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Man, the whole 'Meeting a teenie' actualy happened to me once in a store. Except the phone call. Well, I was talking to Joe, but she wasn't as freaked out. Teenie based off of high class Arizona bi...

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A girls day out was something I'm sure all of us needed.

Izzy was holding hands with Alex who had finally mastered the art of walking in public without tripping over the cracks in the concrete.

"I can't wait until Ryan wants to have kids," I puffed my cheeks out and pretended to barf as Jenn said this. "What?" she asked. Ashley and Izzy both started laughing.

"Don't you know the unspoken rule of not mentioning replication with relatives?" Jenn flashed a clueless smile.

"Well, he's my boyfriend, and it's girls day out so, we practically should be talking about these kinds of things," Ashley interrupted her by pushing her from next to me and looking at me.

"But not when we have a wedding to plan," Alex looked up at us and flashed a smile at me.

"Aunty Eee?" she beckoned. I crouched down and scooped her up, Izzy laughing as she pulled a face at the speed she went up. Alex went cross eyed for a moment before smiling, showing off the signs of her first full grown tooth. "Can I be flower girl?" I giggled at her and pinched one of her cheeks that she obviously inherited from Patrick.

"Of course, Alex," she gushed and turned back to Izzy, grabbing at the air until I handed her back.

"So how long do we have to plan a wedding?" Ashley asked, turning my attention back to 'more important' manners.

"Well, I'd rather plan Patrick and my own birthday first," Izzy pulled a face.

"I forgot you two shared the same birthday," Jenn nudged me.

"The big 22," I sighed.

"Don't remind I'm getting old," Ashley laughed.

"I love being 20," Jenn high fived her.

"Hallelujah sistah!" Izzy rolled her eyes.

"Just wait until your boyfriends get you pregnant and you become a mother at age 21," I laughed and high fived Izzy, being that we were both in those situations.

Ashley frowned.

"But I don't have a boyfriend," Me and Izzy shared a look before I turned back to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"That'll all change when Joe makes a move," She blinked once before widening her eyes.

"JOE LIKES ME!?!?!" Jenn cracked up at this and nudged her playfully.

"And I thought I was dense," Ashley smacked her before sighing.

"Boys," Izzy shook her head and waved her hand a bit.

"No, no," she paused. "/BoyZ/,"


I decided to stay back as the other girls headed back to Pete's to hang out. I'm a sucker for bookstores. The store smelt of fresh books, if that makes any sense and I felt right at home, more than I felt with Pete. I was walking down one isle, browsing for a moment until I spotted a certain caption on the magazine stand.

Fall Out Boy's new album? In spite of another Ex? Or for a new lover?

That spiked my interest.

I reached grabbed it and had barely opened it when my phone buzzed in my back pocket. I pulled it out and observed the text before flipping open the screen. I really wished that Pete didn't insist I get a Sidekick. These things were kind of annoying. It was a picture message. I opened it up and laughed at Pete's attempt of a serious face with five o'clock shadow. I smirked as the Morriesy pictures stood out more than anything placing Pete in his bathroom. I read over the text.

When are you coming home? I'm lonely.

I quickly texted back with an estimated time of within an hour before going back to the magazine. I found the article on half a page and skimmed over it until one question stood out.

/So who is this record all about? I mean, it's obviously about a girl, but who?/

My senses were cut off by my phone again and quickly took it out again, placing the magazine under my arm, flipping the screen open for a full on shot of Peter. Notice how I say Peter/? I blinked hard and blinked amazed Pete would send something like this. I /had to read the text.

Really lonely...If you catch my drift...

I gulped before I got a tap on my shoulder and quickly closed my phone, turning to find a teenaged girl smiling at me.

"Yes?" I asked. She bit her lip before pointing at the magazine.

"You kind of took the last one and I've been dying to have it," I raised an eyebrow and looked down at the teenie magazine.

"What for? These things are junk," She batted her fake eyelashes.

"Well, like," she paused and snapped her gum, kind of snobby if I do say so myself. "There's a life sized poster of Pete Wentz in there," I couldn't hold back my laugh. The girl stared at me like I was crazy.

"Yeah, you can have the life sized poster alright," I paused and rolled my eyes. I mean, who needs a life sized poster when I've slept with the man (countless times)*, had his kid and is now engaged to him? It wasn't all that. The girl snatched it and proceeded to open it in front of me.

"Can you believe that he's engaged?" What a brat. She snapped her gum again and looked up at me. "I mean, it's only a rumor, but I heard she's a complete bitch," I raised an eyebrow and forced back a laugh. I mean, I was in that spot when I was 16, slobbering all over bands that were growing up and falling in love. Instead I smiled.

"Oh really?" I asked. She nodded her blonde head. This was typical. Bleach blonde with bubblegum lips and no fashion sense. Who wore Uggs? I mean, they practically say ugly right in the name.

Off topic.

"I heard she's pretty ugly," she rolled her eyes. "I mean, coming from Arizona, all that heat," I sighed.

"Arizona aint all that bad," she eyed me.

"You come from there?" I forced back another laugh.

"I kind of went to high school with the future Mrs. Wentz," This was going to make one hell of a story to tell my kids.

The girl looked flabbergasted.

"Oh my god!" she squealed. "Do you still know her? That would be so awesome to be her friend! I could meet Pete!" I laughed at this and let her stare at me wildly. I took a breath in and shook my head.

"I'm sorry," My phone buzzed and I looked down at it to see PETE flashing across the screen. The girl rolled her eyes and looked back down at the brightly colored magazine that worshiped the ground some of those guys walked on.

"Hi Petey," the girl glanced up for a second and I observed my nails.

I needed a touch up on my French tip.

"When are you coming back? Joe wants to turn the wedding into a Jewish tradition!" I laughed as I realized my phone was turned up so that the girl could pretty much hear every word that Pete was saying.

"I have no problem with a Jewish wedding," I paused. "I think the chair thing looks like fun!" Pete laughed a hearty way.

"Did you get those pictures?" I looked away from the girl as she 'inconspicuously' listened in.

"Yeah, I'll be home soon, I just have to go and see if I can find a birthday present for Patrick," Pete laughed.

"Evie," The girl snapped her head up and I giggled behind my fingertips.

"What?" I asked.

"Peter's lonely,"

I laughed before hearing the dial tone. I closed the screen and shoved in my back pocket, gathering the books I was buying and adjusting the strap of my purse higher.

"Oh. My. God," The girl stood, watching me pass before I smiled at her and winked.

"Treasure that poster, that's all you'll ever have,"

Hey, I got the bitch thing from my mom.


"It's almost your birthday,"

I nodded up at the ceiling and held the sheets to my chest a little tighter, hearing Pete's voice echoing out of the bathroom.

"I know," I mumbled, looking at the nightstand clock. "It's getting late Pete," I paused. "Patrick and I are doing our pre-birthday ritual and hitting the clubs and record stores," Pete poked his hair soaked head out of the door to look at me.

"But your birthday your going to spend with me, right?" he asked. I smiled and nodded.

"After the party, of course," Pete smirked before disappearing.

"What do you even want to do?" he asked. I looked back up at the ceiling.

"Why don't you invite some of your friends over, and I can meet all the boys that are going to be making our wedding reception one that nobody will ever forget,"

Pete came out in his pajama pants, wearing just that and flicked the bathroom light off and I reached out to turn the lamp on as he turned off the lights.

"In that case, you have to meet William," he paused. "The one man I wouldn't mind marrying," I smirked as the bed indented and Pete snuggled up to me under the sheets.

"You smell good," I mumbled into his shoulder as I leaned against him. His face had a shadow going over it in an eerie way, but I liked it.

"Thanks," he laughed, kissing my forehead. "Can I be honest?" he asked. I nodded.

"Sure," Pete sighed, rolling over to face me on my side.

"I am entirely terrified of getting married, it just seems like I'm growing up too fast, and...pushing you into something so young," he took a breath and I frowned slightly. "You're barely turning 22," I brushed a hand against his cheek before brushing his bangs to one side before kissing him.

"It'll be ok," I assured him. "If cupid didn't want us together, we wouldn't keep getting chances," Pete smiled and kissed me a little harder.

"Why do you have to be so optimistic about us?" he whispered. I cuddled a little closer.

"Well, somebody has to be in this relationship," I paused. "Just how Izzy is so optimistic and Patrick's pessimistic," We both smirked. "They complete each other," Another lingering kiss.

"So do we complete each other?" Pete asked. I shrugged.

"Maybe," he pinched my side.

"What do you mean /maybe/?" I laughed.

"I mean that," I kissed him again. "We have more things in common that any other couple that I know," Pete held me closer, if that was even possible.

"Now I know why I am always running after you," I looked up at him.

"And why is that?" I asked.

Pete smiled placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"You make me feel like no matter if the new album bombs and every body hates us, I will come home to somebody who can't help but love somebody as pathetic, gender confused and tragic as me," I laughed.

"I love you, you nut case," Pete smiled with his eyes closed. Before clapping to turn the lamp off.

"I love you too, you 'T' less Wenz,"


*No, Evie is not gloating. She is just prooving a point, but if you are courious, Pevie Bang Time: 12. Over 3 and a half years of story time. Wow. Who votes for another [X]?
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