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a date?

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An archie and atlanta story sorry to all the people who are j/t fans but i love a/a stories.:)

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Archie knocks on atlanta's door."come in" atlanta said. Archie enters and sits on her chair.
"hey atlanta sup?" he said cheerfully
"i can't hang out because i'm studying for the big math quiz" she said sadly.
"well i was wondering if you wanted..if maybe you wanted to catch a flick and grab a bite" he said nevously.
"okay that sounds cool but can it wait till tommorow ?" she asked
"sure." he replied happily.Jay enters the room.
"hey guys you wanna come watch the movie?" jay asked happily
"sure" archie headed to the door you
"coming atlanta?"jay asked
"no i gotta study." she said returning to her books
"okay i'll meet you in the living room tommorow at 7 o'clock" archie said as he was leaving
Jay enters theresa's room "hey theresa sup?" he asked smiling.
"did you hear archie finally asked atlanta out?" jay said
"no she didn't tell me are you sure it was a date or were they just hanging out?" she asked
"i'm going to go ask her." theresa got up a headed for atlanta's room.
She enters " hey atlanta" she said
"hey whats up?" atlanta asked
"are you going out with archie tommorow?" theresa asked
"ya were cating a flick and grabbing a bite wanna come?" atlanta sadi as she was reviewing her notes
"no atlanta..archie asked you on a date." theresa said
Atlanta asked "what"
"think about what he said" theresa said.
"OMG! i din't know he liked me like that." atlanta said now pacing in her room.
"well everyone else did theresa said bluntly

****** i'll finishing this chappie later i gotta go do my homework god i h8 grade 8!!:( ttyl************
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