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chapter 6

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Continue of Ashley's POV

After diner Miranda came over I thought it was time to tell them the news.

"Mom, dad, we've got some very important very important news for you."

"What is it?", my dad said. I took a deep breath.

"We're getting married."

"What?!", my dad does not sound happy.

"That's amazing.", my mother said hugging me and Frankie, my dad walked into his room without saying a word. That's not good. I walked after him.

"Daddy-", he cut me off.

"Don't daddy me I think you should be with Quinn fellow."

"I'm not in love with Quinn I'm in love with Frankie. I had to fight for Frankie. Frankie was with Jamia. I was with Quinn-"

"wait you cheated on that nice guy in there?"

"No, daddy I love Frankie why aren't you happy for me?"

"Because, look at him, he's some gothic with a lot of tattoos and peircings, Ashley he's trash."

"Shut up and listen, I'm getting married to Frankie end of discussion!", I stormed off and I guess everybody head because Frankie was out side smoking like chimney. I walked out side.

"Come on baby we're leaving.", he followed me.

"ASHLEY WE WANT TO GO HOME WITH YOU!!", Gerard, Miranda, Quinn, and Kelly ran and jumped in the back of the car.

"Come on.", I cranked the car and drove off. Frank grabbed my hand and held it playing with my fingers. I smilled and kissed him.

"ASHLEY EYES ON THE ROAD!", Miranda yelled.

"Baby it's a straight road she knows what she's doing.", Gerard said kissing her neck.

"Will you all wait until we get home!", Quinn said pulling Gerard apart, "And Ashley keep your eyes on the road!", I laughed and kissed Frankie again. "STOP THAT!"

"Yeah remember when you tried to do that with Grey and you ran off the road."

"Maybe because his hand went up my skirt.!"

"Ha ha that explains a lot."

"Can we please get off the Grey subject.", Quinn said and Frankie agreed.

"Okay we can always talk about how good Frank is in bed.", I looked at Frank and he was smiling.

"NO!", Quinn and Gerard yelled, which made us all laugh.

When we got home my phone rang.

Incoming call!

Me: Hello.

Grey: Hey.

Me: GREY!?
Quinn and Frank's head popped up....I guess I got there attention now!

Grey: Hey all the guys want to see you.

Me: When?

Grey: Tomorrow they want to go to the mall.

Me: Yeah okay well I got to go.

Grey: Okay love ya bye.

Me: bye

Grey: what no love you , I thought you loved me.

Me: Grey.

Grey: Okay bye.

Me: bye.

End of the conversation!

"So who was that?", Quinn asked but he already knew the answer.

"Grey, him and the guys want me to got to the mall with them."

"Are we?", Frankie asked.

"Yeah all of us."

"Aww man I thought I was going to sit this one out.", Quinn said sarcasticly.

The next day I got dressed in what I usually wear a mini skirt and a tight tank. "I think you should where my Misfits shirt and a pair of jeans.", Frankie said, which made me laugh I turned around and kissed him.

"Come on we are going to be late.", Gerard and Miranda went to Miranda's moms to spend some time with her.

Everywhere we drove had memories and I told them some of the funny stories that came out of those memories. "s let me get this straight you were a wild child and all your friends were guys?", I nodded. "Did you go skinny dipping?", I nodded.

"WHAT?!", everyone said at the same time.

"With them?", Kelly asked, I just simply nodded.

"They've seen you NAKED?!", Frankie asked squeaking at the end. I could tell he didn't like the idea of me going skinny dipping with a bunch of guys.

"It was really dark outside.", I said trying to defend myself.

"It doesn't matter, did they see you naked?", I looked over to Frankie to see that he was getting jealous.

I smirked, "Maybe I don't know."

After a long and uncomfortable ride to the mall we made it. "man your mall is so small."

"Wow thanks I'll take it as a complement."

"Haha how can that be a complement?"

"I don't kno-", I was cut off by someone yelling my name. I turned around and couldn't breath because all the guys we're hugging me.

"Hey guys."

"So why are you down, Grey didn't tell us anything.", I took a deep breath.

"Guys I'm getting married."

"Your kidding right?"

"No, I'm getting married and he's right behind you.", They went and hugged Quinn.

"Wrong guy.", I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh", they all said and went and hugged Frankie congratulating him.

After a lot of talking, catching up and kissing Frankie just to annoy the boys. This man walked up. "Excuse me?"

"Yes?", I asked.

"Can we take your pics for the local magazines and newspapers?"

"Why yes of course.", After awhile of taking or pics. Fan came up and starting taking pics as well, asking for autographs.

"Guys it's been good buy I have to go."

"Already, we just started hanging out?"

"I know but I have to see my family too.", I kissed and hugged them all.

"Love you guys you are all invited to my wedding in New York!"

"NEW YORK!? THIS IS GONNA ROCK!", I laughed and walked to the car.

"That was interesting.", Kelly said laughing.

"You have no idea.", everyone busted into laughter.

When we got to my parents house we sat down talking and dad was driving me crazy telling me why I should marry Quinn and not Frankie. Quinn was loving every minute of it as for Frankie I could tell was hurt by the comments my dad was making about him. I got sick of it. I can't let anybody say about this about Frankie not even if it's my dad.


"Why not this young man?", he said motioning to Quinn.



"Why can't you be happy for me?!"




He pushed the limit!, "HE'S NOT TRASH, COME ON FRANKIE WE'RE GOING HOME!", I grabbed his hand and pulled him out. Quinn and Kelly came after. When we got into the car. I kissed him passionately. "I love you, you know that?"

"I do and your beautiful too.", I laughed when I relized I called him beauiful. "Let's go home we got a wedding to plan.", We got back and packed got on Quinn's private jet, Wait!

"Quinn where did you get this jet?"

"Oh, Mikey loaned it to me with personal piolet.", we laughed and got on.

We got comfortable and Frankie whispered, "Get some sleep.", he didn't have to tell me twice. Everything went black as sleep over took me.

Frankie's POV

We got home and I got a call from Gerard.

Incoming call!

Me: Hello.

Gerard: Where are you?

Me: At home.

Gerard: No I'm at- IN JERSEY!

Me: Yeah, Why?

Gerard: Oh nothing important but we are staying with you AND OUR STUFF IS IN HER HOUSE!
(In the background Miranda: they left us, oh, I feel love!"

Me: Sorry I'll take the private jet and come let you two in.

Gerard: Where did we get a jet?

Me: Mikey.

Gerard: Say no more, but what about tonight?

Me: Stay at her mom's house tonight.

Gerard: Okay.

Me: Bye.

Gerard: Bye.

End of conversation!

"Who was that?", Ashley asked taking off her clothes and putting a pair of my boxers and a tank on.


"Oh my gosh, I can't belive I forgot about them."

"Baby relax I'm going in the morning to let them in."

"I shouldn't go I'm the one that forgot."

"Let me do this.", I said kissing her.


"And plus you and Aneesah need to start planning the wedding.", we kissed.

She came to my ear, "Make love to me."

"Make love I shall do.", I kissed her going down her neck as well. I can't wait til we get married.


Hey sorry it took so long to update! I've just had my mind on other things lately. I pomise that it won't happen again. Please tell me what tell me what you think and I will update soon....I hope anyways! Also this is just the beginning of a very emotional story....just wait and see.
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