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Chapter Nineteen: Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

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Mikey gets a burst of courage/ Frank hears some not so-comforting words of love/ krafton get's beans spilt on him (not really...i meant 'Mikey spills the beans) [have you noitced my summaries have ...

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Okay...I think this is (FINALLY makes a decision... kinda) the third last chapter,
...but then could be the second last (it depends how much I wind on...) :)
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Krafton had been wandering hastily and fruitlessly around the halls of the mansion for quite some time, the anger inside was boiling and building rapidly with each passing moment in which he still had not found the lab he wanted to locate so desperately. He was blind to anything but what was directly in front of him and his thoughts.

He held onto the shiny, black revolver tightly as he quickened his pace yet more.

His mind allowed him one small piece of triumphant happiness though;
Frank was dead.
He had shot him.
He had enjoyed shooting him.

But his pleasure was short lived as his mind returned to the other reason he was here; to see Marion and Mark and vent his anger on them for their stupidity in allowing this Mikey Way -whoever he was- to escape.

"This Mikey Way better turn up, my career depends on him...!" Krafton muttered angrily to the, seemingly, empty hallway through heavy breathing at having quickened his pace slightly too dramatically and unrealistically.

Out of breath, he was forced to stop and slide down the wall clutching his chest, he dropped the gun from his hand to the cold floor beside him. He closed his eyes and began the process of regulating his breathing patterns.

He didn't see the bloody hand reach out of the shadowy light and take hold of the disregarded gun...

Gerard was smiling solemnly and yet happily as he stared down at his hurried and so barely legible writing. What he had written in his plain black notebook was extremely powerful, beautiful and aggressive. It embodied all that he was feeling.

And suddenly, he had the urge to show his works to the rest of his band. He knew they'd all be shocked and amazed by it; previously, no matter how much they all wished it weren't true, the music they played had been shit. But now, now they really had something.

He decided that, considering his own playing wasn't of the best standard to say the least, he would call Ray as he could play what Gerard had written, only a whole lot better. He fished out his cell-phone from a pair of particularly dirty black jeans on a heap next to him on the floor and dialled the number for Ray. He waited...

"muffled back-ground noises Frank! Get off me for fuck's sakes dude! NO! NO! NO! don't you dare you smart-ass little....ow! Serious dude don't put your tongue there...eww gross! MIKEYYYYYYYY!!!!!...beep" ...Ray wasn't answering.
Gerard couldn't help but giggle as he heard the familiar voice-mail message play out; that had been a fun day.

"Hey man, it's Gee. Just callin' to say I Love You, and I'll always be there!...okay, so no I'm not. I was calling cause, uh...never mind dude. See ya!" he let his still laughing voice record.

He slumped back disappointed when he realised that this meant Ray wouldn't be coming round to play the new material. He sighed and decided to try Frank next. He wasn't completely sure where he had gone. When Mikey and Frank had last been in the house with Gerard he had still been feeling the effects of the drugs binge from the night before.

Frank and Mikey had just kind of dashed out of the house leaving him with his mom. 'How odd' Gerard thought to himself as he put his TV on from his place on the floor, already anticipating a disappointment once he called Frank, and dialling Frank's number.


" No news on Frank Iero and Mikey way as of yet Julie..."


"They haven't been sighted by anyone..."


"They are still wanted young men..."

Gerard let the phone slip from his hands as his shocked face and ears digested the information being spouted by the newsreader.

From it's spot on the floor, the cell-phone continued ringing out...

"He did this, Mark. He did all of this!" Marion gestured frantically to the mess of broken glass and blood on the floor.

Mark took the sight in once more, not noticing a major factor was now missing from the spot it had previously been in, in the corner of the lab floor; Frank's body was no longer lying in the place where it fell.

"It's okay Marion." Mark reassured her while stepping forward, his feet cracking the shards of surface beneath them, and hugging her tightly. He didn't fully believe his own words but there was hope in them. "We don't need these," he motioned to the destroyed and now useless samples on the floor, "Belle already has them running through her circuits. All we need...." He sighed, " Mikey."

Marion sighed into her husband's chest, "I hate Frank...."

Mikey was shaking as he held the gun in his sweaty and bloody hands, this was a position he never thought he'd find himself in. And yet, here he was holding a gun to a fellow human being.

But it wasn't fear that was making his frail, lanky form tremble; it was guilt. He felt guilty because, at that moment, he actually felt capable of murder, the murder of this man; a man he didn't even know. 'But then, this man hadn't known who I was when he sent a bullet through my skin' Mikey thought angrily to himself. 'He thought I was Frank'.

But there was also pity travelling through Mikey's mixed-up mind while he stared down at the man before him. That pity hit him even stronger when he glanced at the, slightly blood stained, paper he was holding in his gun less hand. This man was being used.

Finally after an age of waiting, for Mikey, the man looked up and his eyes gaped open in shock.

"Don't talk!" Mikey demanded, more forcefully than he would ever have thought possible, "I'm going to introduce myself. My name is Mikey Way, not Frank Iero." He smirked despite the slight weakness he felt for the blood loss he had suffered, "I'm taking it, you are Michael Krafton." He stated while waving the paper in the man's face.

"Fuck..." Krafton breathed once Mikey had finished his first part of his rant. "You're the one that escaped."

"Yes, I am." Mikey assured simply.

"Well, if you aren't Frank Iero, then who is?" Krafton asked bewildered; he had just caused the 'key' to his success a major amount of blood loss.

"We'll get to that in a moment. But now, we have some things to discuss." Mikey sat down opposite the man and, still holding the gun at a steady height to the man's forehead, began reading the words, not obstructed by blood, from the paper he had not yet let go of.

Frank was hiding in between two bookshelves he had managed to pull down; he was watching the scene with strong bitterness and anger. He was mostly angry with himself though, a fact brought on by the way that he had to stop himself from crying when he heard the hurtful, cold words, "I hate Frank!" come from his mother's mouth. But then, she did shoot at him for Christ's sake! What else should he have expected?

He watched as his mother and father spoke their words of reassurance about Mikey and how they would get him back, he watched as they, ignoring the mess, continued to tend to Belle. He watched as Mikey, his also scarlet drenched friend, burst through the doors with a man Frank had never seen before. Mikey was trailing slightly behind the man...leaving his own trail of red.

"Krafton? Mikey?" Mark and Marion Iero both stood in shock from their seats beside the beautiful sleeping form of Belle. "Oh thank god...!" Marion travelled forwards, towards the man Frank now knew as Krafton, only to be sent flying by an aggressive collision of Krafton's steel fist with her delicate face.

Frank watched, from the cracks of the shelves, while preparing to move, as Mikey handed a black gun to Krafton.

"You have some explaining to do Mark! - The gun was held steadily at the level of Mark Iero's terrified eyes. thinks that the second last-lol :)
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