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When Life Turns the Tables On You...

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Katnappe gets curious and decides to look through Jack's stuff, but what she finds may change her outlook on Jack...and life. A little OOC for now, but it'll begin to make sense as I write more.

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama, Erotica, Horror - Characters: Clay, Jack Spicer, Katnappe, Kimiko, Omi, Raimundo, Tubbimura, Vlad, Other - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-01-31 - Updated: 2007-01-31 - 1424 words

"This better be good Jack! Lately, your plans have sucked." Katnappe told Jack.
"Ya Jack, your plans have stunk like as you say moldy cheese." Vlad agreed.
"This ones gonna be a surefire hit! No joke." Jack reassured them.
"Better be.." Katnappe mumbled.
"Jack! You gotta mow the lawn! And do my chores! I did yours last week!" Jacks sister shouted.
"Now! Or I'm gonna take your corny little inventions and shove em up your ass!! NOW!!!!!!!!"
"Ok, calm down I'm coming."
Everyone laughs
"Shutup! At least you don't have a bitchy sister." Jack whined.
"What are WE supposed to do while you do chores?" Katnappe asked.
"It'll take an hour tops, order a pizza." Jack said.
Jack leaves
"Can we get two pizzas, I'm hung-"
You see Katnappe going through Jack's stuff.
"What are you doing, if he finds out you went through his stuff, we won't get paid." Tubbimura warned.
"Shutup, fattie, he won't know, trust me." Katnappe said.
"Well, I am leaving so bye bye." Vlad said.
Vlad and Tubbimura leave
"Babies." Katnappe laughs.
"Oh! His journal! Purrrfect."

1st entry, 6 years ago.
I don't what I'm going to do. I'm sick, I'm so fucking sick, I wanna die, but why do I wanna die? Why? I need help, help help help help help help. I don't deserve any of this, man why me? Why me? I'm gonna die anyway, shit, I don't have much time. I wanna be an equal, but I'll never be, why did mom have to marry him? His phantom is gonna kill me. I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die. I'm just a kid, a kid, I'm not supposed to die yet, I have to finish 4th grade! I'm not even 10 yet, I don't wanna die. But I'll die anyways, because I'm a worthless piece of shit, according to him. And, I think he's right. Thats it, it's all over, it's over, goodbye."

"" Katnappe says, very shooken up.
She then see's a box, and she opens it, it's full of papers, so prepared to see horrible things she grabs a paper that looks like it was from a notebook.

1/13, 1 year ago.
I'm so sorry, sorry that I have to go, I'm going to miss you all terribly. Mom, I love you and please don't break down when it happens, and I'm sorry and your the best mom a kid could have. Sis, your awesome and I'll never forget the awesome things we did as kids. Little sis, I know your only 2 but I hope you'll have some meemory of me when you get older, I love you. My brother, your a nice kid, you better not go crazy like I did, don't take the road I took, it will lead you to nowhere. The things I've done can never be forgiven, so this is it. At 6 PM tonight I'll be nothing but a memory, through videos and pictures. I'm going to tkake three bottles of Prozac and go to sleep, waking up as a phantom, by the time you read this it'll already be too late, but it's the devils fault, the devil, the one that was placed on earth to torture me, I know he'll never bother me again, but the memory remains and it will never ever go away, I'm sorry, I'll say hi to dad, for all of you.
Love, your Son and Brother,

There is a long silence, and Katnappe is trembling.
"I need to find out more about this."
She looks through boxes and boxes of stuff, haunting memories, disturbing suicide letters, and emotional scars in every word of the eerie letters. She finally comes across a box, which contained five photo albums and another with 8 video tapes.

She puts a video tape in Jacks VCR downstairs.

It shows a boy, about 8, sitting in a mental hospital room. It was Jack! Without the dyed red hair. A man begins talking:
"Jack Spicer, age 7, hour 4."
"Jack, I'm going to ask you some questions so we can better understand what's wrong with you. What do you see in this picture?"
"Him holding a bloody knife." Jack responded.
He shows Jack another ink blot.
"Him, pulling mommy's hair."
"Jack who is Him?" The man asks.
"My fake daddy." Jack says.
"Your dad would never do that, he loves you."
"No, he loves Pete, he hates me and sissy cuz were not his kids. He makes me sleep in the attic and makes sissy sleep in the laundry room."
"You're lying to me, your step daddys a good man."
Jack throws his shoe at the camera and you see snow
"Oh my god!" Katnappe screamed inside of her head.
Then she looked at a photo that seemed almost 10 years old.
It shows a family, three kids, and two adults. One was a girl about 7, with her hands folded in front of her, she looks like something bad just happened. She had her hair in pigtails, and she had platinum blonde hair and azure eyes, wearing a red dress and a diamond necklace. There was also a woman, who was without a doubt Jack's mom. She wore a silky blue dress and her long blonde hair was down to her butt, her eyes were an aqua blue and her skin was fair, she was very beautiful. She held a baby in her arms and he had blondish brown hair and red eyes, he was Jack's brother. There was a man with black hair and emerald eyes and he seemed to be the only one that was happy, with a big smile on his face, wearing glasses. Lastly, there was a boy, who looked like he was 5, he had light brown hair and red eyes, he had his hands behind his back and had a sad look on his face with some sort of sadness in his eyes, his hair was long in the front and short in the back, it was most likely Jack, he was such a gorgeous kid.
Jack was in mostly every picture, but he never smiled, and in most, he didn't even look at the camera.
She then, with all her courage, took another video out. It showed a birthday cake with 8 candles, and it said "Happy Birthday Jack!"
"Jack? Aren't you gonna smile for the camera, it's your birthday." Jacks mom said.
"Mom, don't even bother, he never smiles." Carmen said, Jack's sister.
"Come on Jack, smile." his mom begged.
Jack amiled on one side of his mouth.
"That's my boy, your 8 now, oh my god, my baby boys growing up!"
"Mom, I'm not a baby."
"I know, I know, but you'll always be a baby to me." His mom said. When everyone begins to sing Happy Birthday, theres a knock at the door, and the person is let in. Jack looks over and sees it's his ex Step Dad.
"Get out! Go away! I don't wanna see him mom, make him leave."
"Jack think of this as an apology, what I did was wrong and I'll always regret it, I'm sorry."
"Sorry doesn't cut it, you evil bastard!"
Jack gets on the table and jumps on him, choking him.
"Jack! Stop it, stop it!! Get off of him, now!" Hos mom screams.
Chaos fills the room with people screaming and trying to get Jack off of him. But it was too late, Chester falls to the ground, dead.
"FUCKER! FUCKER FUCKER! DIE DIE DIE." Jack screams as he stomps on his rib cage.
"Jack! What have you done? Go to your room, NOW!" His mother said as she shook him.
And that was the day, his mind collapsed, the day he went insane, after he killed him, he thought he was evil, and wanted to take over the world and make people suffer, just like he did, and still does.
"What happened to you?" Katnappe asked herself.
Then she heard footsteps, who was most likely Jack. She hurridly put everything back before Jack came back.
"Hey guys, I'm done now heres the plan." Jack said as he walked down.
When she saw Jack, she ran over to him and hugged him tight. She began to cry.
"I'm so sorry, now I know, I know why your so messed up!" Katnappe began.
"You're not worthless, and don't kill yourself!"
"Ashley? What are you talking about?" Jack asked confused.
"I wanna know more about your past."
"You didn't."
"I did."

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