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The title of this chapter has nothing to do with the chapter. It's only a filler. But it's freaking hillarious. And I have a new poll in my profile.

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"Has anybody seen Evie?" I giggled from where I was down in the basement, my fingers running lightly over her skin.

"Shhhh," I started. "Don't worry," I whispered next.

I heard Joe's laughter from upstairs as he mentioned the basement. The door creaked open and footsteps began working at the creaky stairs until the bright light was turned on and all I heard were Pete's scream. Laughter ensued from upstairs and I giggled, putting Moomoo again.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?" he yelled, pressing his back flat against the wall across from me. I brought Moomoo a little more out of her glass case, as much as I could carry. I mean, she was a 250 pound snake.

"It used to be my dad's Burmese Python," I stated, petting her head some more. Her tongue slithered out. "That's a good Moomoo," he seemed to smile, while Pete lowered his hands to cover his crotch.

"Are you..." he gulped. "Bringing that thing to Chicago?" I laughed before nodding. He squeaked.

"You've got to be kidding me," he muttered.

I shook my head and placed Moomoo down, walking over to where he was pressed against the wall. I smiled and gripped his hand, lightly pulling him towards Moomoo. He whimpered for a moment and I heard his gulp as Moomoo's tongue slithered out again.

"Baby, it's ok," I whispered, taking his shaking hand and watching as his eyes snapped tightly shut.

"No," he yelped as soon as I placed his hand on the fingernail type skin, Pete calming down only slightly. He opened his eyes.

"See?" I mused, wrapping my other arm behind his waist. "You can't marry me unless you love Moomoo," I whispered. Pete smirked and forced a smile, it relaxing as Moomoo stayed still.

"I guess it aint that bad," he mumbled, wrapping his free arm around my shoulders. Moomoo decided it was time to move and budded her head against Pete's arm. He jumped and hid behind me, his face buried in my shoulder.

"It'll all be ok, Petey,"


I was already experiencing Jet Lag by the time we made it to Pete's house. Ryan decided to foster Moomoo for a while; after all, Pete wasn't too keen on it staying in his room. Those things could probably eat Hemingway. This would make me very upset. The fact that Ryan, Jenn and Ashley were ready t just up and leave for Chicago amazed me, but it made me realize maybe I wasn't on my own so much anymore. Ashley was staying with Ryan and Jenn for a while, but a certain little Jewish boy was getting ready to make his move. I smiled to myself and Pete eyed me from where we sat in the Taxi. It was nearing eight at night and I was assuming he was tired.

"What are you smiling for?" he whispered, leaning a little closer to me.

We were all smiles lately.

It grew before I lowered my eyes to my hand.

"A lot of things, actually," I whispered back, tilting my head up to catch his face being illuminated by a passing lamp post. He kissed me only lightly, leaving warmth upon my lips when he pulled away.

"I love you," he spoke out as the taxi slowed down in front of Pete's house.

Upon climbing out, I heard the barking, and one of the blinds from the living room perk open. I think it was Andrew. Honestly, I had never really met him. Well, face to face. Pete grabbed the bags we took from the bags Ryan took; after all, I wouldn't need much for the week I was on bed rest. The chilly air nipped at my cheeks and I let a shiver sneak up my spine.

"You ok?" Pete asked.

I nodded quickly and took one of the bags, walking two steps ahead, laughing as Pete fumbled with his keys. Meeting him in the aroma filled kitchen, I found Mama Wentz cooking, like every other time I stumbled upon the Wentz residence.

"Peter!" she gushed walking around the kitchen island to wrap him in a hug.

Pete was a momma's boy, and it always made me giggle. The minute she heard me through, she looked over and eyed me before smiling one of those motherly instinct smiles, stepping back to let Pete walk back over to me.

"It's nice to see you again," I voiced, Pete watching us as we shared a small embrace.

"You taking care of my son?" she asked. I smirked for a moment before pushing some of Pete's bangs out of the way and kissing his forehead.

"Sure am," I answered, Pete wrapping a loving arm around my waist.

"So what brings you back?" she thought aloud, turning her back for a moment to stir whatever was on the stove. Pete smiled down at me and moved his arm to let it hang near mine.

"Well," he coughed to get her attention. "Evie's gonna stay here for a while," I felt the heat rush to my face as Pete's mom looked back with her eyebrows raised.

"Oh how wonderful!" she spoke, a bright smile hitting her features. Pete let a sideways sheepish smile hit his lips. He laced our fingers together and pulled me closer.

"Mom," he spoke again. Her eyes lowered to our hands before a knowing smile reached her expression.

"Oh you two," she gushed, turning once again to her cooking. Pete smiled inwardly for only a moment, and I found my silence only ensuring the density of our situation. Pete gave me a reassuring smile and I leaned my cheek against his arm.

"Uh," Pete coughed again and cleared his throat. "There's one other thing," I gulped as Mama Wentz turned back around and eyed us for a moment, one eye brow raised.

"Evie isn't pregnant is she?" she asked. I widened my eyes and immediately spoke.

"Oh, hell no," I placed a hand over my stomach. "I just lost all that baby fat," Pete laughed lightly. "You think I'd curse myself with that back pain /again/?" Pete's mom laughed before turning her look into curiosity.

"Then what is it?" she asked, stirring slightly before looking back at Pete. He looked down at me for a moment and I gave him a reassuring smile.

"Well," he smiled wide back at his mom. "After the boys and us get back from Warped Tour, we are going to get our on little place," His mom eyed us suspiciously again.

"I know you two are dating again, but are you sure you guys want to move that quickly? Living together?" Pete took a deep breath and pulled me closer to his form.

"Ma," he paused before smiling that one particular smile that hid that fact he might be getting in trouble for this. "We're getting married," Her reaction was priceless.

I heard a bark from Hemingway and looked down to see his pouty face yelping happily at me. I turned form Pete and crouched down in time for Mama Wentz' crazy yelp.

"Oh dear god, Peter! Get in here, our son has gone crazy again," I frowned and Pete noticed.

"She's just over reacting," he whispered.

"No I am not, Peter, you are too young for this, I mean," she shook her head. "Evie is one of the best girl friends you've ever had and I adore her but," I smiled to myself as Hemmingway licked my cheek. "All you've been through, are you so sure of all this?"


I felt my heart leap at Pete's quick response. I stood back up, much to Hemmingway's protest, his body bumping into my calves. Pete's parents stared us down before smiles were spread. I hid my face in his neck in a sideways hug, completely embarrassed.

"Now. No funny business you two,"


We built a tent.

Well, a fort over the two double beds Pete had in his room. We had pushed them together, changed into our pajamas and left room to see the TV, staying up in the early morning hours watching re-runs of Full House.

"You really thing you getting pregnant again will be bad?"

I nearly choked on the chip I had placed in my mouth as Pete said this. He was lounged back, arms up behind his head like wings. I pounded on my chest for a moment before looking down at him, his face only being illuminated each time the TV flickered with the show.

"I..." I took a deep breath, turning my attention back. "I don't know," I mumbled, placing another chip in my mouth. One of Pete's hands met my back and he rubbed it for a moment before lightly tracing one finger against the exposed skin of where the tank top cut off and where my cloth shorts didn't cover.

I shivered.

"I think you looked amazing with that belly," I blushed in the dark and tried to ignore Pete as his hand crawled up the back of my shirt, rubbing his fingertips around.

"Yeah, well, I just hid the annoyance of it all well," Pete smirked and he sat up, his breath on my neck as he placed a butterfly kiss there.

"I think you will make an amazing bride," I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and smiled to myself.

"I guess," I whispered, getting caught up with his gentle kisses along my collarbone as he moved to sit in-between my legs that were kind of spread apart in a comfortable manner.

"And one day," he mumbled against my flesh.

He pulled his head away and leaned is forehead against mine.

I rested my palms on his bare shoulders.

"You're going to make an amazing mother,"
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