a puppy dog stare.

Mikey and Frank looked from each other to Gerard. Mikey replied, "I'm sorry Gerard...we don't have any cookies..."

Gerard started to pout and throw a fit, "BUT I WANT A COOKIE!"

Frank said, "Gerard we're sorry! But we don't have a cookie!"

Gerard calmed down and stayed in his spot on the blue, foul smelling carpet.

Ville said in a low but casual voice, "We really need to get out of here."

Pete turned to him and asked in an angry voice, "And how the hell do you expect us to do that!? That's all you've fucking said!!! We need to get out, we need to get out!!! That's it!"

Ville turned to him and said still calm yet with a hint of annoyance, "And I don't see YOU trying to get us out! At least I'VE tried! YOU haven't!!!"

Ryan and Brendon had to hold Pete back from trying to hurt Ville.

Ville said in a taunting voice, "Go ahead! Let him go! There's nothing he can do!"

Davey tried to keep them from fighting, "Come on! You guys stop fighting! We need to get out of here in one piece!"

Frank instantly remembered Ray and Bob in pieces and started to break down sobbing into his hands again. Mikey alarmed hugged Frank to try to calm him down. This only made Frank cry more.

Davey realized what he said and shouted over the crying and the other shouts, "Oh shit I'm sorry Frank!!" Frank just continued to sob. Mikey was trying to comfort him.

Gerard was laughing at a dot on the ceiling. Pete, Ryan, Brendon and Ville were in a huge argument. Davey was trying to stop them from killing each other. All the while Frank was sobbing and Mikey was still trying to calm him down.

Suddenly a gun shot rang out, everybody became still and silent. Somebody collapsed to the ground gasping for air.

Ryan's POV:::

Everybody started to shout. I was worried that there was going to be another fight. Ville and Pete were at the ends of both of their ropes. Davey didn't help at all when he made Frank cry. But then again...Frank DID just have two of his close friends die. I would hate the thought of Pete or Brendon to die....anyways. As they were all fighting, I saw somebody in the background. Way at the end of the hall. I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. So i disregarded it, i didn't know that it would cost me my life. Suddenly the figure pointed something at me, i still didn't know what it was. I froze, nobody noticed because they were all still fighting. As i craned my neck to see around Davey my wound reopened. It hurt and i staggered backwards. Nobody, of course, noticed. Pete, Brendon and Davey were still locked in an argument. Gerard was laughing manically at some dot on the ceiling. I thought that he had gone insane. Frank was still crying and Mikey was trying to calm him down. I sighed and then heard something click. I looked up and heard a gun shot. Suddenly i was pitched backwards and fell hitting my head hard on the side of a table that was there. How convenient huh? I nearly blacked out, blood was pooling around me as i heard Brendon and Pete call out my name. I felt a icy coolness take over my body as it started to relax. Brendon started to cry as Pete did. I realized that i was dying. I choked out as i coughed up blood, "B-brendon p-please h-help m-m-me..." Brendon grasped onto my hand as my other was weakly clawing at the bullet in my chest. My body started to shake violently. The pain was overwhelming as i felt the icy coolness overcome me. With my last breath i managed to whisper to Brendon and Pete, "I'm s-sorry." My body gave one final violent lurch and then relaxed. Then i felt no pain. It felt as if i was floating high in the sky as my eyes clouded over.

Normal POV:::

Brendon sobbed into Ryan's chest, "No!!! This c-can't be h-happening!!!!" He was holding onto Ryan's hand tightly. "Don't d-die on m-me!!!!!!" Ryan was already gone.

Pete was sobbing into his hands, "R-ryan...w-why!?!"

Frank had stopped crying and all eyes were on them. Gerard had stopped laughing, thinking it was best to be quiet at the moment. Davey and Ville had fallen silent like the rest.

Brendon was in denial, "R-ryro's j-just asleep. He'll w-wake up! P-pete tell me t-this i-is j-just a d-d-dream p-please!!!"

Pete looked up at him with tear stained cheeks still sniffling, "I w-wish I c-could B-brendon."

Brendon howled, "NO!!!", and fell to the floor curled in a ball crying.

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