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Chapter 3

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Sam woke early the next morning. Outside the sky was still relatively dark, only a few streaks of the morning sunlight could be seen.

She leaned over to tilt her alarm clock so she could check the time and realised that it was 4:16am.

Sam groaned at the thought of being awake so early.

She never liked being awake before 6:00am and even waking at six wasn't what she would rather do.

She sat up in her bed, resting herself back on her elbows.

In the dim blue light of the morning she could just make out the surroundings of her room. Her clothing was still draped over the end of the bed, as she had left it last night and the curtains on her window were still left open.

Sam had a sudden strange feeling. The feeling you get when you're being watched. She sat up straighter in her bed.

Pulling her sleeves down over her fingers and swinging her legs over the edge of her bed, she got up and wandered over to her bedroom window.

Peering down into the street she could clearly see someone standing by the tree in her front yard. The person was leaning against the rough trunk of the tree.

She stayed hidden behind the large gathering of curtain fabric at the edge of the window so the person would not see her but she made full certain that she could see them.

This person looked familiar but not. In the way you can know a person, but then again not know them.

The person finally raised their head from it's lowered position and looked up towards Sam's second floor bedroom window.

She drew a sharp intake of breath as she realised why this person was so terribly familiar.

It was the vampire.

He was standing in her front yard.

Watching her.

Not that he could see her hiding behind the curtains, well so she hoped anyway.

She was curious as to why he was standing out in her yard at this time of the morning.

So curious she could feel herself losing her self control.

She quietly walked out of her bedroom, slipping on some shoes before going down the stairs and sliding soundlessly out her front door.

She stood near her front porch for a moment, gathering herself and her surroundings.

She was hidden by a thick climbing plant and didn't think that she had been noticed, yet.

Sam drew in a deep breath and stepped towards in to clear view.

He noticed her almost immediately. His dark eyes were clouded with surprise.

Sam noticed his body tense and he turned to run.

"No, wait!" she yelled, rushing forward to grab him by the wrist.

Why had she just done that?

Where was her common sense?

He was dangerous. Or could be anyway.

He stopped as soon as her fingers wrapped around his wrist.

"Please, just tell me what you're doing here." She said.

He was silent. Studying her. Deciding whether he should just answer or run.

"I don't know."

"You don't know." She said, it was more of a statement then a question.

"No." He replied.

She sighed. He wasn't much of a talker, it seemed. He hadn't tried to attack her either.

It intrigued her. He intrigued her.

She dropped her grip on his wrist.

He stared down at the place where her hand had been, like he didn't realise she had grabbed him.

The sun was now beginning to rise. Day was breaking and it was coming quickly.

"Oh crap." He said suddenly.

"What?" Sam replied. Then she realised. Vampires and sunlight really just didn't mix well.

Without thinking Sam grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the house.

The vast majority of the blinds were still closed, making for a dark abode.

The vampire was leaning slumped agains the door that Sam had just closed. He was rubbing his eyes roughly, almost as if the sunlight had done damage.

"Are you alright?" Sam asked.

"I'm fine, just fine." He replied.

Sam now realised the possible carelessness of her move.

She was locked inside her house with a man, a vampire, who had more then just captured her passing attention.
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