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2. Feeling like a fool.

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That evening I went to our treehouse. Frankie had left a note on my pillow before he left.
It was saying:
"Go to our treehouse at eleven tonight. Love Frank".
The time was a quater to eleven and it was really dark, but I knew the way to our treehouse, I could walk the way through the forest with my eyes closed and still find it. That's just me.
I started to climbe up in the tree, it was harder then I remembered.
When I came up I saw a note on the florr.
I read it and I were just standing there starring.
The note was saying:
"Ely, if you ever read this note, I want you to know that I love you, very much, more then as a friend. I'm not going with my family to L.A. I can't stand being away from you for so long.
When we stop at the first hotel I'm leaving in the night.
If you feel the same for me as I feel for you, please meet e at the back of our school. I promise to be there in the morning."

A tear fell from my eyes. Finally I could confess my love to him.
I walked home and fell asleep.

Next morning I waked up around five. It was about an hour until the sun came up. I made some coffee, got dressed and left the house. It was going to be a beutiful morning.
Spring break was soon over and it was even more beutiful then it had ever been this summer.
The moment I came up to our school the sun came up.
I walked around the corner to the backside of the school, and I sat down on a stone.
What if this just was som kind of sick joke? Maybe it wasn't even Frankie who wrote the note. I started to get worried, and I felt like a fool.
And I waited, and waited.

"Ely, is that you? What are you doing in the bushes?"
I recognized that voice, it was my mums. Great, what was she doing here now that I was going to meet Frankie?
By the way, where was he? What was the time?
"Yeah, that's me mum."
"Why were you sleeping in the bushes."
"Oh.. I was on a walk, and I must had fallen asleep." I lied, that must be like the worst lie ever. But my mum bought it."
"You should be lucky I found you and noone else, we don't want a bad reputation, right sweety?"
I hated my mum, she was always thinking that she was much better then everybody else, and that everyting was going to give us a bad reputation.
"Yeah.. Thanx mum.."
"Have you been taking something?"
"NO MUM. I havn't, why should I? I just went for a walk and fell asleep, okay?"
"Hmm. Okay."
"Now, lets go home?
The whole way back to the house I was thinking about the note. Why hadn't he arrived?
Didn't I mean anything for him? Had someone killed him. My thoughts was killing me.
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