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Romantic Sponges, They Say, Do It

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"I don't know about you, but I don't usually go about things by sleeping with a girl first..."

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Note: WHEE. I get to write more smexy scenes, lol. For those keeping up with my other story "A Catastrophe, Destined to Be" - here's the Brendon lovin' I promised!


"You are aware of the risks you're taking, yes, dear?" Musetta asked breathily as he pushed her onto the leather seats of the limousine. He nodded into her hair and began sucking on the sensitive part of her neck, right where it met her slender shoulder, eliciting a quiet moan from the back of her throat. She grinned upon realization that she was being straddled and tightened her embrace to bring him in closer.

Really, it was all just sex with clothes on, and Brendon found he quite liked that, kissing nearly every part of her, from her jaw line, down her slender neck, across the delicate architecture of her collarbone, right above where her strapless dress began. Musetta arched her back, pressing closer to him, causing a sort of spark, along with the sensation of her fingers massaging his scalp, scrunching his hair each time he reached a sensitive part of her skin with his mouth.

"We have to go through the back," Musetta murmured into his ear before nibbling his earlobe again.

As much as it pained Brendon to pull away, he did so, regardless, not wanting another scandal like that of Ryan and Saffron. The thought shockingly causes him to smirk, just as Musetta further surprises him by planting a light kiss on his cheek before tugging him out the now-open limo door.

After just a few excruciatingly long minutes, Musetta quickly stepped into her plush suite, setting her purse and key down before leaning against the bar, a seductive smile gracing her red lips, a 'come hither' look in her cobalt eyes. Brendon shut the door behind him, hands in his pockets as he made his way towards her, enjoying her fidget ever-so-slightly. "Tell me, Madam, where did we leave off?"

"Well," Musetta replied in the same airy tone, "I suppose we were standing a bit closer." Brendon took two large steps forward. "And, I suppose my skirt looked rather like this," she continued with a breathy laugh, grabbing her dress and pulling the skirt up until it was mid-thigh. "And, I suppose that your lips were just a little bit closer to mine." With that said, he gripped her waist with one hand, the other running down her side as he pressed his lips to hers in a frenzied kiss.

Cutting to the chase as always, Musetta's deft hands went to his shirt, pushing back frills to loosen button after annoying button until he shrugged it off his shoulders. The bar dug into her back like a bitch, so she pushed him backwards a few steps, just as one of his hands went to the zipper on the back of her dress. "It isn't fair that you're more clothed than I am," he whispered huskily, undoing the dress in one swift motion.

Now, she was the one getting shivers this time and she smiled sexily before letting the dress fall to the floor, pooling around her high heels until she stepped out of the pile, now in her lacy black underwear. She giggled and did a little turn around in her heels, letting his ardent, lust-filled eyes admire her willowy body, lean, yet not picture-perfect. Musetta kicked the shoes off as she took a seat on her luxurious beddings, waggling her index finger him, beckoning innocently.

"Now, you, darling, are the one with too many clothes," she stated, grabbing him by the belt and undoing the damn thing, tossing it to the side. Musetta eyed his skinny body, which was caught somewhere between that of a teenage boy's and a man's, almost hungrily, as he grinned smugly and pushed her onto the bed.

Soon enough, all clothes were off; laughs and yells were soon heard, bare skin brushed against bare skin, scorching kisses were exchanged, and Brendon learned not to underestimate someone who looked so innocent in person. He collapsed against her form after a long, long while, kissing her sweaty forehead before pulling away and rolling to the side, sliding an arm across her bare stomach.

"Fuck," he said finally, mostly out of awe.

"Indeed, darling," Musetta said cheekily, having the decency to at least put on her lingerie (sleeping in the nude was never her thing). Brendon took his cues from her and pulled on his own boxers. "I knew you weren't a virgin," she mumbled drowsily, scooting closer to him on the large bed, snuggling into his embrace, her eyes clearly begging for her to be cuddled.

Morning came too soon as Musetta's eyes fluttered open to catch a glimpse of too bright sunlight before promptly shutting. She felt an arm slip around her waist from behind and very nearly whispered, "Alright there, Roger?" before remembering the, ahem, events of last night. She shifted, turning over to the other side so that she was face to face with Brendon. Without even realizing it, a genuine smile graced her features at the very sight: closed eyes without a trace of eyeliner, drawing more attention to his long lashes, normally expressive eyebrows, relaxed, lips forming a small smirk, even in his sleep, black hair an endearing mess. She reached up and pushed some hair away from his forehead before lightly dancing her fingers up and down his upper arm.

Brendon was very aware of all this, trying his hardest not to grin and burst out laughing (look, that thing she was doing to his arm tickled). Instead, of course, he feigned a groan, shifting as if still asleep until his head was, well, nestled into her chest, lowering his arm until it rested just around her bum area. Yes, this was quite nice.

The widened smirk on his face did not escape Musetta as she absentmindedly began massaging his scalp. "You're wonderful at pretending to sleep, darling," she stated, hating to break the uncommon silence, "and while I appreciate your appreciation for my breasts..."

Brendon sat up finally, grinning down on her- it was quite strange to see the girl, the glamour girl who graced the covers of his sisters' magazines, in this state of undress... not that he minded this in the slightest. He tugged down the covers and furrowed his brow, as if analyzing her womanly parts. "Yes, yes, they're very nice, I must say," he said seriously, giving a nod before gleefully grinning when Musetta reaches out to gently hit his arm. An annoying thought suddenly strikes him: "I'm sure hubby appreciates them more."

Musetta sat up finally, a pitying look on her face as she reached up to caress his cheek before bringing herself closer, pressing into him teasingly. "Oh, no, darling, the fiancé hardly sees them," she corrected, kissing his lips lightly, "and, I'm more that certain you'll be seeing me again." She winked.

Brendon smiled at that statement and maybe Musetta melted a little inside, though she didn't let on, maintaining her cool and collected exterior. "I don't know about you, but I don't usually go about things by sleeping with a girl first," he said, the smallest hints of nervousness in the tone of his voice, "I mean, yeah, sex comes up eventually..."

Suddenly, Musetta was reminded that, regardless of his confident personality and the fact that his band had taken over the airwaves, he was still a teenage boy. (Of course, she was the same age as he was, but that was beside the point) While he was getting his driver's license, she was escorted to opening night parties via limousine; while he was taking the SATs, she was attempting to read some school material while jet setting to Paris. In short: there was a world a difference.

"I have a flight to catch later this afternoon," she informed him, grabbing his Sidekick off the nightstand and entering her number, "I'll be in touch, darling." She smiled. "Wouldn't want to lose you."
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