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the news

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Who do you turn to when you find out something so terrible you cant do anything but cry? Delilah gets some information that breaks her, no one can console her, except one person :)

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Delilah's POV
I was walking down the hall to give Al the paper work from mine and Julius' last mission. I walked up and pushed the door open slightly but I heard Al and Scarlette talking,
"We have to tell her!" Scarlette said
"i don't know man, maybe we shouldn't" Al replied
"We have to" she almost screamed
"what are we supposed to do walk up to her and say 'hey Delilah your parents are dead" he said going quieter at the end.
I gasped and tears started going down my face, I opened the door "don't worry about telling me i already know" i said before running to my room sobbing.I locked the door and I collapsed on my bed and just cried.

Julius POV
It was a beautiful Saturday so I decided to ask Delilah if she wanted to go swimming, I walked up to her door and tried to open it but i found it was locked. I knocked on the door "de? you in there?" I asked
I listened through the door and heard muffled sobs, I knocked again, harder this time "come on de let me in" i said
When I only heard more sobs I ran to my room and got my lock picking kit. I quickly picked the lock, faster than I would on a mission, and opened the door. I looked at Delilah's bed and saw her crying her heart out. I ran up to her, "
"Delilah whats wrong?" I asked concern in my voice
She didn't turn around so I rolled her over and hugged her "come on De what's wrong?" i asked again
"i.....they.....heard........ran" she said crying more.
"it's okay De here, write it down" i said passing her a pad of paper and a pen.
She just shook her head and collapsed crying in my arms.
"come on De i need to know whats wrong" i said giving her a big hug
"My..." she started. I pulled away a bit and looked her in the eyes but she pulled into another hug
"my parents are dead" she said bursting into huge sobs.
"oh Delilah, come here" I said pulling her into another hug
"how do you know?" i asked after 5 minitues of hugging
"i heard scarlette and Al talking"she said calming a little bit
"its okay De i'm here for you" i said rubbing her back
"the worst part is that they were thinking of not telling me" she said sniffling
She layed back and was softly crying again, so i layed down beside her and put my arm around her, we soon fell asleep in eachothers arms.

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