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chapter 4

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Just warning you about this chapter....It might be alittle dirty lol enjoy!

Frankie's POV

We landed and got off the plane. "ASHLEY!?", we turned around to see who was calling her name. I had no idea who this, but Ashley knew him.

"BRANDON!!", she ran over and hugged him. I don't like this guy already. I walked over. "Frankie this is my cousin Brandon.", Okay that helped calm me down a lot. I know I'm jealous get over it!

"Brandon this is my Fiance Frankie."


"We. Are. Getting. Married."

"Congrads, but I didn't even know you we're dating the last time I saw you, you were a serious workaholic and you didn't have time for a man."

"Oh she still is.", I said and Ashley hit me on the arm.

"He specks, oh and nice tatts, Ashley I like him already.", hey I'm liked by someone in her family.

"Can you give us a ride?"

"Yeah that's why I'm here Briana called me, So the nice person I am came to get you."

"Keep dreaming.", she said.

"That hurt Ashley, Hurt.", we laughed.

"Thanks again."

"No problem you know you're my favorite cuz."

"Yeah true."

"Stop being so conceited.", we got in the car.

"Oh my gosh, you got a new car! It's awesome!"


"So how's the guys?"

"They are doing good, Grey has a new girlfriend every week, He started doing that after you left him and moved to Jersey.", Who the HELL IS GREY!? She left them they were dating. All the thoughts running in my head.

"Oh, well he cheated on me, what do you expect?", He cheated on her that motherfucker, but if he never broke her heart then she never would of moved to Jersey and we would never would of meet and I would be married to a cheating Jamia. Ok that earned him points.


"Yeah baby?"

"You are quite are you okay?"

"Yeah just thinking."

"What are you thinking about?"

"Ashley he is going to be married to you, let the boy have his own mind at least.", Brandon said before turning up the radio. RAP well I'm use to listening to it. Mikey can drive you crazy with the stuff. Poor Aneesah. Ha ha she has to live with him. I looked up to see Ashley going threw his cd's and put one in.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see.", System of a down came out of the speakers.

"You remember?!"

"Of course, you forced me to listen to it so much how could I forget?", they laughed.

"Yeah but you like it and you know it."

"True.", they laughed they started singing. After awhile I joined in. Brandon is a really funny guy, we talked and laughed.

"Which house are you going to?", which house? How rich are these people?

"My house.", no she's the rich one.

"Oh okay.", We got to the house. It was not too small and not too big. I got the stuff out of the car with help from Brandon. We walked in.

"Ashley I have to go tell the guys you're back in town."

"Okay, but don't tell anybody that I'm engaged I want to tell them."

"Will do, well get settled in and go see the family, I'll see you later."

"Okay.", when he left she gave me a tour of the house.

"And this is our room.", she said leading me into a room. It had black satin sheets on the bed and blood red walls with black curtains that matched the sheets.

"Wow! This is your old room?"

"Yeah you like it?"

"Like it, I love it.", she smiled at me.

"Now, lets make this house a little more homey.", I said giving her a smirk.

"I will be glad to."

Ashley's POV

I was awoke by a knock at the door. I put on a pair of Frank's boxers and his shirt. I love wearing his clothes, they are so damn comfortable. I walked up and opened the door.



"Come in.", I let him in and ran back to the room. "Frank baby don't walk out naked we have company."

"Who is it?"


"I'll be out in a minute."

"You can sleep if you want."

"No I'll be out in a minute."

"Oooookay.", What is up with him?

I walked back in the living room. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks, why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you."

"Well here I am."

"You look great."

"Thanks, you done told me that.", Frankie came up behind me and put his arms around my waist.

"Who's this?", Grey said. I could hear the jealously in his voice.

"Grey I would like you to meet my fiancé Frank."

"I know who he is, my girlfriend loves him and I guess my ex does too."

"Yes I do.", I looked at Frank who was smiling at me.

"Well we should double date sometime."

"Yeah that would be nice."

"Well, I'm gonna go."

"What are you waiting for.", I don't mean to sound like that, wait yes I do he cheated on me. I have a right.

"It seems you are trying to get rid of me."

"You did interupt something."

"I'll go call you later."


"Bye, oh wait can I have your cell phone number."

"Yeah.", I can't believe I'm giving him my number he doesn't deserve it. But I wrote it on a piece of paper and gave it to him like an idiot!, "Give that to everyone okay?"


"Bye.", he waked out.

"He was interupting something? We're you going to rape me in my sleep or something?"

"You never know.", We kissed. Then he pulled me closer.

"See what you do to me.", he said looking down.

"Well, let me help you with your little problem.", I slid my hand in his boxers. I'm assuming that he put some more on. I wrapped him fingers around his member and started pumping.

"Why does it feel better when you do it.", I stoped.

"You do this to yourself?"

"Well, It's better that cheating on you."

"Yeah your right.

I started back and soon after he released in my hand.

"Wanna go take a shower?", I asked giving him a smirk.

"That would be nice.", I lead him to the bathroom, turned on the water ,and we got undressed as he lead me to the shower.
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