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Sunsets over Montreal

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The Band is in Montreal they've just finish with give 'em hell kid. Quebec Fans are raving and Emma waits in the tour bus, but for what phone call? Frank and Bob are off to a corner store for smoke...

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"Merci Montreal," Gerard called into his mic.
The band waved as they excited the stage; Frank raced for a shower in the hall's locker room and the rest of the bed followed. Emma had left half way through to answer her buzzing phone. Toro glanced over as she was leaving and now as he stood in the shower looking down and letting the water fall over his exhausted joints he felt distracted very distracted. Emma stood in the bus with her phone out laying on her bed. She tapped her foot and began to pace. After a few minutes she sat next to the phone and held her breath.
"Alright, She wants, it all has to come down this time-,"the phone screamed.
This was one ring tone Emma had not heard in the longest time. She grabbed the cell and answered.

"Gerard, Bob and I are off to get some smokes," Frank muttered as the band walked into the hall's lounge, "Do you want any?" Frank asked trying to catch Gerard's eyes as they seemed to be beating on Ray.
"Nahh," Gerard replied turning his head slightly enough to see Frank nod.
Frank and Bob chased each other to the exit doors pushing. Mikey's cell went off with a misfit's song and he turned around walking away to answer it. Gerard placed a firm grip on Toro's shoulder,
"Ray, Can we talk."
Toro nodded and the two sat down on a large leather couch.
"What's up Gerard?"
"I know i shouldn't, i mean I'm not in a position to be telling you what to do," He paused and rubbed slightly at his eye, " But certain precautions should be taken."
"You mean, this morning when you saw me asleep in Emma's bed."
"Yeah well i mean, i just thought, well you know with the groupie thing."
Toro took in a deep breath and cupped his hands in his chin; he looked sideways at Gerard,
"I don't think we would call Emma a groupie, considering I've been coming on to her."
Gerard nodded,
"I just hope you want this."
Toro smiled,
"I hope she wants this too."

Emma's hands shook as her long lost friend spoke,
"So I'm back from Afghanistan, and I'm here in town."
"Why are you calling me now?"
"Well cause Emma, I wanted to see you."
"Why now?"
"Why is that even a discussion? I'm back, you're single and legal i might add,"
"Yeah but how do you know my feelings haven't changed?"
"Come on Ems, you're well you."
"Jordan, i was open and ready to be with you and I-."
"I wasn't, you where underage-."
"DON'T turn this into a shouting match."
Emma whimpered; she sat down slowly,
"I don't trust guys like you anymore, I loved you once."
"You still do Ems."
"No I don't."
"Yes you do."
"you do, if you didn't you wouldn't have picked up this phone, and let me call you back a few minutes later."
Emma started to cry; silently and she hated herself for it. She did indeed still love Jordan. Further more he was in Ottawa their next stop on Tour. She could meet him and tell him it's over, but she knew that couldn't do it.
"I," She paused and took a long breath, "I do, I still Love you," She took a labored breath, Emma did not want to start crying again, "I love you," She cried softly.
Jordan's line went silent for a while,
"I'll meet you in Ottawa, okay?"
"Yeah," Emma whispered and ended the call.
She drew in a breath and wiped her Face; she straightened out her clothes and turned to see Mikey standing in front of her a foot away.
"Oh my go-," Emma covered her mouth, "How long were you standing there?"
Mikey's eyes were glossy; his face in a hurt and confused expression. Emma felt tears come to her own eyes as Mikey tried to say something, but alas his lips froze; it almost seemed he was trying to form the word 'why'. He tried again,
"From I love you."
His faced scrunched up and he felt tears leaking from his face,
"What is with you and Roger, That guy is horrible to you."
Emma let tears fall from her hazel eyes, she knelt down in front of Mikey,
"It wasn't Roger i was taking too."
Mikey muffled a sob; closing his lips tight and clenching his Fist,
"I thought you loved Ray!?"
Emma grabbed his hands and cried harder,
"I do, I love him more than anything in the world," She sobbed into Mikey's Lap, "I just can't let go of Jordan and i want to so badly, I'd give my life to end my feelings for this guy."
A few ageless moments passed, Emma slowly drew away from Mikey and began to wipe her tears; she felt arms enclose around her and at that moment Emma felt forgiven.
"Tell him, tell him it's over..tell Jordan," Mikey whispered.
"Okay," Emma replied softly in a broken voice.
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