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Chapter Sixteen: GEORGE.

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shiny, who shot who??(yez don't find out!!!) *evil laugh*

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OOH!! who was shot??????????......yez'll have to wait a wee bit longer (maybe) laughs evilly and pets her bald, dead cat (coincidentally) named Frank
This is kinda shorter than i wanted it to be bu' hey...

Krafton most certainly was not pleased when he hung the sleek, black phone of the Whitehouse reception area back on the hook. He was angry. He was angry but he was also anxious and frightened.
He'd been so happy earlier because he had been informed that tonight would be the night that everything would fall into place and he would take control. And now, now it was all in jeopardy because the idiots he hired to help him allowed their son to mingle with a boy on the experiment list. Which of course resulted in the spoilt little rich brat helping him escape. And he was the key to getting her alive finally...

"I'm done now Margery." He growled to the receptionist who he had informed to leave the room as soon as he heard Mark's voice on the other line of the phone.

She entered through the doorway, "An important call Mr. Krafton?"

"Yes." He stormed out of the room, no longer in the mood for making pleasant conversation; into the hallway where he bumped into a person he really didn't want to see.
"Good evening Mr. President." He smiled and spoke through gritted teeth, getting angry like he always did at the fact that he made everyone who worked beneath him call him 'Mr President' as apposed to George.

"Ah. Krafton, I was just looking for you. I know you said you had important business to take care of tonight, but I really need you to write up that speech I'm giving for MTV tomorrow about that thing...?" 'George' spoke pausing to think about what false message it was exactly that he had to broadcast to the whole of the USA tomorrow- this only fuelled Krafton's anger more.

"Aids Mr. President. You have to talk about Aids." Krafton breathed impatiently, attempting to conceal his anger but failing.

'Mr. President's' face twisted in confusion at his advisor's attitude but continued anyway, "Aids! Yes that's the one. Why are you so agitated Krafton?" he asked giggling as he realised he'd put his shoes on the wrong feet again (damn Gloria, his personal dresser, for getting pregnant and having to leave on maternity break- he really was lost without her).

This was the final straw for Krafton, "I have much more important issues to deal with right now GEORGE!" he bellowed, putting emphasis on the use of the idiots proper name, "Your speech is already written and lying on your desk awaiting the event, now goodbye!"
-Of course the part about the speech already having been written was a lie. He didn't think he would need to as, by tomorrow when it was due to be broadcasted, George Bush would no longer be the president of the United States; Krafton would...

Still angry, he made his way out of the Whitehouse and towards his smart, black, expensive car ready to begin his aggressive journey towards the Iero's house. He took his shining revolver -always polished and waiting...- from the glove compartment, allowing the rage to pulse through him, controlling his thoughts and will, devouring his humanity; he would kill Frank Iero for threatening his dream life of control and power...and he would enjoy it.

"Mark?" Marion snapped her fingers on front of his vacant gaze.

He focused back into reality, "Sorry, I was thinking." He attempted to smile but just could make it convincing. How was it that he'd managed to come up with such an intellectually dazzling medical experiment as Belle but not be able to come up with an essentially simple logical way for her microchips to affect the world, making them sit up and listen?

"I know, I can't think of anything that will work effectively either honey." Marion said deflated, leaning on her elbows on the surface of the desk in the lab, "but we need to think something up quick because Krafton's getting impatient."

"I know..." Mark sighed and let the lab drop once again into contemplative silence.

The silence however, was broken when another lab worker re-entered the lab carrying a computer hard-drive and a plastic bag. Music was filtering through the open door, guitar music. Frank's guitar playing; beautiful and languid, yet somehow urgent and unapologetic. Undoubtedly loud.

The reactions that the three scientists had were completely different.
The worker continued fumbling with the plastic bag, not wanting to drop the contents, and holding onto the hard drive. While Marion Iero cursed under her breath, "that DAMN boy!".

Mark Iero, however, sat up from where he had been dejectedly slouched. "Marion," he breathed smiling, "I have the best idea for getting the chips to reach people"

Marion sat up too and turned to her husband, "what is it Mark?" she whispered hoarsely.

However, Marion didn't find out what Mark's plan was at that moment.
He had to tell her the next day, after they had settled in to the back-up lab and rescued all the important equipment from the lab they had that conversation in, as the worker dropped the plastic bag causing the contents to spill out onto the cold floor and explode. The contents had been highly explosive chemicals to be dispensed into Belle's tubing.

That lab was left in ruin...

Just like to point out I don't actually have a dead cat that I's just a wee joke I have with, eh, maself???
Yeah...oooh poor Frankie (people want to kill him gasp)...he wasn't in this one that much but oh well....there's the next chapter :)
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