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The decision

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Once he had managed ,with some difficulty, to gather all of the band into his room. He started to tell them about what happened to Monica and David. They were all listening intently and giving sympathetic looks and emotionally supporting embraces towards their manager. Even though they were all extremely tired.

None of the guys had actually ever met Monica but Brian talked about her a lot. And they knew he was thinking about going to see in the upcoming week. Brain regained some composure and told them the news of his niece.

'So, it's up to you guys. What do you think I should do about her?' He asked, not really asking anyone in particular .

'I think you should do whatever you think your sister would have wanted you to do.' Frank said in a reassuring tone.

'Yeah, man it's not up to us at all. She's your family.' Mikey added, still in a very sleep deprived voice.

'Well, it would mean that she would have to be on the bus with us and I don't really know her. I haven't spoken to her since she was eleven. Now she's seventeen and ... I just don't know. '

' Look, if she is your family then she is our family and I'm sure we can manage to squeeze one more person onto that shit hole we call a tour bus. Right guys?' Gerard finally chimed in.

A series of 'yeahs', 'sures' and 'no problems' were echoed through the small room. Brian knew that they all meant it. The looks on their faces said it all. It was settled.

As the group of five men made their way back to their rooms Mikey stopped a Gerard's door and went inside. Made himself comfortable at the edge of Gerard's bed and watched as is brother boiled the kettle to make some coffee.

'Do you think that Brian is making the right decision Gee?' Mikey questioned his older brother.

' Yeah I do. Well I mean, wouldn't you take care of my kid if something happened to me?

' Don't say stuff like that, it creeps me out.'

'Well wouldn't you?'

'Yeah of course I would. But he doesn't really know her. He said it himself. I mean I'm totally up for the idea, it'll be cool to have another face around. But I don't think that he's as up for it as we are.' He expressed with a small, tired chuckle.

'Look, the most important thing is that we are there for him, I owe him a lot Mikey, hell I owe him my life so I think we should just keep our distance but still let him know that we care about him and Toni.'

'Yeah, you're right ' Mikey said standing up from his previous position.

'I always am little bro.' Gerard said before flashing a mischievous grin at his brother.

'Whatever' Mikey laughed before closing the door and heading back to his room.

Hey guys.sorry it's so short. I promise you that the other chapters will be longer. It's just that these chapters are just kinda like intros.
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