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Chapter Eighteen: Poison. They Call It Poison.

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*cries....this is the second last chapter folkios.................*

Mark Iero heard yet another gunshot ring through the confused silence of his home.

The second sounded further into the distance of the creeping, winding hallways and so, he focused his shaky attention back to the one that went off in the lab before him.

In the moments before the sight hit him, upon entering the lab, his mind was whirling with thoughts; He did indeed keep weapons hidden around the lab in case of emergencies, but he just couldn't work out what had happened to cause Marion to use one; the gun.
That's if it was Marion that had fired the shot, which he most certainly hoped it was....

His hopes were answered when he walked through the doorway.

The first detail he noticed, which pained him and made his heart heavy, was that all the samples he had worked for...murdered for, were trashed and scattered on the ground. The shattered glass reflecting perfectly the occurrence inside his chest; his heart was breaking along with his dreams.

The second, he had to grin sickly to himself, was the bleeding and motionless body of his son.
Frank was dead.
Frank was dead and Marion had killed him. She was standing, not far away from the curled up, blood-covered form in the corner; the gun limply at her side while she too smiled happily to herself.

Finally Frank would be gone and they could pretend he never existed, like they had wanted to for so long. Also, there was no longer a constant, living reminder of Mark's failure as a scientist; Frank should have been a girl. Mark was so sure he had sussed out how to manipulate the cells enough to change the sex, but apparently not. And Marion wanted a girl, she couldn't accept the boy causing her to go into a deep depression. This was all Mark's fault.

But he struck up a genius plan to give her the happiness of life back; the creation of the Bionic Belle. But Frank fucked that one up for them too and so Mark was more than happy - he was deliriously euphoric - that the meddlesome boy was now cold and lifeless. It was what the little shit deserved.

"I love you Marion." Mark whispered through the air, he moved his eyes from his son's corpse to meet those of his wife.

It was at that moment that he missed a very vital, yet very subtle, moment of the whole situation; He missed seeing Frank's blood-spattered body twitch slightly as he took a delayed and silent breath, and opened his angry hazel eyes...

Krafton paced around the destroyed lab, trying desperately to understand why it was in its current state. But than he remembered, on his visit here, that Mark Iero had mentioned a back-up lab in another part of the house in case something were to go wrong.

Blindly, he barged out of the lab he was in at that moment in search of the one Mark and Marion were in...

Gerard decided not to go to the liquor store that afternoon.

The return of his brother to him was the reality check he needed to give him more determination to stop drinking himself into oblivion every moment he could, it was after all only because of Mikey's disappearance that he had started drowning his sorrows, thoughts and liver in booze.

But what he saw when he returned home caused his train of thought to do a complete 180 degree turn. He still didn't go to the liquor store though...

...he went to the local bar. He ordered a double rum and coke, the drink both he and Frank considered their own. He smiled a sad smile at the memories of all the times Frank would order his drink with a cringe-worthy attempt at being all smooth and James Bond like. Those times were gone now...he thought sadly. Life could never be the same again now that his mother was just another dead loved-one.

The scene played back in his mind as he sat holding the damned glass of oh-so-tempting poison in his hand contemplating whether or not to cave in to it's damaging comforts or to fight it.

He had walked back into the house, the thoughts of the last moments he spent with his mother already pushed out of his mind by the thoughts of alcohol and how he had just fought the urge, with the intention of speaking to her about his sudden change in attitude; he knew she'd be absolutely delighted.

As soon as he walked through the frame that joined the kitchen to the lounge he saw her body slumped back in the seat he had left her in, her eye sockets filled by whiteness as her eyeballs had rolled into the back of her head. She fell to the right of her seat and Gerard automatically travelled forward to catch her.

He held her tight to him and cried silently suddenly remembering the heart breaking last moments he had spent with her, when she had pleaded with her eyes for him to forgive her for...he didn't know what for.
He dropped her cold body from his grasp suddenly wanting nothing more than to get out his face on any legal or illegal -he couldn't have cared less- substance and forget the mess that was his life.

And so now, he was sitting with his trademark drink ready to down it and order the next of many.

But something within him made him slam the glass down and stand from his bar stool and walk back through the Jersey air to his home.

He stepped through his door and travelled immediately to his room, ignoring the scene in the kitchen. He pulled his stinking clothes from his equally stinking form and stepped into the bathroom to shower himself properly for the first time since he had turned to drink.

Once clean and in his comforting nerdy comic book pyjamas, he sat down in the middle of his room and opened a notebook and then reached for his crappy acoustic.
He began to write down, without thinking too much, all the emotions and feelings he was now being plagued by, they were scratching the surface of his brain begging to be let out. He obliged, quickly filling many pages.

"I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets..."- bullets. Like the one now lodged in his mothers skull...

The pain seared through his chest, but Mikey didn't move.

For one he was in shock. And for two, the guy who had just fired resolutely at his now bleeding chest was still there and he believed that Mikey was dead.

And Mikey wasn't exactly about to give this guy a reason to shoot another one of the stinging bullets into his increasingly cold body.

And so, he just lay there playing dead until Krafton was safely out of the lab before he stood shakily and, holding his hand to the pierced flesh, began following the guy to find out what the hell was happening.

"He thought I was Frank?" Mikey laughed and asked himself quietly thinking it would be best to keep his mind from wandering with pain, "Fuck no! I'm well taller than that little dude..."

Lol- ending that bit on a light note :)
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