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Chapter 2

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Later just before dinner was ready Josh and Sophie came back over from unpacking, they seemed to be getting along quite well laughing and joking together. Benji hadn't really said much to anyone since I had a 'talk' with him.

"Hey mom we're back." Josh said going into the kitchen to find her, Sophie following him.

"Good just in time, dinners almost ready." Mom said. "Why don't you two join Benji and Joel in the living room for a few minutes before dinner's ready."

Moment's later Josh and Sophie entered the living room. Benji looked up at them for a brief second then turned his attention back to the TV. Josh went and sat in his usual chair so as I was sat in the other chair that only left the sofa where Benji was also sat for Sophie to sit at. She hesitated, mentally begging Josh to let her sit in 'his' chair but he didn't get the hint as he was too busy watching whatever Benji had on TV. She sighed then sat as far away from Benji on the opposite end of the sofa. Let's just say you could cut the tension in the room with a knife but Josh being Josh seemed to be the only one who didn't notice this.

"So Soph do you like it in Miami?" I tried to make conversation with her.

"Yeah it's a lot better than here." She replied.

"So you don't like being here?" I questioned I mean I know there wasn't much here but I still loved and missed it when I was away here would always be my home.

"Here as in where? Here as in Home or here as in how it used to be before I left?"

"Both." I replied. She paused looking at me thinking, looked towards the kitchen where we could here mom, Sarah and Lisa talking, then at Josh and finally towards Benji. When she looked back at me from looking at Benji she still had a cold glare in her eyes.

"Not really. Some things I do but I much prefer my life in Miami." She said not sounding totally convincing. I couldn't really accept that to be the whole truth and it didn't seem like she thought it was the truth either. I was about to question her more when we where interrupted by Benji.

"Well why don't you fuck off back there and leave us all in peace." He grumbled.

"Why the hell do you have to be an ass all the time." She shot back coldly. Benji opened his mouth to retaliate but was interrupted by Mom calling us for dinner. Josh shot up straight away oblivious to anything that had just gone on between Benji and Sophie. I stood up but noticed that Benji and Sophie where still staring holes out of each other. I swear if looks could kill both of them would be dead.

"Come on guys dinners ready." I said trying to snap them out of it. They both slowly turned there glares away from each other and followed me to the dinner table.

When we got into the kitchen the seating arrangements where Josh at the head of the table, then Mom, Sarah, and Benji down one side then directly opposite was me, Lisa and Sophie this mean that Benji and Sophie where sat opposite each other. As soon as they sat down they where back staring holes out of each other.

"Josh honey will you say grace for us please." Mom cleared her throat snapping Benji and Sophie back to reality. Josh reluctantly said grace.

Dinner was going pretty well we all made polite small talk. Benji and Sophie where unusually quiet only giving brief answers when spoke to but that was better than then biting each others head off. When we'd finished eating mom got up to take the plates away.

"I'll get them mom, you, Lisa and Sarah cooked it our turn to do something." Josh said motioning to Me, Benji and Sophie.

"Here I'll help you." Sophie said getting up to help Josh colleting the plates but almost falling onto me. "OW!" she said shooting daggers at Benji holding onto my shoulder for balance. "What was that for?" she said angrily still holding onto my shoulder rubbing her shin. The rest of us just looked on in confusion.

"You kicked me first!" Benji said defensively.

"I accidentally knocked you as I was getting up." she explained.

"Yeah whatever." He said rolling his eyes. Sophie sighed deciding to drop the argument not wanting to continue in front of both our moms. Limping she carried on helping Josh collect the plates.

"You sit I'll do this." Josh said to her eyeing her concernedly

"No I'm fine." She smiled then shooting a glare towards Benji.

"I'll wash." I said standing up. That was our thing Mom and Sarah cooked, Josh tidies, I wash and Benji dries. I went into the kitchen expecting Benji to follow me but he just sat there staring at the floor. "Benj!" I called.

"Alright, alright I'm coming." He grumbled standing up pushing past Sophie and Josh on his way into the kitchen as they where on their way out.

Later that night after Benji and I had finished doing the dishes we went to join Mom, Lisa, Sarah Sophie and Josh in the living room. They where talking about Sophie's wedding plans.

"Talking about that bitch again are we." Benji grumbled from behind me making even in the room go quiet and look at him. He flopped down into on of the chairs acting as if nothing was wrong.

"Excuse me." Sophie snapped at him.

"You heard." He grunted.

"Yeah I heard and I want to know what your problem is." Is said standing up and moving over so she was stood in front of him sat in the chair. He didn't look up at her once.

"Oh come on Sophie quit the good girl act in front of our moms. We all know what you're really like."

"Oh yeah and what am I really like, Benji? Because you seem to know so much about Me." she snapped trying to control her anger. If I knew Sophie she was dying to swear or even hit him but held back because none of us not even Benji would usually swear in front of our mothers.

"You're a bitch, a screw up, nothing better than anyone of us yet and you act like you're the queen of Sheba. Just face it you haven't changed one bit since high school you still the cheap, dirty fucking slut you where back then" He spat.

"Oh really! Is that what you think of me?"

"Yeah it is!"

"Well lucky for me I don't care what you think of Me." she said then stormed off out side.

The rest of us looking at Benji in shock especially Mom and Lisa they had never heard Benji and Sophie go at it like that. They knew they didn't get along but usually Benji and Sophie saved arguments for when the Mothers weren't around. I don't think mom head ever heard Benji swear like that in front of her.

"Benj can I talk to you for a second." I said through gritted teeth. Standing up and moving over to Benji.

"No, not really I..." he started but I didn't give him chance to finish as I picked him up by the arm and dragged him out of the room into the hall.

"What was all that about?" I said pushing him so he'd look at me.

"What was all what about? And do ever push me again." He grumbled fixing his clothes straight again from where I'd ruffled them.

"Don't play these stupid games with me Benji. What where you thinking going off on Sophie like that? Did what I said to you earlier not go into your thick head? And using language like that in front of our mom, you're lucky she didn't have a heart attack!" I lectured him.

"Yeah whatever, I was wrong ok I fucked up not change there." he said quietly looking a little... shy.

"What?" I said not quite getting where this quiet shyer Benji was coming from.

"I said I was wrong I don't know what came over me. It's weird when she's around I just can't control myself." He said this time with less anger but as if something was troubling him.

"Well your going to have to learn to that was out of order in there." I said softer.

"I know guess I need to go sort thing s out." He sighed.

"Yeah you do." I said in a 'no-shit-Sherlock' way. He nodded then turned to walk into the living room.

"I think you need to sort something more important out first don't you." I said pointing towards the front door where Sophie had just stormed out. I sighed and nodded I could tell 'making up with Sophie' was that last thing he wanted to do but he had to.
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