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Wake up call

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Brian is the band's manager. What will happen to the band's life on tour when he has to take care of his live-wire nice Toni after his sister is killed? read and find out!

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of MCR or their manager. I do however own Toni. Enjoy!

It was early. Way too early to have someone banging down your hotel room door. You didn't really get all that much sleep when the band was on tour. And you would always be eternally grateful whenever you had the chance to sleep at all let alone in a comfy hotel bed. And being the band manager meant that you should really sleep for as long as possible when the chance was there.

Brian woke to the sounds of a hurried fist on his door. He rolled over , reaching out a limp tattooed arm to locate his cell phone. Once he had focussed on the time and after giving out an exasperated grunt he dragged himself over to the fairly thin hotel door. Opening it just enough to see who had disturbed his slumber.

' Sorry to disturb you sir, but is your name Brian Schecter ? '

Brian squinted his eyes against the bright hall way lights and straightened his posture to get a better look at the man in front of him. He was very official looking and there was a slightly smaller and younger man standing behind him.

'Y..yes' Brian answered still weary from sleep.

'My name is officer Nesser and this is officer Shelbie. I'm truly sorry to be the one who has to tell you this mister Schecter, but I'm afraid your sister Monica and brother-in law passed away a few hours ago.' His head was now bent down slightly and he had pity and sympathy written all over his face.

'O..oh, th..thank you for letting me know,' Brain ran his hands over his face a couple of times with tears in the brims of his eyes, threatening to spill.

'How?' Was all he managed to let escape from his shocked mouth.

'A fatal car accident, your brother-in-law was driving and a drunk-driver collided with them on a one way street. Both drivers died on impact, both passengers passed away while on route to the hospital.'

Brian was still in shock. He couldn't move or speak. He and his sister had been so close when they were younger. Especially when their mother passed away. But once she married David she became more distanced. He had never liked David all that much as terrible as it was to say it now that the man was dead. He had always had a feeling that there was something wrong with the way he treated his sister. And on top of all that Brian hadn't seen Monica properly in nearly six years. Sure he had spoken with her on the phone. But it's not the same is it?. What made it even worse was that they were only a few miles away from where Monica had recently moved to. He was contemplating going to visit her this week. But that plan was now shattered.

'Sir, do you need to sit down?' Nesser asked Brian, pulling him out of his thoughts.

'Erm... yeah, yeah... come in... please' he said extending his arm to open the door farther to let the two men in.

'Sir there is something else that we need to talk to you about.' The younger man said in a soft tone.

'Go on' Brian coaxed.

'Your niece, Antonia Schecter. She will be needing a legal guardian now, ... and no other member of your family that we have spoken to will take her in. You are the only one left and if you won't have her, them I'm afraid we will have to hand her over to the state.'

'No!.. I'll...there will be no need... I'll take her.'

'Good, well she is currently at a friend's house. So if you could please come down to the police station tomorrow morning and fill out the appropriate papers then everything will be settled.' The two men stood and made their way back to the door. Nesser turned back to Brian.

'Again, we are truly sorry for your loss mister Schecter.'

And with that, the two men were gone. Brain sat himself down on the edge of the bed still in shock, going over the past 15 minutes in his head. What had he just said yes to?. He hadn't seen Antonia or 'Toni' in nearly six years, which would now make her seventeen. He had no idea how to look after a teenage girl, in fact sometimes he wasn't so sure how he managed to take care of himself!. The more and more he thought through it, the more he thought how ridiculous it was that he had agreed to have her. I mean he was currently on tour with the band he managed, My Chemical Romance, and they were really at a turning point in their career. And she would have to stay on the bus with him and .... The negative thoughts running through his mind were now endless.

He decided that he would have to talk to the guys about this situation.

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