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The club

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Her brother sends her out on assignment. Not for a kill, but for a stakeout. Can she do a vampire-count without screwing anything up?

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"Yes, yes, I have everything I need. We've gone over it all already! I'll be fine! It's not like I'm killing or anything." Kayla grumbled, pushing her brother off of her.

"Just because you aren't killing, doesn't mean you can't get hurt." Her brother said, tapping her nose lightly with his finger. Kayla shook her head, and sighed, looking up at him. She knew that he was just warning her of what could happen, being the protective older brother and all, but she could do this!

She had been training for the chance to finally start slaying for years. There were, of course, many dangers. Her last name was well known, for the long line of male slayers that followed it. Any vampire could assume that she was a part of that family line, could guess that she wasn't a threat, capture her, and use her as bait for some other family members. Or, so her brother and father had told her anyway, but she wanted to do this. She was born to do this.

She was a Morilan. Slaying was in her blood. Ever since she was little, she always wanted to be exactly like her father; a vampire slayer. Her brother was the first one to get the training though, of course.

Normally, as everyone would expect, girls were the slayers. In this case, it was the guys of the family who took on the slaying lineage. It was probably because they were less emotional than girls and got stronger more quickly. Or at least that's what her father always said. Everything changed however when Kayla's father died when she was six. It was a terrible blow to both her and her brother, especially since it was a vampire who killed him. Michael had been looking for that one vampire ever since their father was killed. So far, he had seen him, but couldn't get close enough to kill him.

Her brother couldn't do everything on his own. They had other family members who were slayers, but each family had a certain place to hold up; a certain city or town that was a hot spot for vampires. Now that it was only her and her brother, he decided to train her.

She was now seventeen, and had been training for eleven years of her life. She hadn't been on one mission yet. Well, okay, she had been on one. But all she did was sit outside, watching the car while her brother did the slaying. Not her version of fun.

Finally, it was her turn. Then again, all she was doing was staking out a club, looking to see just how many vampires hung out there. Nothing big, but at least it was something. Something better than watching a car.

"I'm ready for this, Michael. I'll be fine." Kayla smiled up at him, grabbed her leather jacket and a few knives (just in case), tucking them away in her boots. She reached back, gripped her pony-tail holder, and pulled it out, letting her wavy brown hair hang down past her shoulders.

"Don't worry. You've taught me well Obi-Won." She said, grinning playfully. Michael reached over, and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Be careful Kay." Kay was his nickname for her ever since she was born.

"I will, I promise. I know what to do." She gave him a hug, and ran out the door to the car. She was excited! She would finally be able to start doing the things her father and her brother did! Her brother and her went shopping the day before, to make sure that Kayla would fit in at the club; Erotic Fantasies. Quite a name, right?

The leather jacket was new, as was her tight crimson tube top. It clung tightly to her B-cup breasts, and to her toned, slim stomach, stopping above her bellybutton. The short, black pleated skirt was something she had had for a few years. The heels, however, those were new. They had about a two-inch heel, and they tied up her ankles. All in all, she looked like she was going out clubbing, without looking trashy. If she was going to get to go shopping every time she had a mission, Kayla was going to be one happy girl.

Now, compared to a lot of other girls Kayla had met, she didn't really stand out. Pretty average body, average features, nothing really special. Her brother had always told her that was a good thing. There was nothing about her that would really be remembered by the vampires they hunted. Kayla didn't really think of that though. She was pretty, yes. But in a way that all girls were pretty. There was nothing really physically unique about her.

Putting the car in reverse, she slowly pulled out of the driveway, and then sped down the street towards the club. She knew she wasn't supposed to be as excited as she was. She was supposed to be nervous that she would slip up. Strangely enough, she wasn't that nervous.

Her brother had gone through what to do with her so much that she had his plan memorized. She would sit, order a drink, dance a bit, converse if she felt like it, but wouldn't get friendly with the leeches. If she introduced herself, she was to say that her name was Ali Parker. If she said her real last name, there was a high chance that someone would recognize it. Another order her brother gave her was not to get drunk. That caused slip-ups, and slip-ups caused deaths.

Kayla ran through the rules and steps in her head and pulled into the parking lot of the club. The parking lot was pretty full of cars, most of them sleek and new. She guessed that there were either quite a few rich humans in there, or there were quite a few vampires. Vampires tended to get the best of everything, since they had forever to get any money they needed, or kill any people with the thing they wanted.

She looked up in her review mirror, applying some quick mascara and black eyeliner. Kayla flashed a trained smile in the mirror before stepping out of the car, locking it behind her. She wasn't about to let anyone steal it. As practiced, she put a slight sway in her walk, to really make it look like she was coming to this club to have fun. She smiled brightly at the bouncer, (quickly noting that he was a vampire as well) and he nodded, letting her in. It wasn't hard getting into clubs. The harder part was the getting out. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case for this one.

The moment she stepped in the club, she stopped, stunned by the loudness of the music and the bright, flashing lights. She had been to clubs before, but this one was definitely the most active she had ever seen. There were tons of people up on the dance floor dancing, quite a few dancing pretty dirty-like. There were drunken people staggering around, people sitting at tables and talking, people sitting at the bar ordering drinks...

Another thing that stunned her was the huge vampiric aura in the place. There were tons of vampires in here! She guessed that most of the humans in here were... Snacks... She thought that Michael had told her this was a mostly human club...

What was going on? Well, maybe it was just a crowded night... Michael wouldn't have sent her here if he knew it was going to be dangerous, right? Was it a test of some sort? Was he testing her? Ugh, this was too confusing. She should probably leave, and tell Michael that there were a lot of vampires there. He'd wonder why she left so quickly... He'd probably call her a coward, and think that she was too young for the job... She couldn't let that happen. She had to stay a little longer...

She walked past the bar and over to a table, sitting down to observe. A few eyes followed her as she sat, and now she wished she had just worn her regular clothes. Kayla was sort of a tomboy. She loved baggy pants, long shirts, things like that. But she didn't mind dressing up like this on occasion. Now however, she was regretting it.

A voluptuous waitress sauntered over to her, a tray suspended in her raised hand. "Can I get you anything?" Kayla winced hearing her voice. It was high, and slightly nasal.

"Um... a coke?" Kayla said, smiling nervously. The waitress grinned, and leaned over the table, looking at Kayla mischievously.

"You're allowed to drink whatever you want in here, human." She said, winking at Kayla. "We don't care whether you're drunk or sober. So, what'll it be?" She asked, straightening again, flashing Kayla a smile. Kayla noticed with dismay, that this waitress was a vampire as well.

"Coke." She said, staring at the waitress evenly. The waitress shrugged, and walked off to go get her drink. Kayla leaned back in her small, round booth, realizing how dangerous this situation was. There were tons of vampires in here; it seemed all the employees were vampires... She needed to get out, and she needed to get out now. She didn't care what Michael would say. He would understand.

Kayla stood up, and moved her way out of the booth, beginning to walk towards the door. "Hey girlie, you don't want your drink?" Kayla recognized the waitress's voice, and turned around slowly, waving her hand in a dismissing gesture.

"No, I want it. I'm going to my car to get my purse. I left it inside."

"Sure you did, hun. Come on, don't leave yet. There's lots of fun to be had." The waitress set the tray down on the table, and started moving towards Kayla, a seductive sway in her hips that would've caught the attention of any human guy. Well, Kayla wasn't a guy, and all her instincts were telling her 'run'.

Kayla backed up slightly, her steps quickening. When the waitress licked her lips, Kayla whirled around to run for the door. When she turned however, she slammed right into something. She looked up, and her heart almost stopped.

"Well, well... looks like we have a little frightened kitten trying to play the tiger." It was another vampire. "What's your name, kitten?" He asked, taking Kayla's chin in his hand. Kayla was angry and terrified at the same time. She opened her mouth to answer, and almost answered with her real name.

"Ali Parker..." She said quietly, staring up at the man.

This vampire was dark and handsome, like the vampires in the fairy tale stories, but he had a twisted, sadistic look in his eyes. Black hair, black eyes, muscular build... He looked like one of the guys who would be a famous actor or something. But the glint in his eyes was what frightened Kayla.

"Well then Ali, you don't seem like you really want to be here, am I right? Why don't I help to make your night here a bit more... entertaining?" He said, taking his hand from her chin and moving it to her shoulder, smirking down at her.
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