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chapter 1

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'there's a fine line between love and hate' they've hated each other for so long so what happens when there both home for christmas at the same time. SORRY IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME BUT I HAVE BEEN WO...

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Holiday Season... But not everyone's In the Christmas Spirit.

(The Sophie in this story has nothing to do with Sophie Monk or her and Benji's relationship.)

4 days before Christmas (Tuesday)

Joel's POV

It's a week before Christmas; me and Benji have just arrived back home from touring this morning, like usual we always spend Christmas together with mom, Josh and Sarah. We are all in the kitchen with our next door neighbour Lisa. Lisa has been our next door neighbour for years, she and mom are best friends and she has a daughter the same age as Benji and I called Sophie. We grew up with her, I get along quiet well with Sophie but Benji can't stand her and the feelings mutual, they've never seen eye to eye with each other. I don't know quiet what went wrong between the two of them, I don't think either of them knows for that matter but what we do know is when their together world war three kicks off. We haven't seen Sophie properly in the past eight years because not long after we left school she moved out to Miami so since then we've only seen her for the odd few hours when we're both back home visiting our moms. Even then Benji does his best to avoid her.
Me, Josh and Lisa where sat at the kitchen table while mom and Sarah where making the drinks and getting some biscuits for everyone. Benji had just walked in texting on his phone not really paying much attention to the rest of us as he hopped onto the kitchen work top.

"It's lovely having us all back home for Christmas again, isn't it." Lisa smiled at us as mom and Sarah finished of handing the drinks out and joining us at the table.

"Yes it is, anyway how's your Sophie doing we've not heard from her in a while?" mom said I noticed Benji roll his eyes at the mention of Sophie.

"She's fine actually she called earlier on saying that she was going to come home for Christmas." She smiled happily Sophie hadn't been home for Christmas in the last five years.

"Aw that's nice it'll be like a real reunion just like old times." Mom smiled. Benji sighed loudly.

"Benjamin don't be so rude." Mom scolded him making me; Josh and Sarah hold back a smirk.

"Sorry mom." He smiled then rolled his eyes again when she wasn't looking.

"Well there's another reason why she's coming home this Christmas too." she said. Mom looked at her questioningly. "She's engaged, she wants me to meet him."

"Really that's wonderful, who is it? Do we know them?" mom asked just as excited as Lisa about it Benji just looked more pissy.

"You remember me telling you about that Liam..."

"Oh yes the one she's been dating for the past few years, the one from England?" mom said.

"Yes him, she sounds so happy. She's going to be on her own at first because he had to take a trip home to see his family then he'll be arriving a couple of days after her spending Christmas here with us."

"When's Sophie arriving?" Sarah asked. I think out of all of us she had the best relationship with Sophie, you know the whole girl bond thing.

"Any time now actually, her flight landed an hour ago." Lisa smiled looking at her watch. Benji sighed and muttered something under his breath again.

"BENJAMIN! If I have to tell you one more time." Mom warned.

"Sorry mom." He sighed.

"You're still not to old for me to ground you, when your in my house you live with my rules." mom said making us laugh but Benji didn't see the funny side of it.

We talked for a little longer until we heard a knock at the door Josh went to answer it. We heard Sophie's out of breath voice ask if her mom was here, then Josh and Sophie greet each other. Seconds later Josh and Sophie joined us in the kitchen Josh helping her with her bags.

"Sophie dear how are you?" Lisa jumped up giving her daughter a huge hug. Sophie looked freezing and she didn't look in a good mood.

"I'm freezing, I've been waiting out side the house for ages thinking you'd gone out, what happened to the key you left under the plant pot?" she said.

"Oh I'm so sorry dear I just popped round here to tell them you where coming home for Christmas but we got talking and I lost track of time." She apologised.

"Doesn't matter." She smiled, even though you could tell she was still a little pissed off, giving her another hug.

"Here you go." mom said handing her a warm drink.

"Thanks." She smiled taking a sip of it them hugging my mom.

"Hey girl." She smiled greeting Sarah. Sarah smiled back getting up to hug her.

"Hi Joel." she smiled leaning over from behind me giving me a hug. When she stood up from me she looked over to Benji who was still sat on the work top in the corner not acknowledging that she was in the room. He hadn't looked up from his phone since she had come in.
"Benji." She greeted him in an emotionless way. At least she made some sort of an effort, that's got to be a good thing ... right. Benji just looked up from his phone for a brief second to give her a dirty look then looked back down at his phone.

"Benjamin." Mom warned, disappointed in his attitude.

"Sophie." He smiled sarcastically. She just rolled her eyes at him... maybe not. Yep it's already started nothings changed.

"So Sophie we all want to know about you, what have you been up to, your moms already told us the good news that your engaged we can't wait to meet him." Mom smiled.

"Thanks, he can't wait to meet you all too. I'm manager of the Miami store in Liam's chain of fashion stores. We make or buy and sell on clothes for the stars when they're going to Parties and awards ceremony's etc." she explained.

"Wow I bet that's fun." mom smiled but then glared at Benji when she heard him mutter something under his breath. I heard what he said and Sophie certainly did but I don't think anyone else did. I looked at him in shock when I heard him mutter 'typical shagging the boss.' Sophie shot him a dirty look then turned back to the others carrying on with her conversation.

"Yeah it is, stressful but fun." she continued to them as if she nothing had happened.

"You know how famous people can be most are really nice but some can be really arrogant and self centred but you know you learn to deal with it." She shot at Benji.

"Can I get you another drink?" mom asked noticing that Sophie had finished hers.

"No thank you, I think I'm just going to go back to mine and start unpacking." She smiled politely. Then glared in Benji's direction.

"Ok no problem. It was nice seeing you again." She said giving her a hug. Sophie went over to her bags struggling to get them all. "Josh dear go with Sophie and help her with her bags and help her unpack too."

"Your alright I can manage." She said.

"No it's fine, I'll help." Josh smiled picking up some of her bags for her. She just smiled then led the way next door.

When Josh and Sophie left Sarah went and answered the phone apparently it was one of her friends which meant she'd be on the phone for a good hour at least, and mom and Lisa went back to their usual gossiping.

"Benj can I talk to you for a second." I said getting his attention from his phone again. He looked at me weird.

"Yeah." He replied not moving.

"Alone." I persisted sometimes he could be really slow.

"Oh yeah." He jumped of the work top and followed me to our room. "Ok so what do you wanna talk about?" he said.

"You, what's your problem I know you don't get along with Soph for what ever reason no body knows but do you have to be rude, Benj it was bad enough when we were kids but now you're fucking twenty seven, grow up."

"So you didn't want to talk to me you wanted to bitch to Me." he grumbled back.

"No I'm just saying Benj just please don't make this Christmas shit for all of us because of your petty shit."

"It's not petty." He muttered.

"Well do you wanna talk about it because if it's that bad you need to get help and sort it out. You can't go on like this it's not fair on any one. If you won't do it for your self or Sophie do it for the rest of us, think about mom she hardly sees us then when we come home you go and ruin it with your fighting with Sophie. I'm not asking you to be best mates with her, just... I don't know talk to her call a truce no fighting over Christmas that includes the sly comments."

"Fine what ever but I'll have you know I'm only doing this for mom, I still can't stand the bitch." He defended. I and Benji hung out around the house for the rest of the day. Mom, Lisa and Sarah cooking something for dinner, we where all going to have a 'reunion dinner'.
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