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Chiara Lawson, an oncologist is hired by House. She is put under the supervision of Wilson. A triangle of lust and love soon unfolds between two of the doctors and Chiara. Later chapters might be r...

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Chiara Lawson walked into Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, she walked up to the main desk and smiled at the nurse. The nurse looked at her taking Chiara all in before smiling
"How may I help you?" The nurse asked
"I'm looking for Dr. Gregory House's office, he called me in for a interview." Chiara answered
The nurse couldn't believe that Dr. House had called this woman infront of her in for a interview. She had long dark dyed hair with pink highlights, she had on a Led Zepplin shirt with a leather jacket over top, she had a jean skirt with black heels on. this was usually a person Dr. House would ridicule.
"He's on the fourth floor" The nurse smiled
"Thank you." Chiara smiled back before walking to the elevators.
Inside the elevator Chiara smiled to herself, she still couldn't believe that Dr. Gregory House had called her apartment in Alphabet City and asked her to come in for an interview. She took a deep breath when the elevator doors opened at the third floor and a man in a lab coat, a blue dress shirt, black pants and a purple tie walked in and looked at her before smiling, she smiled back.
Finally the elevator doors opened on the fourth floor and Chiara stepped out, the doctor following her. Chiara looked around confused to where she was supposed to go.
"Excue me, may I help you?" The doctor asked
Chiara smiled at him and nodded "I'm looking for Dr. Gregory House's office."
He looked at her with a funny look and then smiled to himself "Just down that hallway, second door on your right." He said pointing down the hallway on her left.
She smiled "Thank you very much."
He watched her head down the hallway, shaking his head. He couldn't believe that House had gotten so desperate that he called a hooker to his office.
She stood outside the door, looking in, she saw Dr. House sitting behind his desk typing at the computer. She nodded to herself and opened the door.
"Excuse me Dr. House?" She asked
"That is what they call me." He said without looking up from the computer screen.
"I'm Chiara Lawson, you called me in for an interview."
He looked up, slowly looking her over, something in the way she held herself appealed to him. She walked over to his desk and handed him a file with her resume and school cases she had worked on.
"Sit down." He said
She nodded and sat down.
"So tell me Chiara when can you start? Tomorrow sound good? We have a case that you could help with." She smiled and nodded "This is a test week for you, if you have absolutley no idea what the hell your doing I will fire you." She nodded again
He placed her file on his desk and looked back at the computer screen.
"Be here at 8:30 sharp."
She smiled and thanked im before getting up and walking to the door, as she opened it he said "And dress more like a doctor and less like a cheap rock star."
She looked at him, before smirking and nodding and walked out of his office
__________________________________________________ _______________

Wilson sat in a chair on his side of the deck eating yogurt while House was on his eating a bag of Lay's chips, his feet up on the ledge.
"So you hired an ocologist? Why the hell did you do that? And why didn't you inform me?" Wilson asked
"Because my ducklings are beginning to bore me." House replied hitting his cane on the ledge scaring a bird and watching it fly off
"Your getting bored with Cameron, Chase and Foreman, so you hired someone new? This isn't something like hiring a hooker House, this is about saving lives." Wilson retorted
"Why do you always bring up my hookers Jimmy? I think your jealous of my way with the ladies." House said smirking at his friend
Wilson shook his head "I think your forgetting that I meet ladies and you hire them."
House laughed "That's right there's quite a difference between the women I have sex with and the nurses that you cheat with."
Wilson glared at his friend before House smiled at him and took his feet off the ledge, using his cane to help stand him up "I hired her as your doctor." before walking back into his office leaving Wilson staring at the place where his friend had just stood. House poked his head back onto the deck and smiled "I trust you'll keep this between the two of us?"
__________________________________________________ _______________

Cuddy walked into House's office and slammed Chiara's folder down on the edge of his desk.
"You hired Wilson a doctor without checking with me or him?" She said glaring at him
"Oh I can see our dear James can still keep a secret like he used to."
"House you know you can't hire Wilson a doctor without checking with him and me before hand."
House rolled his eyes and turned to Cuddy "I hired her on a week probation. If she messes up or Wilson doesnt like her, he can return her to the Doctor store. I still have the reciept."
Cuddy sighed "Fine. One week. You have to give that file to Wilson and you have to phone her and tell her you hired her for Wilson. Do you hear me?"
House saluted "Loud and clear oh Boss of all Doctors."
Cuddy sighed again before walking out of the office.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Chiara walked up to the elevators and got in waiting for the fourth floor. She walked to House's office with confidence in her step, she looked at her reflection in the glass of his door and smiled. She had gone out and bought a new outfits for the week. The one she had chosen was appropriate but still her, she had a pinstriped black pants with a red low cut peasant blouse on, her necklace she had made out of saftey pins and two leather bands on her wrists, with brand new black heeled boots. There was noone in the office, she looked at her watch, 8:30 exactly.
"You must be Chiara Lawson." A voice said to her left
Chiara turned and saw a woman wearing a grey skirt and pink low cut blouse.
"Yes I am." Chiara said a little confused on who this was "I'm supposed to be meeting Dr. House right now."
"Ah, House never comes in quite on time." The woman said rolling her eyes and smiling at Chiara.
"Cuddy, tsk tsk, lying to the new girl on her first day of school. What will the other children in the playground think of you?" House said from behind Cuddy
"Oh, Your Dr. Cuddy, I've heard lots about you." Chiara said extending her hand
"Well thank you. I've read your file very impressive." Cuddy smiled taking Chiaras hand.
House walked past the two and opened another glass door beside his office door, inside were two men and a woman all wearing lab coats, Chiara looked at them, she wanted to smirk. She hated lab coats.
"This is Dr. Chiara Lawson, Doctors Foreman, Chase and Cameron." House said introducing them all while tossing his coat and backpack on a chair.
Foreman and Chase stood up and smiled at Chiara.
"Nice to meet you Dr. Lawson." Chase said extending his hand which Chiara took before shaking Foremans hand and Camerons.
The door opened and in walked Wilson. Chiara smiled at him and recognized him from the doctor the day before.
"This is Dr. Wilson, I'm sure House has informed you that you are to be under his supervisation?" Cuddy asked while Chiara and Wilson shook hands. Chiara tried not to look confused.
House slapped his palm to his forehead "I knew I was forgetting something when I went to bed last night.
Cuddy turned to House and glared at him.
"You forgot to phone her?" She said getting angry
"Yes, But look the solution is solved. Chiara, you'll be working with Wilson. Wilson meet Chiara Lawson, your new Dr." He glared back at Cuddy "See problem solved."
Chiara looked at Wilson and shrugged. "Hello."
Wilson, rolled his eyes at House and smiled at Chiara "Hello."
House clapped "Now that is solved lets get down to the reason we're all here?" House hobbled over to the board and began to write the patients symptoms
Chiara looked at Wilson and leaned in whispering "How does this work? Am I your corrispondant or what?"
Wilson whispered back "I'll explain later just watch and learn." He nodded for her to sit down, which she did right beside Chase who smiled at her before looking at the board.
"Could be mycoplasma pneumonia. Sweating, fever, headache, dry cough, sore throat. All the symptoms match that of Mycoplasma pneumonia. " Chase said in his accent briefly looking at Chiara.
Chiara watched as they all worked together to try and figure out what the patient had. She was proud to be a working doctor.
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