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Chapter fifteen

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It does not go well with Harry Potter. In order to increase Harry's magical power, Dumbledore infects Harry and two girls with a disease. And his power surges.

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A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is ICE


Approaching war

Harry woke up with pain streaming through his head. Hermione shook awake from by his side, her eyes wide open.

"Harry, what is it? " She whispered.

"That is my scar which is hurting. He is back. "

Hermione stared at him. "You mean Voldemort? "

"Yes, the monster feels like he is having fun. I am afraid that there is an attack. "

"We need to warn Professor Dumbledore. "

"You are right. Let's get dressed and go to search for him."

Harry and Hermione put some muggle clothing on, then their robes. At night, it was rather cold in the castle. They left their dorm and went to the office of Professor Dumbledore. The password for this week was Bitter Cookies Pudding and they entered the office. Finally arriving at his desk, they saw professor Dumbledore sitting on his favorite chair. "Professor, Voldemort is back in action. I sense that he has having fun. "

Professor Dumbledore looked intently at Harry. "Do you see any pictures, Harry?"

"No Sir, I see nothing. "

"I think it is because you are blocking him out. Can you try to see if you ... "

"NO". That was Hermione. "That is terrible what you ask of him. I feel the pain, and when I have to think that he is connected to that monster, it is too much ask for a person. Professor, you can't do that. "

"Hermione, you are right. I cannot ask that from Harry. It might be possible that he sees something, and we might in that case help others and save lives of many of them. I think it is up to Harry and Harry alone. "

"Professor, you are dead wrong. Forgive me for my language, but it is up to Harry and me. We are one soul, one team, and one unit. Harry can not decide any more, but both of us can decide.

Harry, please take the other chair and sit next to me. We'll hold hands. Then you release the blocks and I will be there next to you to guard you. I will take care that I see everything as well, but I will be a passive player. When it becomes too bad or too dangerous, then I will pull the stop. Let's go on with it. "

"You see, professor. I love my witch ", Harry said with enlightened eyes.

He moved the chair next to Hermione and sat down. He closed his eyes and removed his mental blocks. Immediately he saw the images penetrating his mind.

They were in the ministry of magic. He recognized the corridors. They moved quickly through the corridors and a door opened on the right side. He saw three witches. The witches started immediately to shout, green beams of energy traveled to the witches, and two more dropped immediately. They continued to move through the corridors until they reached a large wall, which was packed with many people. Death Eaters were surrounding all of the people with their wands trained on them. Harry heard a command being given and the Death Eaters started to scream curses towards the people in the middle.

Harry stirred in his chair. Hermione was looking with large eyes towards him and Professor Dumbledore.

"They are killing all the people in the ministry of magic!"

Professor Dumbledore jumped up and went to the fireplace. Before reaching over, he pointed at the door. "Harry and Hermione ... go to your dorm and stay there until I come for you."

Both of them went back quickly to their dorm. "I think we need to make plans in case of a crisis. I suspect that the terror will start very soon. Maybe we need to set up lists for prefects and other people of the DA to make rounds and to patrol the corridors of Hogwarts."

Harry jumped from his chair, took a large parchment, and started to make diagrams. Hermione and Harry were filling them in already, starting from the next day. When the diagrams were ready, Hermione took the map of Hogwarts and studied it.

The door of their dorm opened and professor Dumbledore entered with a serious expression on his face. "You were right, the ministry is being attacked and many ministry employees are being massacred. They think that between 150 and 300 people are being murdered."

The professor did not answer. I did not know that. We will probably hear more about this tomorrow morning.

"Professor, I think that we need to have security patrols ready for the castle, or at least to be prepared. We have here the diagrams for the schedules and the names of the people we think can join the patrols. We have two sets of the diagrams, one set only for the nights and the other set is 24 hours."

Harry looked to professor Dumbledore. "Is there any news about Ron?"

The professor looked tired. "Yes there is news about him. Because of Ron, his parents were saved from being murdered together with the rest of the ministry. His parents were at Hogwarts because of Ron's strange behavior, instead of at the ministry. There was a big meeting this evening about policy change at the ministry."

"We have learned that Ron did not act so extreme only to you, Harry, but to others as well. He seemed to hate Percy as well. A week ago, there was a big scene, where Ron was involved and he made death threats to his brother. His parents want to take him off the school now, and give him rest and talk with doctors about Ron. Because we could stop him at the last moment from doing something very stupid, we are not allowing him to stay at Hogwarts anymore. This is much too dangerous."

"Where is Ron now? "

"Ron is at the Burrow with his parents. "

"I appreciate these diagrams, Harry and Hermione. This is excellent work. I think we need to implement them from tomorrow. Tonight, we are working on putting the wards in place in and around the castle. I wish you a good evening and go to sleep. Tomorrow the day will be much longer then it is now, I'm afraid. "

Both of them went to the bedroom that evening in a somber mood. Hermione took her shower, while Harry was waiting patiently for Hermione to finish. Looking back to his last summer, he was wondering about all the things happened to him. At the beginning of the summer he was still young, but at the end of it he had the feeling he was 20 years older! Now he is going to sleep with Hermione, and he is going to marry her! He looked at the door, where Hermione was taking a shower. He still heard the water streaming, and he could imagine the warm steam everywhere in the bathroom. His eyes grew instantly wide! He could also imagine Hermione in the middle of the stream!

He quickly stood up, removed his robes, clothing and underwear, and moved to the bathroom. He opened the door and went in. Indeed steam was everywhere and moved in the direction of the shower stall. Vaguely he could see Hermione and moved towards her.

"Harry, I felt you coming, and you are very naughty at the moment. " He could hear the smile in her voice.

"I could not help it. " He joined her in the stream of water. His elbow touched Hermione's stomach; he froze and looked at her. "Oh Hermione, you are so beautiful."

"Stop Harry, only looking, otherwise this will get out of hand. You wanted it to be special, remember? "

"Can I only hold you, Hermione? " Harry was begging now.

"Come to me ", Hermione answered warmly.

And her arms were wide and welcoming. Harry fell into her embrace and kissed her deeply. He felt her breasts pressed against his chest, her hips against his. Her head was leaning into his shoulder, next to his neck. "I think you are right Hermione, because this feels so amazingly right and completing. I wish we would not have to wait. "

He felt himself aroused, and he had a problem with the embrace. Hermione, who was noticing this as well, started to grin. She suddenly turned and started to turn the tap. The water was suddenly freezing cold; Harry and Hermione screamed and Hermione moved quickly away from the shower. She was laughing. "So, that helps against the thing between your legs." He screamed and ran after her. "Hermione!" Hermione ran out of the bathroom and Harry was following her. Hermione and Harry crept in bed and cuddled very close to each other.

Next morning Harry woke up next to Hermione. She was already awake and studied him. "Harry, where shall we go for the honeymoon, when we are married and not only that, but is it wise to marry in December? "

Harry was still feeling lazy because of his sleep. "Hermione, I love you. I hope that we can marry in December, because you want to have a big, fancy wedding. "

"What do you mean with hope? Harry, we still are going to marry, not?"

"Yes of course, Hermione. The only thing is that Voldemort again. When he stirs too much again, it makes it very hard to organize such a big happening, even when it is in Potter's castle."

"I will kill him with my bare hands if he tries to spoil our wedding."

"Hermione, I have a question. " Harry looked very seriously to Hermione.

"Yes Harry? "

"Where do you want to go to visit for your honeymoon, Hermione?"

Hermione started to shine. "Somewhere far away, lots of sun, palm trees, white beaches and no people. Such place I like to be during my honeymoon. Why you ask?"

"Hermione, I need to do my homework for your marriage manager. I needed to ask you. Now listen to the following plan."

Harry smiled at her and continued.

"First we go to Paris, where we stay two nights. Then we hop to an island, near South Africa. There we stay a week. Then we hop to New York for the rest of the time. What do you think?"

Hermione was now beaming. "That sounds really like a plan. Did you make this up right now, or was there any research behind it?"

"Research, but I can't and won't give you any more details about the rest. You have the idea of what is going to happen in a way, and I will not tell you anything else. Everything will be a surprise."

Hermione looked at her watch. "Harry, we have only 30 minutes left before we need to go to breakfast. Do you have anything else, otherwise I want to sleep."

"Yes Hermione, there is indeed something else. I have an idea, and maybe your parents will love it. Not only that, but I know they will be saving. I have a bad feeling about that Voldemort when we do not prepare correctly."

That got the attention of Hermione. "Yes, I am waiting!"

"I think it might be very nice for your parents to offer them a place in Potter's castle. Because they love the place, and they are almost daily there, maybe they will love the idea. And I don't mean to wait until the marriage, but immediately."

Hermione frowned and looked at him. "You might be right. Let's ask them and see what they say. Now I am going to sleep for 20 minutes and then we are on our way to breakfast. We have DA lessons today. "

Both of them slept for 20 minutes took their shower together and hastened to breakfast.

The Gryffindor table was only half-full. "Where is everyone, Dean? "

"They are all sleeping, because we had a small party yesterday. All because Neville won chess from Ginny and the loser had to organize drinks and cakes. Well, Ginny won and Neville organized pumpkin juice and indeed many cakes. Therefore, we had a nice time, then Padma, Cho Chang, Katie, Susan came in, and everyone had a better time. They went back to their dorms at four in the morning. "

At that moment owls were beginning to fly in the great hall and Hermione received the owl with her news papers.

"Oh Harry, the death eaters are attacking everywhere, and so many people died last night." Hermione showed the front page to Harry, where headlines screamed, "345 muggles killed in London, 212 muggles killed in Liverpool". Hermione took the newspaper back and continued reading. "The death eaters destroyed three small villages and killed everyone, even the children! They attacked Big Ben yesterday evening and destroyed it completely!"

"This is much more then the terror professor Dumbledore mentioned before, don't you think?"

"Yes Harry, This means that we must train everyone here in DA. By the way, speaking about the DA, our first session will start in 20 minutes."

She dropped the newspapers and continued to eat.

"The first official DA class in Hogwarts has started, welcome all."

Harry and Hermione stood in front of their enhanced classroom. Their DA classroom was located next to their laboratory for unforgivable curses and professor Dumbledore had helped them enhance the class for this lesson. All 40 students in this class looked around astonished. They were on their desks, and saw that they were located in the middle of the class. The class magically expanded into a hall the moment they sat.

Hermione took over from that moment. "On your left side you see weapons for personal combat, we have swords, sticks and other weapons. You will all have exams in at least three weapons for your physical self-defense. On your right, you see our private DA library, which is specialized in curses, charms and spells only used for combat. Behind Harry and me, you will see a small theatre. This is the place for duels and small battles. Moreover, behind you, you will find easy chairs, small desks and round tables with multiple fireplaces. This is the place for small meetings, for lessons and much more. This is the place, where we are going to learn and to work. Are there any questions so far?"

One hand went up.

"Yes Miss Bell? "

"Does that mean that we only have exams in these weapons at the end of this year?"

"No Katie, I am afraid this is only the least of it. At the end of this year, you need to control at least three weapons of the available 21 in this hall. You will be trained in personal combat only in the weapons you are comfortable with. Above that, we have our library here, and this library is open for you after and before classes. During the classes, the library is reserved for that class in principle. That means that you all will get projects. These projects are research projects, and you will need to perform the research in teams. Then we have the exercise place, where we training you in the practice of curses, hexes, and much more. You need to know them all before the end of the year and of course for your exams."

Everyone looked at her, astonished, but nobody said anything.

Harry stepped forward with a grin on his face. "And that is not all, I am afraid. Next to this classroom we have a lab for Hermione and me. At the other side, we have combined three classrooms. This classroom will function as our simulation area or battlefield area. Next to the personal battle skills, and personal curses, hexes, charms and more, we are going to learn to do battle in small teams, in larger groups and try to fight like armies. We also going to have lessons in strategy ... I think that have covered everything at this point. Are there any questions?"

Big moaning and protests came from the group. "And we need to do this all in one year?" Padma Patil complained.

Hermione beamed. "Yep, and it will be very exciting, don't you think? "

The moaning only became louder and deeper.


Everyone froze and nobody moved. Harry's body stood straight, not moving. His eyes were glowing now like liquid greenish fire. "Do not worry about all the material you need to know at the end of the year. Let us worry about that. Our tasks are to teach you those knowledge and skills. I am afraid that you will need to do a lot of homework, but we cannot help this. The homework starts today. We give you books, which we have written for you. Those books are combined text- and workbooks. You can and you are supposed to write in them. Go back to your dorms and start reading and doing the exercises in our book until page 20. Good luck to you all and dismissed."

Hermione waved her hand over the tables and the workbooks appeared for everyone.

The class stood up and hurried out of the door. Harry was laughing. "That felt good, a little stress show and the only thing I missed were the fireworks. Maybe we have more luck with the next group."

Hermione smirked. "We have the next group in 30 minutes and those are the 5th years. This time we have here 55 students."

That class went rather easier then the previous class. After the 5th year's class for DA, they went to work in the lab, until it was time for dinner. Arriving at the great hall, Professor Dumbledore was waiting for them. "Harry and Hermione, I am truly impressed with you work in the DA. I'd like to suggest that you join us at the teacher's table. I have already made places for you."

With this, he turned and went back to his tables.

Harry and Hermione looked surprised, but followed the professor.


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is ICE
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