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Chapter Twenty: Dancing Lights And Gunshots.

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playing with guns runs in the family...:)

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Okay....this is DEFINITELY the second last chapter :)...
...although it might be the last cries :(

She was so beautiful, but that wasn't what allured him; it was the stories her eyes were telling.

As Frank stood, now oblivious to the messy scene playing out behind him, staring at her steadily breathing body, the night he first lay eyes on her began reeling in his mind. He reached a shaky, dark red covered hand out and stroked her flawless porcelain skin.

Leaning against the cold, brick wall half heartedly paying attention to his breath appearing in the cold air, he was about to spark up when the eerie sensation from earlier on the stage returned to him. He turned to see her standing by the door.

"Belle..." Frank whispered over the noise of the heart monitor and the computer system she was connected to. His breathing was so quiet and his hands were shaking. "How could they do this to you? How could they make something so beautiful into something so deadly?" tears cascaded down his face as he pushed a strand of her beautiful blonde hair out of her closed eyes.

"Frank, I'm the one they are going to use. They've had me locked up for so long testing me...putting stuff in me. I managed to escape tonight but I must return or they'll use the equipment to shut me down. You have to stop them Frank. I know you can! Don't let them turn me into something evil," her soft voice pleaded as she rested her fragile body on his.

He felt his strong will, from when he had been hiding under the fallen shelves, leave him at a more and more rapid pace. Staring down at her peaceful form it was difficult to believe that she was no longer her own being, she was no longer the Belle that had visited him after the concert. She wasn't the Belle who he had instantly felt a connection with which struck up the desire to help her. But he would still help her...

"I'll stop them. I promise." Frank whispered to the direction she had run in, tracing his lips with his fingertips and smiling despite the circumstances. He continued to do this until on the ground his eyes caught sight of a small scarp of paper. He picked it up hesitantly and read its words:

His hands still shaking, he brought the note out of his pocket -he always carried it with him- and read the words once again to give him the strength to do what he knew was right.

Frank, you can't save me and I don't expect you to.
When the time comes, forget your feelings and pull the plug on me.
The only way to stop them is to destroy me.
I love you and I'm sorry, Belle xx

Tears falling steadily, he reached over her beautiful body where his hand found the switch to the monitors.
"I love you," he breathed as he began to pull the switch.

"Thank you Frank..." -he stared down into her beautiful green eyes and smiled sadly.

He pulled the switch and the slow beeping ceased. Her beautiful eyes closed for the last time and her smile was peaceful.

Frank moved slowly and silently, still unnoticed by the other occupants of the lab, away from the bed into the shadows where he felt the soft buzz of his phone in his back pocket.

I love you and I'm sorry...

Mark sat down exhausted by the whole situation, "What do I have to explain?" he asked.

Krafton remained standing but he walked forwards slightly, followed closely by Mikey who bared a confident face despite the thick substance oozing slowly from his chest.

"I came here tonight after I learned the news that this young man," he gestured behind him to where Mikey was standing, "had disappeared from your mental institution. I was informed that Frank was to blame and so it was my intention to find the little bugger and kill him so that our plan could continue. I didn't think that your little plan about involving the police was very wise. I didn't just want them arrested, Mark, I wanted Frank dead!"

"However, Mark, upon arriving, I made my way to the lab I presumed you would be in only to find this young man," again he gestured to Mikey, "who I automatically thought was Frank and so shot him. I then left that lab in search of this one. Are you following so far?" Krafton asked both Marion and Mark in turn.

When they both simultaneously nodded, he continued. "I am not the fittest man, Mark. I had to stop and have a rest. To be honest, I was scared I was suffering a heart attack. I digress, it was when I stopped for my rest that I found my self gun less at the mercy of this bleeding young man. Mikey Way I believe his name is..." Krafton smiled to Mikey who returned the gesture by looking confused. The smile scared him slightly, their was cunning in it. It made him feel uneasy...

"Well anyway, Mikey read me some rather interesting letters." Krafton paused to glare threateningly at Mark and then Marion, "when exactly were you going to kill me?"

Mark's face remained blank but Marion gasped, "We...we..we, weren't going to..." she spluttered.

"SILENCE!" Krafton boomed out as he struck her collar-bone causing it to make a cracking noise, "I was just funding to you. You were going to use my money and then murder me. You had absolutely no intention of allowing me to use Belle to gain political control; I was set up. You were going to take control for yourself!"

Mark travelled forward, expecting to be struck too. "You're right. I am sorry Krafton." His voice was pathetic and broken. Marion watched on crying from the place on the floor where she had fallen nursing her collarbone.

"You will be! As I promised you will be locked up in your own institution, I have already made the necessary calls from the hallway. However..." Krafton turned to give Mikey the unnerving smile once again. "Before the white-coats take you away, you are going to carry out your part of the deal. We have Mikey, so we can bring Belle to life again." -the unnerving smile didn't leave his face this time.

Mikey backed away quickly. The move was too quick though and, the blood loss finally catching up with him, his mind went blurry and he stumbled backwards falling over some upturned bookshelves.

Gerard picked his phone off the ground, his mouth still open in slight shock, and held it in his slightly sweaty hands. He just stared at the infomercial that was now playing in place of the news, shocked.

"Gerard!" a slight hissing of his name pulled him out of his reverie and he, noticing it was coming from his phone, pulled the earpiece to his head.

"Hello?" his croaky voice asked.

"Gerard, it's Frank. Don't ask, just get round to my house straight away and meet me..." - Gerard listened intently as Frank described in a whispered tone where to meet him.

"Mikey's in trouble!" -Frank's last whispered words before he hung up were all Gerard needed to jump up from his place on the floor and, still in his goofy pyjamas, run out of the house past the kitchen were the corpse of his mother lay, in an attempt to stop his brother from reaching the same fatal end...

Frank slid his phone shut quietly, not that it made much difference as the amount of noise that was emitting from the lab behind him drowned it easily. The people in the room had been so caught up in what was happening that they hadn't noticed him sneak through the shadows and out the door.

He now pushed himself away from the cold stainless-steel construction to go and meet Gerard by the front door. He toyed with the idea of entering the lab and stopping them from attacking Mikey, but Gerard wouldn't be long and they'd be back up in the lab in enough time to stop Mikey from being harmed...

...He hoped.

Gerard ran as fast as he could, his feet slamming hard against the bitter black ground. He was at the front door of Frank's house before he knew it.

Exhausted and gasping for breath -making a mental note to stop smoking some time soon- he barged through the door before he allowed his weak body to collapse.

He fell straight into something, which turned out to be someone; Frank.

Gerard would never understand why, but at that moment, when he took in the blood-covered and bruised appearance of his friend, he didn't question it at all. He simply shrugged and permitted Frank to grab his hand, leading him blindly down many winding hallways to a large metal door.

All the surroundings whizzed past Gerard's eyes, blurring and connecting together as dancing light. He felt like he was going to be sick, nothing was making sense. And yet, when he walked through the metal door and digested the scene in front of him, he understood perfectly.

He lunged forwards towards the man holding a gun steadily at his brother's head while Frank's father, crying, pulled a syringe from a tray and positioned it to a vein on Mikey's arm.

Had he been thinking straight, Gerard would have been confused and questions would have been attacking his thoughts. However, as it was, all he could think in was violence, anger and protective instincts.

He connected his fist with the gunman's face knocking him to the ground where he then proceeded to kick and thrash the man until he had let his grip on the weapon cease enough for his own, pyjama clad, self to claim it.

He wasn't thinking, he was only acting, as he cracked the safety off. he steadied the gun. he pulled the trigger. he watched the man's blood drip out the newly formed hole in his forehead.

Gerard was vaguely aware of Frank holding Mark Iero back, but all he cared about was his bleeding brother. He closed the distance between them and embraced him tightly.

The bits at the beginning, in italics, are flashbacks to when Frank met Belle [if yez were wonderin' :)]
Yip this is defo the second last chapter...:)
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