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Chapter Four.

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oh no! who's dying next?

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Hey guess who's back...back again...Savannah's back...tell a friend. ahaha, no it's okay. Well...sorry for the wait my friends! :] without further adue i bid thee CHAPTER FOUR:

Jade shined the flashlight over the steps as he creaked his way up them. "God this is so damn stupid", he talked quietly as he walked upstairs.

The stairs were covered in thick dust, breaking and fallen away in some places. Jade came to a place in the stairs where five steps entirely were missing. "Oh this is just perfect", he sighs. "What am i supposed to do??", he was talking to himself.

After a few minutes he decided that he would simply go back. He turned around and heard something at the bottom of the steps, some sort of growl. He was puzzled and shined the small light down the dark staircase. "What the hell was that?!", he squeakily asks the darkness.

There was a reply of another growl and a few creaking stairs. Jade started to shake some, "W-who's t-th-there!?"

There was a louder growl as the creaking steps got closer. Jade quickly turned and jumped over the opening in the stairs, catching the edge of the last stair.

He watched as the flashlight fell into the depths of the dark and heard it shatter, leaving him in complete darkness.

He fell silent listening for the growls and creaking stairs, he was hanging by his hands, his feet trying to grip something. "Ahhh! This hurts!! I can't grip!! Someone help!", he cried out to no one.

The only thing left to hear him was the strange creature that was emitting the growls. The stairs creaked louder as Jade struggled to get onto the step. He felt the step give a shudder as it started to break away, he cried out "NO! SOMEONE! SAVE ME!!"

Jade whimpered as he heard the growling creature jump and land softly by his hands, making the last step shake. He tried to pull himself up again, but was answered with a deep throaty growl as he moved.

He stayed completely still, daring himself to breathe. He stared up at the creature, which was black as far as he could tell. It growled down on him and sniffed at his hands.

Jade winced as the creature sniffed his hands in his head alarms were going off telling him to let go and run, but he resisted them.

He felt the creature paw at his hands, and winced again, staying quiet. Suddenly without warning the creature bit down hard on his hands.

Jade cried out and instinctively let go, feeling himself fall down, down, down...

He screamed the whole way down and landed with a loud 'THUD' his left arm and right leg bent odd ways under him. His head was cracked and bleeding.

He felt his world go back, and Jade Puget was no more.


Davey looked up, "Jade?? What the hell??" He turned around, shining his flashlight's beam around the small kitchen. "Where are you Jade?? What happened!?", he called out to the now empty house.

Davey walked over to the door when he heard something rattle behind him. He turned quickly shining the small beam of light over towards the kitchen cabinet.

The cabinet gave forth a rattle, Davey jumped. As the cabinet gave a low growl and another jolt Davey gulped shakily.


isn't it sweet?? lol...well tell me how ya like it. SORRY IF IT'S DISAPPOINTING!! :(
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