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Chapter Three.

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what happens next? will the others survive?!

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hey sorry it's taken me so long....but i've had some writer's block. only two or three more chapters and i'll be done. please review. it would help me...sorry this one's a bit short.


Hunter walked downstairs. He shined the small beam of light around the basement. There was nothing there. Absolutely nothing at all. There was a small drain in the middle of the floor where it dipped down ever so slightly. Hunter assumed that the lights didn't work.

He shined the beam of light around the small bare room and saw nothing. He walked over cautiously to the center of the room looking around. He swivelled in a small circle shining the light around. He sighed annoyed.

Suddenly, he heard heavy footsteps slowly walking down the dusty stairs. He quickly shut off the flashlight hoping whoever it was didn't see him. He stood stock still in the pitch black listening to the footsteps move further down the stairs.

His heart started to beat faster until he thought it was going to burst from his chest. He was trembling from head to toe. Suddenly the footsteps stopped as they reached the landing. Hunter barely dared breathe let alone move.

He heard the sound of something metallic being pulled from somewhere and he stiffened. He didn't dare turn the flashlight back on. Out of nowhere a knife came down onto his back and he cried out in pain. He felt warm blood ooze over his flesh from the gash the knife left in the center of his back.

Hunter didn't care anymore he turned the flashlight back on and made a run for the stairs. As he was running, he fell and landed hard onto the concrete floor. As he landed with a loud 'THUD' he felt a sharp pain from his head and back all the way down his spine. He tasted the metallic tang of blood on his tongue.

He tried to scramble back up to his feet but the other person there had pulled him back down covering his mouth with one hand he said in a calm voice, "I shall make this as painless as possible." Hunter began to cower and try to struggle.

The knife came out of nowhere and was thrust into Hunter's chest. Hunter let out a dying breath and his eyes clouded over as he relaxed. The unknown person got up and disappeared up the steps. The only thing to be heard now was the steady drip, drip, drip of Hunter's blood pooling around the dip in the floor and into the drain.

could you see it happening? that's what i was going for...hey i know i'm kinda weird in the head but that's why you love me! laughs manically okay review please. grins and then walks off leaving you in complete darkness
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