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Chapter two.

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the house and exploring. what shall happen?

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okay sorry it took me....i have like five stories at once going....okay well hope ya like it. =)

Adam said, "Okay we're here. Let's leave please."

Davey replied quickly, "No! Not yet! There has to be something in here worth seeing."

Jade replied weary, "I don't care Davey. We were supposed to be going to an arcade! But you drug us here instead! Don't you think we saw it enough when we were younger?!"

Davey said, "I don't care. We haven't been back in more than ten years! Possibly even fifteen."

Hunter said agreeing with Jade, "Let's just go, this is stupid."

Adam asked quietly, "Davey why are we really here?"

Davey said with relish, "We're spending the night. I already have all the stuff ready in the living room."

Jade said under his breath walking past Davey, "Pssht...what living room..."

Davey retorted, "Oh shut up Jade you know you're curious."

Jade rolled his eyes walking into what he assumed was the living room at one point in time. He sat down on the decaying couch. He made a face as he heard a weird 'SQUISH' noise.

Davey and Adam were the only ones who laughed. Hunter and Jade were annoyed and ready to leave.

Davey asked in a puppy dog pout, "Pwitty pwease stay?"

Jade sighed and rolled his eyes once more, "Fine. ONLY this ONCE. When daylight hits I'm out of here..."

Davey cried out throwing his arms in the air, "YAY!"

The sky could be seen through the parts in the roof where it was missing. The house was old, decaying, smelling of mold, and wet. It was a hazard to humanity. Why they were in the house only Davey could tell, but Jade, Adam and Hunter still didn't like it.

Hunter asked Davey annoyed once more, "Why are we here Davey?"

Davey replied simply, "I already told you."

Hunter replied his anger getting the better of him, "That was not an answer!!!"

Davey cried, "Yes it was!"

Hunter sighed to and put a hand to his head and calmed himself down before it resorted in a fist fight.

Adam asked once more, "Okay can we leave?"

Davey said, "Nope now it's time to explore! No groups either!"

Adam cried out, "What!? You can't be serious!!"

Davey said, "Yep I'm afraid I am."

Adam cried out, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Davey was nearly laughing. Adam was scared and worried. Hunter and Jade were just annoyed and ready to leave.

Jade asked getting up off the nasty couch, "When are we going to do the stupid exploring? Then i know when i can leave this dumbass house..."

Davey replied, "Now." He smiled once more, grabbed a flashlight and walked down one of the many hallways to choose from.

Jade and Hunter sighed at the same time. They walked over to the table and grabbed a flashlight, Jade walking upstairs and Hunter walking downstairs. Adam, the last one left, didn't want to leave and stayed in his spot.

Adam hummed to himself and suddenly stopped as he heard heavy footsteps. He looked around frantically. He asked in a small shaky voice, "W-who's t-th-there?"

There was no reply, just more heavy footsteps.

Adam began to get even more frightened. He backed into a corner and stood there trying to see who was in the room with him. Shadows overcast everything leaving nothing in the light. Adam heard more footsteps to his left and tried to move but ran into a table.

"OW!!!" He held his knee where he had ran it into the corner of the table.

Suddenly he felt strong hands around his neck. Adam cried out in surprise. He felt a cool blade of a knife rip down his back. He cried out in pain and felt warm blood seep down his back. The hands tightened over his neck and began to strangle him. He was gasping for air and bleeding to death. The person let go of his neck and Adam gasped for air, finally able to breathe. Suddenly an ice pick came from nowhere and was shoved through his neck. Adam cried out once more and began to choke again. He fell to his hands and knees. Blood was pouring out from his back and neck wounds. Adam began to choke on his blood. He was coughing and sputtering. Blood was everywhere. He was in his own little pool of blood. Adam gave out a final gasp and shudder before falling to the floor with a loud 'THUD'. The footsteps faded away, as Adam met his demise.

ooo what's next?? what shall happen!? hmmm?? haha okay i'll stop...yeah...anyways review pwitty pwease?? gives the puppy dog eyes tell me how you liked it.
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