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chapter 5

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Quent4949(Addy) this one goes out to you!

Quinn's POV

"Are you sure you know how to get to Prentiss?", Kelly said.

"Yes be patient.", I dialed the phone.

Ashley: Hello

Me: Hey where's your house?

Ashley: You're here already!?

Me: I took a private jet.

Ashley: Oh, go down main street take a left by Dollar General it's the third house down.

Me: Thanks that helps a lot. So what ya doing?

Ashley: Just getting out of the shower.

Me: At least you wont smell when see you.

Ashley: That's so wrong I don't smell.

Me: Whatever you make your self believe at night.

Ashley: That's why you can take your private jet and fly to Germany.

Me: You know you want me here.

Ashley: True.

Me: I'm at your house talk to you in a sec.

Ashley: Okay bye.

End of conversation!

She walked outside and ran into my open arms. "You want believe who came to see me today."

"Who?", I asked.


"Grey as in, Grey Grey.", Okay I sound like a chick. Get a hold of yourself Quinn.

"Yes as in Grey."

"Was Frankie with you?"

"Yeah, I told him about getting married."


"And he wants to go on a double date before I leave."

"That's weird." , I said. She nodded.

"Tell me about it."

"I am telling you about it.", we laughed.

"I've missed you."

"Hello what about me?"

"Oh Kelly, I didn't know you were here.", she ran over and hugged Kelly., "I've missed you too."

"QUINN!!?", Frankie ran and jumped into my arms. Which is funny if you seem it in the reflection of my car.

"Come in rest up. We're going to see mom and dad after you two get up packed.", Ashley said leading us inside.

"Wow we even got out own drawers.", I said sarcasticly.

"You know it.", We laughed. I've missed her, more than she imagined.

Ashley's POV

"So you got a convertible?", Frankie asked getting into my black coverable with flames on the sides.

"Damn and it's a hot convertible to be exact.", Quinn said jumping into the back seat. We drove to my parent's house. When I walked into the house my dad hugged me.

"Ashley, this must be Frank.", he said hugging Quinn.

"No daddy, this is Frank.", I said grabbing Franks hand.

"I like this guy better, who are you?"

"Quinn.", Quinn said holding out his hand to shake it. I looked at Frankie he was looking down, I could tell he was hurt.

"Quinn I like you come in.", my dad said leading Quinn into the den, where he watches all of his action movies and football.

I whispered into Frankie's ear. "Don't worry baby the only opinion that matters is me and you got a really good review.", he smiled at me and I kissed him. "Don't worry I'm right here with you."

"I know."

"Good news you haven't met my mom yet and she is going to love you so lets go.", I pulled him behind me to the kitchen.


"Ashley and who I'm assuming is Frank nice to meet you.", she hugged me and hugged Frankie. Frankie smilled at me.

"I like him.", his smile got bigger. " Oh help me I'm cooking spaghetti tonight."

"Frankie this is the woman who taught me how to cook."

"Does that mean that she cooks like you."

"No, she cooks better and I don't know how, I thought her everything she knows. She still makes it different and it taste better.", my mom said.

I grabbed his hand. "Come on I want to show you my old room.", we walked into my room and he looked around.

"You had two rooms?"

"No, This one is the one I was raised in when I lived with my parents. The other is the one I lived in when I was in collage."

"You were defiantly a teenager."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

He pointed to the posters around the room. I had a lot of posters.

"Why do you have a David Bornaze(Sp?) poster on your ceiling?"

"Because I wanted to wake up to that every morning.", We laughed.

"Who is David Bornaze?"

"David is the hottest vampire on that show Buffy the Vampire slayer."

"You like that show it's so stupid."

"No, it's not I own all the seasons on DVD and I also got the Angel DVD's"

"Why are you getting upset?"

"Because it's my past and your saying it's stupid."

"Baby I'm not saying it like that I love it because I love you."

I smiled, "Yeah and when we get back your going to watch it so much that you start to like it.", he smiled. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bed.

"What are we doing, we can't do what you are planning on doing."

"What make out?"

"Making out always leads to something else."

"Just make out with me or I can always announce that we are sexually active."

"Are you black mailing me?"

"If it will get you over here then yes.", he smilled and crawled on top of me. In the middle of our make out section my door flew opened.

"Am I interupting anything?"

"Gerard what are you doing here?"

"Well, Miranda came down to see her family and I made her show me where I could find you, so I can come and see how my favorite person is."

"Are you scared of her mother?"

"A little."

"Don't be her mother is awesome, and she thinks you look hot in the ghost of you video."


"Yeah. And I don't live here."

"Oh whatever and your mom is cooking spaghetti!"

"Ha ha."

"Everybody suppers done!", I heard my mother yelled. Gerard ran out.

"Miss Louise can I have some?!"

"Of course we have enough."

"I love your mom!", Gerard yelled hugging my mom and giving her a big kiss on the check.

"Get your lips off my woman!", my dad yelled before laughing. This night may not be as bad as I thought. Or could it?

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