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The End Of The Adventure

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Hope you liked the last chapter. This is the end!! Woo



Sophia looked in pain but she didn't let herself cry or scream in pain.
It had been about five minutes since the attack and she had been ripping vines from the tree.
"What are they for?" I asked
"Helping me get down!" She snapped back, looking around.
Suddenly I gasped as she leaned onto me. My back was pressed firmly against the tree. Sophia grabbed the vines and started to wrap them around me and the tree.
"What are you doing?" I asked her.
"Sorry" she said, pulling out a knife. She brought the knife and with a small 'thud' it stabbed into the tree.
She finished off the knot by inserting a large stick into the loose vines and twisted it. I gasped in pain as the vines pulled on my skin.
"I'm sorry I lied. When it's gone cut yourself out. Get out of here!" she said, pecking me on the cheek. She grabbed a branch and lowered herself down.
"No!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face "Don't go!"
She dropped down and there was silence.
"It isn't here" she yelled up "But stay there!"
I did as I was told.

It was a couple of minutes later when I heard a small gasp. A growl erupted and I heard sounds that I wouldn't put on paper even if I could describe them.

I walked slowly. It had been about five hours since Sophia had...
I could see the huge mountain through the trees.
"Almost there..." I said to myself, self-motivation I think they call it.
I stopped for a break and climbed up a tree. I checked it for snakes, spiders and other poisonous creatures and found none. I turned round and yelled out loud. A sloth had hung itself upside down on the branch beside me.
I gathered myself and sat down. Once I had gotten my breath back I fished inside my raggy, poor excuse of a pocket and pulled out a small egg shaped fruit Sophia had confirmed safe to eat.

I looked up at the mountain. It was huge! I had walked for ages with no rest. I decided I would rest and get some sleep. I got a mixture of mud and leaves and put it all around me. I had only closed my eyes when I fell fast asleep.

"Mayday! Mayday!" The pilot said "We are going to land the plane on an uncharted island."
The seatbelt light flickered on and jack belted up. He saw another girl doing the same.
"Think we are going to crash?" He asked
"Don't be stupid!" She snapped back, grabbing the arm of her chair, as the plane jolted in turbulence.
Jack looked out of the window and saw a vast mountain, trees, a small river and beyond that... Ocean. Nothing but ocean.
He turned back and looked at the girl. He gasped. Her leg was all bloody. She had chunks out of her face and body.
A loud bang erupted and fire surrounded them. Jack felt his face...

"Aaaaagh!" I screamed, waking up. It took me two minutes to realise it was a nightmare.
I tried to get back to sleep after a while I nodded off eventually.

"Help me!" Jack screamed down the radio.
"There are two of us! We survived the crash of Easy Jet flight 683."
"Ok. I can help you." A calm voiced girl called through the static "you need to get to the highest point of the island. Take the small satellite dish with you. Flick the switch to 'send'!"
"Ok. I'm Jack" He said, it only felt right to give her his name.
"Ok Jack, I'm Hilary. As soon as you flick 'send' I will send you..."
It went static. Jack turned to see Sophia all bloody and gory. Her leg hung limply and chunks of her face had been gnawed off.
"You let me die!" Sophia said suddenly.

I woke up suddenly, gasping. I felt my forehead. It was soaked in sweat. I looked around as the danger of my predicament became clear.
I strolled down to the small lake nearby. I tried to be as cheerful as possible.

The mountain face looked never ending. I had been walking for one and a half hours.
If Sophia had been here, I thought, I would have someone to talk to. Normally I couldn't remember my dreams but I couldn't stop thinking about what the 'Sophia' in my dream had said.

Suddenly he heard a call.
"Jack!" It came again. Jack turned to see Sophia running up the mountain.
"You left me!" She said, about a metre away from him.
"I'm sorry" He cried back, tears falling from his eyes.
There was a crunch as Sophia's ankle snapped to the side. She fell and started tumbling down the cliff. Jack saw her head crack against a rock and her body went limp.

I snapped back to reality. My legs like jelly. I slipped to my knees. For the first time since Sophia's death I cried. I cried like I knew I was going to die... Was I?

I cheered aloud as I saw the top of the mountain. Suddenly I got a burst of adrenaline and ran the rest of the way. I fell on top of the satellite making sure not to break it.
As soon as I got up and, making it look dramatic, I flicked the 'send' switch. An LED light burned dully in the bright afternoon light.
Now all I had to do was wait.
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