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Living the Warped Life

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Monica discovers that Gerard still hasn't let go completly of his past with Liv.

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Monica opened her eyes and was confused and scared. Her bunk was so dark she wasn't sure where she was. It took her a minute to remember. She slowly swung her legs off the side of the bunk and stood up. The bus seemed to sway and she almost fell. Worm reached her in time.
"Hey you aren't supposed to get up." Worm said, "At least not without help."
Monica gave the big guy a weak smile "But I got to go to the bathroom." He helped her slowly make her way down the hall. When she came out he was waiting to help her to the sofa. "How are you feeling?"
"Much better but then I felt so bad that anything would be better. What time is it?"
She noticed it was now dark outside.
"It's a little before 7:00 you've slept most of the day. Gerard checked on you every chance he got. Once he even woke you up enough to give you some medicine but I didn't think you would remember. Can I get you anything? Are you hungry?"
"No not really, but thanks. Look I feel much better now and I know you need to get ready for the concert."
The door opened and Gerard walked in. Worm had called him while Monica was in the bathroom. He smiled "Feeling better?" he asked walking up to Monica and taking her into his arms.
"Much better now" she said burying her head against his chest.
He looked over at Worm "Hey man thanks for staying with her but you can go ahead now. Rise Against is just going on.
"Thanks Worm" Monica said giving him a smile.
Worm returned the smile and left. Gerard hugged her tightly. "You really had me worried this morning. Did you know your temperature was almost 104?"
"All I know was I felt so terrible." She kissed his cheek "thank you for taking care of me. Even when I was throwing up."
"Ah you're cute when you're sick" he teased. "Now lets get you back in you bunk and covered up." He got her settled and squatted down next to her. "Sure you feel well enough to be alone? I can get someone else to sit with you."
"Nope I feel much better. I'm just sorry I'm gonna miss the concert. I hear the lead singer is pretty hot."
He kissed her cheek, "Rest OK? I'll be back as soon as I can."
"Love you Gee," she said as he stood.
"I love you babe." And with that he was gone.
Monica closed her eyes but she had already slept so much that she ended up staring at the wall. Finally she gave up and took out her sidekick. Instead of texting she called Kelly and Kara. It was a mom thing; she needed to hear their voices. She told them she had been sick but was much better now. Kelly was concerned but she could tell the Kara already knew. Bob must have told her earlier.
After that call she decided to try Bert's number. It rang and rang with no answer. She wondered if he as ignoring the call. Finally she got up the nerve to take the folded note from last night out from her bag. She had hidden it under the lining. Reading the lines over and over she felt a chill go down her spine. Should she tell Gee about it or not? If she did he would of course want to know what it meant. Better not to welcome trouble until it knocked at your door. She put it back in the bag and decided to watch some TV. Settling herself on the front sofa she flipped on the TV and watched as a My Chemical Romance interview came on. A reporter from the local news station was conducting it so the band must have done it this afternoon while she slept.
The reporter asked the same old tired questions. Why did you change your hair color back? What is the Black Parade? Was the Paramour really haunted? Gerard did most of the talking and answered the questions politely. The interview was almost over and the woman reporter said she had one more question for Gerard. He smiled and waited.
"So Gerard is it true that you are in love?"
His smile never slipped. Monica knew he always told reporters before an interview ever began that he wouldn't talk about his personal life. He paused a moment than answered. "I am in love with a wonderful woman. She has made my life complete."
The reported smiled sensing she had a scoop, "Don't suppose you would want to tell us her name?"
Gerard laughed "Nope. I'm keeping her all to myself."
The screen flashed back to the live anchors. The reporter was sitting with them.
"Great interview Sarah." Complemented the lead anchor.
Sarah basked in the praise. "Just a reminder the concert is tonight but if you aren't there already it won't do you any good to go now. The concert is sold out." She smiled brightly "And just a footnote. Gerard Way confirmed he is in love. Here is a recent photo of Gerard and his ladylove."
The photo on the screen was extremely clear. It had been taken New Years Day as she and Gerard left the hotel. He had his arm around her and she was smiling up at him.
The camera panned back to the reporter. "We wish the happy couple all our best."
Monica aimed the remote at the TV and flipped off. She could feel herself start to tense up. Forcing herself she took several deep breaths. She willed herself not to give in to the fear. This was something she would have to deal with. Why tho did this have to be on the Topeka station? With a sinking feeling she just knew that someone who knew her would supply a name for the face.
Suddenly she felt exhausted. She made her way back to her bunk and stated to climb in. She just happened to glace over at Gerard's bunk. He had several photos he had taken of her taped above his bed. She smiled; he even had a picture of Kara and Kelly taken with his dad on Thanksgiving.
His sketchbook was lying on the bed. She tiredly crawled into his bunk and began flipping through it. His talent was undeniable. She had trouble drawing a straight line and wondered what it would be like to have this kind of talent. As she continued to flip through the pages a photo fell out. It had been tucked in towards the back of the sketchbook. The picture showed a smiling Gerard with his arms around a young blond woman. She was smiling up at him with a mischievous grin. Monica's fingers trembled as she held the photo. Her fears were confirmed when she turned the photo over. On the back written in Gee's handwriting was ME AND LIV LIVING THE WARPED LIFE. She turned it back over and studied Liv's face. No matter what anyone thought it was obvious this woman had loved Gee at one time. The look on her face wasn't fake. She was looking at him with pure love. Monica put the photo back in between the pages. She was going to move back to her bunk but couldn't stop herself; she laid her head down on Gee's pillow inhaling his scent. As sleep claimed her she still could see the photo of Gee and Liv in her head.
Gerard tried his hardest to get back to the bus as quickly as he could. He had asked Worm to check on Monica as soon as the concert was over and knew she was sleeping. Still she needed her medicine and damn it he needed to see her. He was surprised to see she was sleeping in his bunk, Worm hadn't mentioned that. He grabbed her medicine and a small glass of water and headed back to his bunk. He hadn't noticed before but his sketchpad was open towards the bottom of the bunk. It was stupid of him but he had forgotten to put it away before leaving. He reached out to move the sketchbook hoping Monica hadn't looked through it. One glance and he knew she had. The photo of him and Liv had been moved. He always kept it in between the same page. Now it was in a different spot. Monica softly moaned in her sleep. Even sick she was beautiful to him. He wondered how she had reacted when she had seen the photo. Shit, he thought why hadn't he just thrown it away? Why the fuck couldn't he just let go?

Authors Note - Just a quick heads up. The next several chapters are going to be very emotional and much of Monica's past will be revealed. I am planning on trying to post every day like normal but I'm not sure. Please stick with me on this. I'll do my best. Thanks...SanDee
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