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The Fifty Dollar Bet

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Chiara makes a medical guess.

Category: House - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Allison Cameron, Eric Foreman, Gregory House, James Wilson, Lisa Cuddy, Robert Chase - Published: 2007-01-31 - Updated: 2007-01-31 - 966 words

Chiara sat in the cafeteria by herself, the day had been going great. She took another sip of her coffee and picked up her tray and carried it to the garbage before walking up to the roof, she had heard Wilson and House talking about it earlier and decided to go check it out.
She got there and looked out, the view was amazing. She sat on the ledge her feet daangling off the side she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up. Taking a long drag before sighing and breaking the smoke out.

"You're an oncologist who smokes?" A accented voice said behind her.

She smiled "Yes i am." She swung her legs over the edge, facing Chase.

He smiled at he before taking a seat beside her. She held out the pack to him, he shrugged and took one out, she held out the lighter and she watched him light up the cigarette.

"So why do you think House hired you?" Chase asked

She shrugged "Same reason he hired you?"

Chase raised his eyebrows and pointed his cigarette at her "Ah, but I wasn't hired for another doctor."

She laughed slightly "Guess I should ask about that."

He chuckled, as he was about to say something his beeper when off, seconds later hers.

"Looks like our bosses need us." She said throwing her cigarette down and stomping on it.

The doctors walked to the elevators and waited in silence as teh elevator reached the fourth floor, the two walked briskly to the conference room beside House's office. Cameron and Foreman were already there. Chiara took a seat, Chase sat beside her.

"Out patient just went into cardiac arrest, it's not Mycoplasma pneumonia. It can't be." Cameron said pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Could be a parasite." Chase suggested

House quickly wrote down cardiac arrest to the board.

"And why would you say that?" Chiara asked

Chase looked at her amused, and then he looked at House. House didn't say anything, but he had the same amused look on his face, so did Wilson.

"A parasite could cause all the patients symptoms. Maybe Kleptoparasitism." Chase explained his theory

"He hasn't been out of the country in the last two years, he couldn't pick that up." Cameron said looking up from the file infront of her

Chiara looked at the board as the three doctors threw possibilities at House and Wilson.

"He has a tumor." Chaira said interupting the explanations.

"None of the symptoms show a possibility of a tumor." Wilson said back to her suggestion

"It could be in the artery or lining of the heart. If it was than the patient would get a fever and it would make sense with the cardiac arrest." Chiara explained "Or it could be in one of the veins leading to the brain, whichc would account for all of the symptoms."

"Except the cardiac arrest." Foreman butted in

"It can't be a tumor." Cameron said

"Give him a MRI, I bet fifty dollars he has a tumor." Chiara said to the room

House turned to Wilson and smiled "And that is why I hired her." House whispered

Wilon looked at his friend with an astonished look. House smiled bak and turned to the rest of them.

"Ok, Get him in for a MRI, we might all become fifty dollars richer."

Cameron, Foreman and Chase all stood up walking out of the room. House limped out leaving Wilson and Chiara alone.

"How come your so sure of yourself?" Wilson asked

Chiara looked at her superior and shrugged, she slowly got up and opened the door and looked back at Wilson.

"I need fifty bucks." She smiled "I'm going to see how it goes, would you like to come with me?" She asked

Wilson shrugged and followed her out of the door. Chiara looked up at Wilson and smiled

"Doctor, how did you respond to House telling you he had hired me?" She asked

Wilson shrugged "The same way I respond when House does anything without consulting me."

Chiara smiled "You know if you dont need me, it's fine. I'll just move back to the city."

Wilson looked at her "We'll see how you do"

The two doctors reached the MRI room and opened the door.

"How's it going?" Chiara asked

Foreman sat infront of the computer screen and shook his head.

"There is no sign of a tumor." Foreman said looking at Wilson and Chiara

"Wait." Cameron looked at the screen and poined "Right there."

Foreman looked back at the screen. "Your right there's a tumor in the openeing Tricuspid valve."

Chiara smiled and nodded. Wilson opened the door and walked to House's office, he opened the door

"Who is this girl?" Wilson asked

House looked up "Tumor? Damn, I was hoping that i would get that fifty dollars. I needed it."

Wilson sat down "How did you find her? I mean I have to keep her on, but why did you hire her? What do you want with this girl?" Wilson asked

House looked at Wilson "Think you could lend me fifty dollars?"

"Why did you hire her? I already am your oncologist consultant, why the hell do you need another oncologist?" Wilson asked

"Because she was the best in her class, and because I need the best. You can still be my consultant but I need her." House explained

"You hired her for me, so why do you get her?" Wilson asked

"You have lots of cases to do, you can't be my consultant always. So i hired her. You can watch over, and if we really need you I'll call you. Sound good to you doctor god?" House asked

Wilson got up and walked to the door "Guess I have no choice."
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