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In Sickness and In Health

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Gerard show the depth of his love for Monica taking care of her during her unexpected illness.

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Monica opened her eyes and at once knew something was wrong. Her body ached and her head was pounding. The constant movement of the bus wasn't helping either. She tried to sit up but a wave of nausea forced her to lie back down on the sofa.
"Hey Monica you don't look so good" Mikey said. He had been eating his breakfast, a bowl of cereal, and had seen her try to sit up.
She closed her eyes and waited until the feeling passed. Mikey was still standing waiting for an answer when she opened one eye. "I feel terrible," she whispered.
He reached down and placed his hand on her forehead. "Shit, you have a fever. I'll go get Gee."
She didn't even try to reply. Mikey was back in just minutes with his brother. Gerard knelt down by the sofa and felt her head. "Honey, tell me what hurts?"
"First off my head is pounding. Sort of like a thousand tarantulas tap dancing on a tin roof." She giggled. "And my body aches and oh yea I feel like I'm gonna toss my cookies. That is if I had eaten any cookies I would toss them."
Gerard looked at Mikey "Fuck, she's delirious. Get Jerry and find out if we have a thermometer. She feels like she is burning up."
"Gee I don't feel so good. I'm sorry." Her mood changed and she looked like she was going to cry.
He gently lifted her head so that he could sit down and have her head on his lap. He brushed her hair from her eyes. "Honey, don't worry. You're just a little sick. I'll take care of you."
She shook her head causing herself major pain, "But I can't make you sick. You've got concerts to sing and people to meet and stuff" her mind was wondering again.
Mikey returned with Ray and Jerry and a thermometer. He handed it to Gerard who coaxed Monica's mouth open and held it until it beeped. "Shit" he uttered reading the numbers.
Jerry and Mikey looked at him. He didn't want Monica to hear so he mouthed 103.4 to them. They both looked as worried as he felt.
"Monica honey does anything else hurt?" Gerard asked her.
"Everything hurts," she whimpered.
Ray went to the kitchen and got a small towel. He wet it with cool water, walked over and placed it on Monica's forehead. "Thanks man" Gerard told him.
"Jerry where exactly are we?" Ray asked. He was sure they were going to get her some medical help.
"We are just about 15 miles outside Lincoln. I think we should drive to Pershing Auditorium get her in the van and take her to an Emergency Quick Care. I'm sure we will have no trouble finding one."
Gerard agreed. "Ray why don't you get online and see where the nearest one will be from the venue."
Ray walked over to the table and opened his laptop. Within minutes he had pulled up the information. "There is one about four blocks from the auditorium."
Monica opened her eyes "Gee I really don't feel good. I think I'm going to be sick "
He quickly moved out from under her head, stood then bent down and scooped her up in his arms. He had her to the bathroom in the nick of time. Lovingly he held her long hair back while she sat on the floor in front of the stool and vomited. He was sitting on the floor beside her rubbing her back and holding her hair. Monica started crying.
"Monica do you feel that bad?' he was really beginning to be scared.
"I don't want you to see me puking" she cried, "I look terrible." Tears were rolling down her face.
He relaxed a bit and smiled "Honey, to me you always look beautiful. As for the puking don't give it another thought. Just know I'm here to take care of you."
He was being so sweet it made her feel worse. "Really Gee I think I'll be OK. You don't have to stay."
"I want to stay," he told her. "Now do you think you can make it back to the sofa for a while?"
Her stomach felt a little better so she told him she thought she could. Once he had her settled he got her two Advil's and a cup of water. She swallowed them then closed her eyes.
Ray pulled Gerard away from the sofa so he could speak to him "What do you think is wrong?"
Gerard shook his head "I don't know. I just want to get her to a doctor so we can find out."
Monica was sleeping when the bus arrived at Pershing Auditorium. Tom went out and made sure the van was warm inside before he told Gerard to bring her out. She was still sleeping when Gerard wrapped a blanket around her and carried her to the van.
When they reached the Emergency Quick Care her eyes opened "Where are we?" she asked looking around.
"This is where they are going to make you all better," he told her. Mikey who had came with them smiled at his brother. He was impressed how well Gerard was handling the situation.
Luckily there was only one other person waiting to be seen so they got in to see a doctor quickly. Gerard helped Monica walk back to the examining room. Mikey stayed in the waiting room and started to receive texts from the other guys wanting to know how Monica was doing.
About 20 minutes later he was relived to see Gee helping Monica walk back out towards him. "So how is she?" he asked Gerard.
Gerard smiled "Well our beautiful little patient here is pretty sick. Her fever was so high they gave her a shot. She was a wicked sinus infection. I've got all kinds of prescriptions to fill for her."
Monica shot him a look "I'm not beautiful"
"And she's a bit cranky" he added.
Gerard got her prescriptions filled at the pharmacy next door to the office and Mikey took Monica back to the van. The shot that they had given her was already lowering he fever but making her sleepy.
Mikey spoke to Gerard in a whisper "We have a signing at 1:00"
Gerard nodded, "I don't want to leave her alone but I think the medicine is going to make her sleep most of today and hopefully tonight. I'll ask Worm to stay on the bus while we're gone to keep an eye on her."
"That's a good idea." Mikey grew quiet for several minutes. Finally he spoke in a hushed tone. "Gee, I just want you to know how proud I am of you."
Gerard was confused "What are you taking about?"
"The way you've taken care of her. Staying beside her when she was throwing up and all."
"Mikey, I love her. I want to always be able to take care of her." He looked down at her. She was curled up next to him with her head resting on his lap. "Through sickness and health" he added.
"What are you saying?" Mikey asked.
"I'm saying that I'm going to ask her to marry me." He sighed "And fuck, I know she'll say no."
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