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Chapter Seventeen: The Other Lab.

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Mikey sat bored and scared out his mind on the ruins of a computer system in the scorched lab that Frank decided would be safe for him. He sat and waited. "But what am I waiting for?" his fatigued and cracking voice broke the eerie silence of the laboratory. Sighing he stood up with the intention of exploring his singed surroundings.

He didn't get very far when a small piece of, only slightly, burnt paper caught his eye. He bent down and picked it up, leaning against what appeared to be a book shelf that was behind him deciding it would be more comfortable than the steel construction he had been resting on before.

At first glance the paper held no great meaning to him but then he noticed that, where the flames of the long-past disaster that occurred in this room had scorched away, the paper had begun to fray leaving it in three parts.

He gently, so as to keep the underneath layer in tact, pulled the top sheet off and then the bottom one, leaving behind the, previously, hidden piece. That piece held many important, meaningful messages to him. It also answered many questions.

My Dearest Dr. Iero,
I have done as you asked sir; the Michael Krafton you spoke of has been informed of your current project and is most interested in investing his money in return for full control of it, he wishes to over throw the president. I have managed to convince him to manipulate said president into having a celebratory dinner at the Whitehouse for the opening of your New Jersey Institute sir, so that you can both slip away for a clandestine meeting to discuss the situation. I wish you all the luck with cementing this deal sir as, with his funding, it will make our goal that much closer and therefore hopefully our dearest Marion will once again be well.
How is she? I have to ask. I understand now, that both child and mother are out of the hospital, she is coping better with the unfortunate disappointment. I am truly sorry that your experiment, regarding the control of the sex of an unborn child, failed and you were unable to have a girl, instead having little Frank. It is tragic that you cannot try again and that the depression has struck our dear Marion so badly. Another reason to close the deal with Krafton as soon as possible, so we can cure her black-mood quickly when we produce her bionic daughter as replacement for the pointless disappointment that is Frank. I believe you have a young girl, the same age as Frank, Belle Macintosh picked out. I'm glad to hear we have at least that detail sorted.
I must warn you, as I am greatly in your debt already like all of your followers are, that Krafton is very desperate for this. He has many friends in high places and will not hesitate to use his status against you if he becomes suspicious that he is simply being used.
Thank you sir for allowing me this great honour of carrying out this important task for you,
Yours sincerely
Mathew Cunningham

Mikey gazed shocked at the paper, allowing the words to filter into his tired mind, the shelves behind him digging in only slightly. Until now he had only been slightly sure of what it was he was being used for. Now he knew for certain the reason he had been kidnapped; to contribute to the creation of a bionic daughter for Marion Iero for the simple reason that she didn't want to have a son, she didn't want Frank, she wanted a daughter. Suddenly, the way they acted so coldly to Frank made sense; Frank was unwanted.

He turned the page over to read the reply that Mark Iero sent back to this man...

Thank you very much for carrying out the task so well, I knew I could depend on you.
I will definitely not let this deal go unclosed for the sake of my dear wife, Marion.
Thank you kindly for asking after her. She is well, not as well as I would like but well enough, especially now that we can definitely go ahead with this plan. The hope she has for our future daughter Belle is all she is holding onto.
As a reward for your success, I shall enlighten you with more information on Belle before the first of our group meetings on Tuesday: Belle's mother, Patricia is not a stable soul; she suffers split personality disorder, although it is not that strong. We have had to force it along slightly through the infliction of pain via electrical current- it had to be done and I will justify our actions by saying this: she could barely look after herself let alone her daughter.
However, this causes a slight problem to arise in the fact that even more of her brain cells will have to be replaced as the disorder is genetic. More samples will have to be taken, which means more people will have to die.
Krafton's idea intrigues me Mathew. I like the idea of control and I have come up with a plan to gain control for ourselves as well as settling my wife's issues, but I will discuss this fully at our first meeting on Tuesday.
On the topic of our meeting, I want to assure you, although you may not need it, that it will be no different than the group counselling sessions you attended when I worked at the New Jersey General Hospital on the Psychiatric ward, it is nothing to become anxious about. There will be many familiar faces there as many of my followers are old patients of mine, however there are also many doctors supporting my cause. I think I will gain even more now that I have branched out into total control over and above my wife's mental state.
Also, to show the unity, in our 'medical cult' I have labelled it, all members must wear the blue robes that I will provide whenever we conjugate. Also there will be a dedication that we will all have to make that will involve a small amount of physical pain...but I will explain it all on Tuesday evening in the hall next to the piano room at eight o'clock.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Mark Iero

"Fuck..." Mikey breathed.
So, all the mental patients that Dr. Iero had cured where now following their 'saviour' in an experiment to make a bionic girl to cure a depressed mother and to take over the world. "This isn't happening!" he laughed, but he didn't believe it; he knew this was indeed happening.

He slid to the floor, drifting into his thoughts, letting the swirling thoughts consume him...

Krafton flew through the front door of the Iero's mansion and began his way down the many winding corridors until he came to the lab that Mark and Marion Iero had shown him the last time he was here.

He reached the corridor expecting to have to pull back the tapestry, but it was already pushed back revealing the entrance to the secret lab; a stainless steel door.

But the door was scorched?

He scanned his key card and it allowed him access, he gasped as the scene hit his eyes. He almost dropped the gun from his hands; the lab was in ruin. It was burnt and abandoned. "Bastards!" he cursed to the, seemingly, empty space.
There was a soft thud followed his curse and he let his eyes follow the noise, to where a young-man was sitting rubbing his head, the thud had obviously been him hitting it off the test tube racks behind him in shock when Krafton had broken the silence.

Krafton pulled the safety off his pistol, assuming that this young man was Frank Iero; the boy he wanted to kill very desperately.

"Frank Iero!" he shouted to gain the attention of the boy, who looked up in confusion which turned to a pleading fear as his sight digested the poised gun, "I'm going to kill you!" Krafton finished as he pulled the trigger sending the speeding bullet into the flesh of the boy's chest.

Into Mikey's chest...

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