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Brian had to be down at the police station relatively early the next morning. He hadn't slept at all that night. Partly because he was still in shock about the news he had just received and partly because he was nervous and excited about meeting his niece again for the first time is six years.

The station smelt of stale coffee and BO. Not something that Brian's nostrils were too happy to be greeted by at such an early hour. He walked up to the main desk where and short man with abnormally thick glasses sat at a computer. Brian leant forward just a bit and cleared his throat to get the attention of the man at the desk. Noticing that there was someone standing over him the small man tore his eyes away from the computer screen to take a good look at Brian.

'Can I help you sir?' The words came out of his mouth as though it were programmed into him.

'Erm... yes I'm Brian Schecter, I'm here to meet with officer Shelbie.' He almost said it as if it was a question.

'Ah yes just take a seat and he will be with you in a moment'


A few minutes later Shelbie appeared from behind a heavy, armoured door . Walking towards Brian with a smile across his face.

'Good morning Mr Schecter, good to see you again.'

'Good morning' Was all that he said in his response to the officer.

After going over things with Shelbie such as details to Monica's wishes concerning Antonia if anything were to ever happen to her and talking about what Brian could offer to her as a guardian. Brian explained his job details and his housing conditions. Shelbie then settled on the idea that Toni would do distance learning through her current school and a social worker would check on the living conditions once every two months.
Once he had signed all of the appropriate documents it was time for the most difficult part of all of this, meeting Toni. There were butterflies not only dancing, but chewing holes through Brain's stomach. Shelbie was leading him down a well lit corridor and back out into the waiting area.

'If you wait here just a moment I will tell the social worker to bring Antonia through to you, then you can both be on your way'

Brian just gave a small nod of appreciation towards Shelbie as he disappeared behind the thick metal door once again. It had only seemed like two seconds since he left until the door swung open again to reveal a girl dresses in black ripped jeans and a dark red Misfits hoodie. Her hair was dark and had various shades of blonde, brown and red through it. Her face appeared emotionless but he could sense that there was sadness hidden behind her hazel eyes. He took a good look at her face and knew instantly that is was her. She was the spitting image of Monica when she was that age. And by looks of her she was going to be just as much trouble as her mother.

The funeral was totally nerve wrecking for Brian. He had to say a few words about his sister and as he studied the faces staring at him, he noticed that once again Toni's was emotionless. She had been like that since he picked her up at the station the day before. When they arrived back at the hotel she hadn't really said anything to him but some small talk in the car. But yet when there was silence between them, it wasn't an awkward one. It was just, like they didn't need to say anything to know each other. If that makes sense.

After the funeral they went back to the hotel once again. Toni said that she had wanted to be on her own for a while, Brian understood and left her to go to her room.

Once she was inside, she locked her door and made her way over to her bed. The thoughts that were running through her mind were aching. She was glad that she was with her uncle Brian. She had missed him in the years that she hadn't seen him. But she wasn't ready to let him know that yet. At the funeral she had felt completely numb. Just like when she received the phone call from the hospital to tell her of her parents death.

She hated herself for thinking that she wasn't really upset about it. She hardly ever saw her mother due to impromptu business trips that took her across state every week. I mean, she was missing her mother, but she wasn't mourning her. And because of that, she felt like she didn't deserve to live.

But her father... well he was another story. As much as she loved him when she was young she totally and utterly despised him now. She was glad that she wasn't mourning him. He had made her life a living hell for the past four years. First it started of with him pushing her around a little, to the shouting, to the slapping to the excuses to teachers and friends why she had missed class or why she had yet again another bruise. And every time she had to rely on her clumsiness as an excuse. Her mother would get the brunt of his anger sometimes and that was why she was away on 'business' so often.

Toni Curled up on the bed staining the immaculate pillow case with her eyeliner tears. But she thought ahead to tomorrow. She was going to try and be nice to her uncle, because deep down she really did love him even though she hadn't seen him in so long. They were leaving for tour tomorrow so that meant she would get a tour of the bus and she would get to meet the band.

Maybe this whole uncle idea won't be so bad. She silently thought to herself as she drifted off into the first peaceful slumber she had had in a long time.

Hey, yeah i know i know. it is still a bit shit but give it time. I will add the band into the chapters to come. so don't panic!!!!
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