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Chapter one

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There's only one way out. Can they survive?

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okay this is my first AFI only fan i hope it's good. you guys tell me please!

Disclamier:: i own nobody. the setting i own but nothing more.

Davey, Jade, Hunter and Adam were walking down the old dirtpathway. They passed so many memories by walking down that path.

Jade asked, "So we're going to this old house? Any reason why Davey? And in the middle of the night?!"

Davey replied with a smile, "Because."

Jade sighed, "Because isn't an answer."

Davey shrugged. Jade sighed again.

Adam whined, "My feet hurt!"

Hunter said annoyed, "Shut up Adam!"

Adam cried out, "MAKE ME."

Hunter yelled, "You act like a fucking three year old!!!"

Jade yelled rubbing his head, "SHUT THE FUCK UP BOTH OF YOU!!! God damn you make me get a headache so fast!!!"

All four of them fell silent. Adam and Hunter were scowling at each other.

Finally they came upon the house. It was all worn out. The roof was caving in, the paint was peeling and chipped, and even the doors and windows were missing. Basically in short it looked like it was evil and about to cave in.

Davey's voice rang out, "Yay we're here!"

Jade asked with a headache, "Yeah we are. Now why are we here? There's too many memories here...."

Davey replied witty, "Just you wait and see Jade. You'll find out in a mere minute or two."

Jade was about to object but Davey held up his hand to silence him. The rest of the way to the house was silent.

They finally got close enough to see it in detail. It looked more evil and vile up close.

Adam shuddered and asked in a small voice, "Can we leave please?"

Davey replied with a smile, "No. Not yet we're going in." He walked closer.

Hunter stopped, "Nu uh...I'm not going any closer!"

Davey said quietly with relish, "Chicken."

Hunter exclaimed, "I AM NOT!"

Davey said, "Then follow and hurry up!"

Jade, Adam and Hunter exchanged worried glances and followed Davey into the house hesitantly.


okay people how'd you like it?? tell me please should i continue or not???? review and tell me how yas like it!! and suggestions rock along with improvements and what i did wrong and what not. =)
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