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1. Gone forever, or just til the sun gets up?

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Frank and Ely. Forever gone, or just until the sun goes up?

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"Frankie, no you can't." I yelled to him.
"I don't want to, but I have to. My dad has got a new job in L.A and I can't stay here on my own, can I?"

I cried so much that night. What were I suppose to do.
I had noone else but Frank, we've known eachother for like forever, and now he was moving in a week.

One week later

"I guess this is goodbye. But NOT for all eternity, just for now." Frank said and looked at me.
"I'll never forget you, I'll always remember you as my best friend, you're like a bigbrother to me." That was a lie, I know it was. Deep down in my heart I loved him to death.
He hugged me gently and kissed my forhead. A tear fell from his eyes and I turned around.

Frankies POV

It crushed my heart that I had to pretend to leave Ely. I didn't want to se her sad. I loved her to much for that.
Offcourse, I had been going out with other girls, just to try to forget her, but noone was like Ely.
I jumped in to the car and we drove away from Ely's house.
I had one more thing to do before we left Belleville.
I asked my mum to drive to mine and Ely's old treehouse that we had when we were little.
I left the note, and then we were on our way to L.A.

Short chapter, sry guys. Please rewiev!
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