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You Ought to Try a Naughty One

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Without Saffron to act as his conscience (she was a pretty bad conscience, at that, considering what she might have been doing with Ryan at that moment), he swiftly got up from his seat and found h...

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"Brendon," said Saffron turning to face him on the couch as Ryan left the lounge to get her a drink.

"Saffron," Brendon said, mockingly repeating the motions.

She put on a small, annoyed smile before returning to her normal, steely state, brushing black curls away from her face as she spotted the other girl out of the corner of her eye. "Any reason as to why Musetta Finch-Carraway is lurking about?"

"Come on, Saffron, you know the answer already," Ryan cut in, slipping into the free spot next to her, an arm around her shoulders as he handed her a Shirley Temple. He grinned as a genuine smile appeared on her face and she eagerly took the drink, sipping happily.

"For the record," stated Brendon, accustomed to the couple's cutesy (somewhat bothersome, but, hey, that was just him) habits by now, "she came onto me."

Saffron let out an unattractive snort into her drink and said, "Hard to imagine, but very plausible, I must admit." She let out a sigh, leaning against Ryan as she paused for another sip of her beloved Shirley Temple. "Don't know what the hell she sees in you, though," she couldn't help but add, winking to let him know she was merely joking.

"Oh, oh, wait, which band chose you to be the lead dancer girl in their video, thus leading to more job offers? What was that? Could it be 'Panic at the Disco'?" Brendon grinned and playfully shoved Saffron's knees towards Ryan, knocking them together. Sure, there might have been some leftover sparks between him and Miss Snarky Bitchy Smirky Moody, and sure, he might have had feelings for her, but it seemed as if there might be someone to fall in as a replacement.

Saffron's eyes widened, looking a little more than shocked as she pieced everything together- that oh-so-familiar grin on Brendon's face, the fact that he and that chick continued to share fleeting glances. "You," she lowered her voice, though her tone was very much accusatory, "were macking with HER?"

Ryan merely laughed, shaking his head. "You're surprised, Saff? And you used the word 'macking'? Who uses 'macking'?" He raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend before turning to glance at the very guilty Brendon.

"I believe the English call it snogging, and kissing sounded too juvenile," Saffron couldn't help but add before they both waited in anticipation for Brendon's answer.

A big smile. A nod.

"I knew it!" Ryan stated, nudging Saffron in the side. "You owe me," he said, somewhat suggestively, raising both eyebrows at her.

"Wait," Brendon cut in, looking curiously at the now-grinning couple, "you were placing bets on me?" He pretended to appear more than offended, clutching at his heart.

"Well..." Saffron grinned and Ryan grinned, and at that point, Brendon knew better than to question their antics as she muttered something like 'excuse us' while Ryan dragged her to somewhere more... private.

Musetta leaned over the couch and whispered into Brendon's ear, "Crazy kids. What are those two up to?"

Her warm breath felt rather ticklish and he tilted his head to face her. "I have a few ideas- one of them being that they both are just sitting and having 'intellectual' conversation while cuddling."

"And the other?"

"It's too inappropriate for your delicate ears. Plus, I'd rather not think of Ryan in that situation." Brendon paused, eyeing her while maintaining his grin. "I don't think the hubby would like you flirting with me."

"He isn't my hubby yet, I'll have you know." Musetta said, glancing around inconspicuously before leaning in, her long, dark hair masking all of this, and gently nipping his ear. A slow smile spreads across her face as he noticeably grows tense. "I'll see you" Her smile turns cheery and she stands up straight, clipping her hair up once more before blowing a kiss and departing.

In the back of his mind, Brendon knew this could be the biggest mistake he could ever make, but, Musetta was alluring, she was temptation- and he liked girls who knew what they wanted. In this case, it was apparent that she wanted him, and that enlarged his ego even more. Without Saffron to act as his conscience (she was a pretty bad conscience, at that, considering what she might have been doing with Ryan at that moment), he swiftly got up from his seat and found his way out the door.

And, of course, there was Musetta, a smirk on her face as she leaned out the door her limousine, a bare leg sticking out teasingly. He leisurely approached the car, leaning over with a straight expression on his face, both hands still in his pockets. "You were expecting me madam?"

Without a word, Musetta reached out curled her fingers around his collar, tugging him into the limo.
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