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The Dragons

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this is an English Story i had to write for school but i HAD to put it on!!!

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This was an english story that i just liked so much that i had to put it on....please reveiw!!!

I could feel the sweat dribbling down my face. It got half way down and just stopped, making me itch. To scratch I would have to drop the satellite dish and stop. I was so eager to scratch.
"Sophia!" I called, dropping the dish.
"What?" She asked the annoyance clear in her voice.
"I think we should camp here," I said "we could burrow into the undergrowth. We would be protected by animals that way."
"Fine! Gawd you don't like walking do you?" She asked. I was furious! We had been walking for thee hours! She had never been more annoying!
I could hear a river somewhere ahead so there must be a lake.

We burrowed into the undergrowth and had a fire blazing. I really needed a wash so I muttered my goodbyes and stalked off for a lake.
I found it about 200 yards away from our camp. I walked down to the crystal clear waves. I stripped out of my cloths and dived in. It was cool and relaxing. I forgot about everything... Until Sophia came into view. I dived into the water.
I was bare naked!


Jack suddenly came up from the water so his head was just above the water.
"Sophia! What are you doing here?" He asked me.
"Coming for a swim, what did you think?" I lied, I had actually come to apologise for being a complete cow but the way he just dived in and ignored me was just... ugh!
"Umm... I'm naked," he said flatly. I went red.
"Ok... maybe later then!" I turned and sprinted back to camp.
"Eeeeeeeeew!" I exclaimed. He was kind of cute though.


I walked back to camp. After the little 'run in' with Sophia I wasn't in the mood. I went straight to bed.

When I woke up the camp was empty. The satellite dish was lying on its side and the fire was smouldering. The birds in the sky flew down to see what was moving. I walked over to the fire and poked it with a stick... Nothing happened. I walked into the woods. I found some firewood and picked it up. I yelped aloud as a red and white snake bit my finger.
"Aaaaagh!" I screamed.
I could feel the poison seeping into my bloodstream. My vision went blurry. I could make out a shape.
"He...lp me!"


"He...lp me!" he said
"It's not poisonous, dough ball" I said coiling the snake around my neck.
"What?" he replied, jumping to his feet.
I laughed and looked at him then I laughed again.
"Dough ball!" I muttered as I walked away.
He was so immature!
"Hey wait up!" he called after me. I turned around.
"Sorry. I don't know as much as you." He said, looking at his feet.
We walked to camp and gasped in surprise. The camp had been ripped apart.
"Oh no!" I whimpered
"What?!" Jack said in alarm.
"Komodo Dragons!!" I said and walked into the ruins.
"Dragons?" Jack said "Combat Dragons?"
"Komodo!" I snapped back at him
Suddenly, a deep, throaty growl rumbled.
"Please say that was you!" Jack squealed
"RUN!" I yelled and we bolted it out of camp, jack clutching the firewood.


My prey ran out of the small clearing. I snapped my jaws together and ran, full pelt, towards them. I turned a corner and saw them. The boy was thrusting large sticks into the ground, obviously to stop me.
I jumped up into the air and landed next to them. I smacked them with my large, scaly tail and they flew away.
The boy squeaked.
"Climb the trees!" The one with long hair yelled. I didn't know what they said but found out as they started climbing the large, chunky logs. I couldn't reach!
Bullies! Picking me!
I jumped up. The girls leg was coming closer and closer. I opened my jaws wide...


I screamed in pain as the sharp teeth punctured my skin. Searing pain! I felt the teeth scrape against my bone. I screamed and tried to pull away. The flesh pulled away and I seen blood seep through the ripped skin. Suddenly there was a snapping sound and a large branch came down upon the treacherous creature and smacked it on the nose. It fell back and scampered away.
Jack ripped off a strip of his top and wrapped it around my leg. It almost instantly turned red but it held firm.
I didn't have the heart to tell him it would return to finish its meal.
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