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Hand cuffs

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Next. You learn a bit more about Toni in this one.

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Morning came far too soon for anyone's liking.

Toni was up and dressed and just waiting for Brian to come and get her. She was feeling much better today, but once she saw Brian outside her door, she felt like she didn't really feel like speaking to him. It was a strange feeling. She didn't want to not like this man because he did seem like a really cool guy now. But maybe it was just because her feelings were all mixed up at the moment?. But she has always been kind of hostile towards people that she didn't know all that well. They walked together down the carpeted halls, him carrying the majority of her luggage. She gave in her swipe card at the reception desk and followed Brian out into the parking lot. They walked farther round the building to another parking area where she saw at least a dozen large busses and coaches. They headed over to one of the larger vehicles and Brian stopped at the brown tinted doors.

'Well kiddo, here it is , home sweet home for the next few months. Follow me.'

She followed his command, not so happy with the fact that he had called her kiddo and climbed the fairly high step, (well it was high for her, she was rather short for her age) and onto the bus. It was actually tidier than she thought it would be and how her uncle had described it to her. Sitting on the soft seating area that lined the sides of the bus were five young men.

' Toni I would like you to meet your new family for the duration of the tour.' Brain said with a small chuckle.

Toni had seen them before in various magazines and music channels on TV. But they looked different in person. They looked more... well... human. She gave a small wave and a shy 'Hey'. With no warning, the guitarist... Frank?. Came up to her and enveloped her in a friendly embrace and cheerily said,

'Welcome to the family'

That was followed by a few more hugs from the others, and some more 'hey's' and 'nice to meet you's.' Toni felt slightly uncomfortable, well you see she was in a confined space with... six men she didn't really know. And they were all being so friendly, She had never experienced anything like this. She was used to just being ignored and left alone. She felt happy but at the same time the whole thing totally unnerved her.
She looked around the five men sitting in front of her and studied them a bit closer. They all seemed to have genuine happiness on their faces. They really were happy to meet her. Well I'll be damned she thought.

'Erm if you follow me I'll show you where you'll be crashing if you want'.

One of the band stood and went farther to the back of the bus and slid open a plastic door. Which opened up into a small isle with bunks lining the walls. She looked over to Brian with a permission seeking look.

'Go ahead'

She nodded her head and followed the lanky young man to the back of the bus. He pulled back a red curtain.

'Well here it is, nothing too special, but it's home. I'm Mikey by the way' He said with a kind voice.

'Toni'. She said simply, sounding a little more moody than she meant to. She felt kind of bad afterwards about it so she apologized for her attitude.

Once Mikey had given her a sympathetic look and smile, they made their way back to where the others were. They were all sitting now, including Brian. She took a seat next to her uncle. They were all in a deep discussion about something that Toni was totally lost on so she zoned out for a while.

'So what do think?' Her thoughts were interrupted by Brian.

'About what?' She retorted rather rudely. Brian gave a light-hearted chuckle again, he did that a lot.

'Well we don't actually leave this town until tomorrow. So do you want to go out with some friends tonight... y'know, to say good bye and stuff?'

'Erm yeah, I guess that would be cool,' the only problem was, she only had one good friend. His name is Joey and she didn't know what he was doing that night.

'Okay great, well if you phone you friends and tell them. I can drop you off somewhere.'


She pulled out her cell phone and called Joey. A 10 minute call and hyperactive Joey later it was decided that they were just gonna go to the movies.

They were just coming out of the movies. It hadn't been a great movie and Joey had just been asking her stuff all the way through and they had silently been saying their emotional goodbyes. Well she didn't know when they would see each other again and she wanted to make the most of it. There was never anything but an unbreakable friendship between them. The main reason for that was the fact that Joey was gay, but she was only one he had told so far. It made no difference to her though. She loved him for the fact that he was genuine and that was it.
They were both pretty hungry so they started to make their way to the diner just a few blocks away. Whilst on route to the diner. There was some guys from their high school walking towards them, obviously on their way to the movies. They were the kind of guys that would pick a fight with easy prey just to make them look tough.

'Hey, fag!' The oldest of the guys, Tom McKenzie shouted. The insult was directed at Joey but he ignored it. He had learnt to do that in the years he had been spit on and shoved around at school.

'Yo! Fag!. Did you not hear me?'

'Fuck you McKenzie!' Toni retorted loudly at the asshole.

There was a series of loud dog whistles and hisses from the two others standing slightly behind Tom. Showing his place of leadership within the group.

' Awww look. The fag needs his girlfriend to stick up for him now.' Tom howled

Joey just took Toni's hand and started to lead her away from the group. His hand was sweaty and it was clear to her that he was nervous. They started to walk away when the youngest of the group shouted.

' Hey!, what's the matter, you scared of us just like you were shit scared of your Daddy?'

Joey knew that that was definitely not what anyone should have said to Toni. He felt her hand slip from his protective grip. He turned to see her running towards the youngest guy and tackle him to the cold concrete below.

Brian was getting worried. Toni hadn't called him to come and pick her up yet.

'What if something's happened to her, she can't get a phone or something. Or what if she has runaway or been kidnapped?'

' Look you need to chill out man. We know you're worried, but she seventeen she is probably at a house party or something. Just relax she'll be fine.'

Ray's words were only slightly comforting to the freaking out manager. He was biting his nails even farther down to the quick. Mikey handed him a freshly brewed cup of coffee but he just ignored it. He didn't think he would feel this protective over her.

'Hey man if she's not back in an hour I'll go out in the car and look for her. Okay?'

'Yeah... thanks Gee. 'Moments later there was a pounding at the door of the bus.

' See that's probably her now.' Bob said to Brian.

Brian walked over to the door and pushed the large round button that opened it to find two police officers with a disgraced and bloodied Toni standing in front of them.

Hand cuffed.

So there you go you've got a bit more about Toni. But what will Brian do about the little situation she has managed to get herself?. And will he jump to conclusions?

You'll just have to read some more then won't you?
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